Friday, 27 July 2007

Remembering June Hancock

June Hancock was a lady who had mesothelioma and worked tirelessly to fight the industry that was killing her. Unfortunatley she passed away in July 1997. She was celebrated in her home town of Riding as it was 10 years since her death.
I wanted to include this as this lady had helped to open the gates of this wrong doing.
Thank you June.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Workers Memorial day Petition Government response.

I am adding a link to the site as there has been a response to the petition signed by 1600 people to have 28th April recognised as international workers memorial day.

There are no plans at present to acknowledge this day as a national day of mourning.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my eldest son who is 18 today.
You make me smile every day.
Thank you for being a wonderful son.
Have a wonderful day Rich.
I love you x x

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Alimta news and CT scan

News of NiCE making Alimta available was good to hear. There is a link below detailing more information about this.No one should be blocked from recieving any treatent that may help

I am, at present, getting ready to fly to Egypt. I leave on 20th July for 2 weeks.

I am also looking forward to having more quality time with my family.

I will be having my next CT scan on 31st August. I am not sure yet when I will get the results. I am hoping it will be the same or, by some miracle, it has shrunk.... highly unlikely I know but I can dream, can't I ? : )

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Back from Florida

I am back from Disney world and we had a wonderful time. We stayed in the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel which is in the Epcot resort, it is so beautiful.

We had a VIP tour of Disney MGM studios (our tour guide was called Chase and he was lovely) We also had a film crew with us as ITV westcountry is doing a piece about the holiday.

We had a hamper from Disney people, they have been wonderful. We also has a special guest pass from Disney and we didn't have to queue up for rides.

I am going to do some more links, one about the Florida holiday and one about the Egypt holiday which starts on 20th July for 2 weeks!
I will include photos and a diary of what we did. I am taking my 2 older children and my sister with me. My daughters boyfriend is going also.

I love the history of Egypt and have always been in awe of it.
I cannot imagine what it mst be like seeing these beautiful monuments so closely. I hope it will be as amazing as the disney holiday.

Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Epcot - Check out mission space - it's awesome!