Sunday, 27 May 2007

New Wigs

I have purchased 2 new wigs from the internet and they are lovely. ( I have the wigs for my alopecia as I do not have chemo treatment)
I now have 7 and about to make it 8 with a blue one.
The blue one is for work, we will be dressing up to promote activities within work.
We had to choose a pop star we would like to dress up as.
I could have chosen one of the obvious for me (Robert Smith and the Cure or a punk rocker)
As it is a team activity, we voted and decided on the village people.
Should be fun : )
I am a sailor, hence the blue hair. We will have an indian, of course and a builder.

All is well at the moment, it is half term from school and I will have to battle with my 10 year old to get out of the house. I am so proud of him, he won a top pupil of the week award at school.
I am also trying to get my 17 year old to take driving lessons, he is still looking for a job and needs something to focus on.

My daughter needs no encouragement as she is gearing up to go back to college.
She has done a great job with this website.
Nothing much else happening as I feel well in myself at the moment.
I have a Riaki session at the mustard tree next week.
I will add a post about it as I have never been to a session before, I have been told it is beneficial for feeling good.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Mustard tree

Not a lot happening at the moment. Still working full time at Orange in Plymouth as I don't feel the need to give up as I am well in myself.
Paid a visit to the local mustard tree centre and I have booked myself some sessions there. What an amazing place it is. So positive and so geared to feeling good.

I had a chat with the specialist nurse and she is very keen to be involved in a support group. Hopefully it will take off as I think Plymouth needs it.

It will be for all Asbestos illnesses this incudes Plueral plaque, Mesothelioma and anything else not mentioned that relates to asbestos exposure.
Any comments about the group are very welcome. Contact me via


(if it kicks into answerphone, please leave a message and I will get back to you)


add a comment on the message board.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Dr Hulda Regehr Clark

Dr Hulda Regehr Clark was arrested in October 1999 for speaking out about cancer cures. Anyone with cancer is a vunerable target for sharks trying to make money. Dr Clark has written books on the subject of curing cancer. I have added a link to a site that attacks and defends her work.
It has to be up to the individual in the end.

When cancer has been diagnosed the sufferer will go to any lengths to change the diagnosis.
Be sure that you are not taken advantage of and research all angles.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Welcome back

Welcome back to the website. I hope you find something of interest on here and if there is anything that anyone feels should be on here or you just want to contact me,please email me at and I will respond.
Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Web site temporarily down

The website will be down for a couple days while it transfers over to bigger web host.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Good Friends are there forever

I have just come back from a little break in Cornwall. I saw 2 very good friends that I lost touch with about 20 years ago. They are amazing and made my little boy and I feel so welcome.

I have had many good friends from my past contact me.
We have met up and talked about old times. Meeting them felt as if we had never been apart.
These are all very special people who are selfless and genuine (past and present).

You know who you are.

Thank you for your support and kindness and I hope we don't lose touch again.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Good result

I saw my oncologist this morning and he has confirmed that my tumour (Theo) has not changed.
I had my first CT scan in October 2006 and it has not changed since then.
I feel I have gained a little more of my life today.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Alternative therapies

Whether you are into alternative therapies or not, when someone has been diagnosed with cancer and are told there is no cure that will help, that person then goes on a mission to survive.
There are a lot of alternatives around and it is best to look into the therapy chosen as there are a lot of people around who will prey on the victims of an incurable illness just for just for the money.
A couple of things I have found are Beta-Glucans, B17and Goji berries.

All have benefits to well being and some claim to have benefits to a cancer sufferer. If you are considering any of these methods, look around first and study all angles before you buy. Don't get ripped off, the internet is ideal as it has made researching so easy but it also makes it easy for the sharks. Don't forget to look for the scammers. If you are going to try any alternative therapies, adviseyour oncologist or GP about it as some conventional therapies/medicines are not compatable with alternatives.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


I have felt quite sad in work today. Didn't sleep well last night and was wishing my dad was still here. I wanted him to hold me and tell me this was all a bad dream. I miss him terribly and I don't think my family have had time to greive.

I so want a miracle to happen but miracles don't happen to people like me.

Why does life give such precious jewels and then snatch them away?

I would love to find some amazing cure for Mesothelioma and all asbestos related illnesses and cancers in general so every sufferer could have their lives back. Cancers are cruel but this has to be one of the cruelest.
Will update the diary on Friday when I get my results.