Monday, 30 June 2008

CT scan today

Kieran was sick again last night so that is another 48 hours off school.
I am sure I am coming down with it as well as I wasn't all that good yesterday and am feeling yukky today.
I am back to work tomorrow.
I went for my CT scan and got through it very well. I am absolutely brimming with confidence and happiness at the moment and I don't want it spoilt. I will be seeing my oncologist on 4th July. I hope he is positive, I need him to be. I am under no illusions with what is happening to me but I need to keep my head clear.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Furniture buying

Siobhan and I went out to buy some furniture for the living room. We went to 2 stores hat are supposed to have sales on but ended up going to Homebase where we got all we wanted.
We bought a sofa, a very large comfy chair and a dining table with 6 chairs.
We were very happy as we got it all for £900!

This will give us an incentive to sort out the living room as it is filled with the bedroom things.
Tomorrow I have my next CT scan and will see my oncologist on 4th July.
I hope he is more positive than he was the last time I saw him. I was told, in not so many words, to go and enjoy what I have as some people don't get what I have.
That, I felt, was a little harsh because I shouldn't feel guilty about what I have had.
It is unfortunate that someone younger than me doesn't get the many opportunties that I have had like, having children, my own home, getting married which is really life in general for everyone.
I have to say though that he has been very, very supportive with the Germany treatment and with all the alternative procedures I am trying.

Westlife, the aftermath

The westlife concert was very good, My sister has turned back into a teenager!!!
She has been so excited and now the day was here and she wanted to see her heroes.

When we got in we found our seats which gave us a side view of the stage and one of the video screens.
After Simon Webb, the support act, had finshed, Wendy left her seat and went off down to the front with her daughter,Rochelle, who was with her friend. I stayed put, I had already walked up to the ticket office earlier as Ticket Master had not sent our tickets through. We had already waited in a queue to be told we had to go to the office and now we were back at the queue again, but now it was crunch time
It was a very good show and they are professional in their approach with the audience and not only played their own songs but also some very good 80's classics. One of the lads was wearing a Plymouth Argyl shirt to the amusement of some ladies behind me.

I was watching one little lad who must have been about 9 years old doing the Westlife routines with the songs, I was transfixed as he was so passionate and emotive with his movements, It was like he was part of the show!

The Pyrotechnics and lighting was stunning and the back drop of the nights sky made the atmosphere even more electric.

We had a wonderful time and were about to leave when they came back and did an encore, my sister disappeared again.
She really enjoyed herself, I am glad she chose me to go with her as I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Wardrobe news

I have been very pleased with myself today, I have built 2 wardrobes, Simple for some but I haven't really done flat pack but was impressed with my acheivment!
I am out tonight with my sister, Wendy.
She is a devout Westlife fan and they will be at Homepark stadium which is the football stadium used by Plymouth Argyle.
I like more passionate music as I am a punk at heart and always will be.
It will be good to spend some time with her.
I got the tickets through Ticket Master who have screwed up the postage as the tickets have not arrived.
We will have to go to the box office to collect them before the event.
I hope my sister isn't disappointed as she has really been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Well done guys!!!

I have to say a very big *** WELL DONE **** to Claire, Nick and the guys who made a short documentary film called "ME AND THEO" which has been shortlisted for the Soho Film Festival.

They came around to my house last October and spent 2 days listening to me talk about my life and the devistation that Mesothelioma had caused me. They also taked to Jackie Lowe and Fiona Cooper.
Claire had already lost her Grandfather to this disease so had a vested interest in the subject.
They were very professional and desertve to do well, hopefully they will get a documentary out of this.
They have a lot of competition with this festival, hopefully just being chosen will highten their profile.


I have had great fun today, I went into my local Dingles store and bought 2 new wigs. My wigs are between 1yr and 3 years old now so I was due a couple of new ones. Kieran came with me as he was home from school and he did very well with taking the pictures.

Michelle, my wonderful friend, gave me a discount for taking part in her 1 minute profile for Trinny and Suzanna's "Great British Bodies", Michelle was chosen as the female who would have a living sculture done of her.
I don't like this one at all, I look like Myra Hindley with the blonde hair and it does nothing for my complection.This one looks much better now as I had the fringe trimmed a little and a piece taken out of the back as it was a little large. I did purchase this one but unfortunately the picture does not do it justice. It is a reddish wig with blonde highlights under the fringe. It looks amazing on.

This one is a good clour but i little flat for me. It isn't sassy enough so I tried some others on for size.

This one is a definate no-no. It is the Victoria Beckham style and does nothing for me at all. I haven't got the pout or the will of not to smile, I am smiling inside as well as outside at the moment so this one is going back in the box.

And Finally..... this one which was the one I tried on when I saw Michelle and fell in love with it. I liked it so much I wore out of the store! I have had another wonderful day, the carpet is down i the bedroom and we can move a little more forward with the decorating.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Garden centres and swimming pools

Kieran stayed home from school today as he had been ill Yesterday. He has been fine today and will be going back to school tomorrow if he is feeling well enough.
Siobhan, her boyfriend, Seddon, Kieran and I went to Endsleigh garden centre and I spent far too much as usual. I bought some plants for the garden, some bark chippings and soil, a swinging chair and a swimming pool for Kieran. We had lunch in the restaurant which was lovely.

We looked at the animals in the pet centre. The rabbits are lovely. there was a crazy hamster that struggled to get up behind the water bottle only to fall down onto the sawdust.
The video below is a clip of that very event.


When we got back home we put up the swimming pool and Kieran got changed and got in. We played ball for a while before I treated them to Pizza.

I have been feeling very well after the last treatment, just a little tired. The carpet is going down in the big room tomorrow which will help a lot as we can get the clothes and furniture out of the living room and plan on getting some furniture for the living room.... Hoorah !!!

I am going into Dingles tomorrow and bying 2 new wigs as I have had my old ones for 2 years now. Kieran wil be coming with me if he is off school.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Another busy day!

I have caught up on a few little jobs that have needed doing. I got my air filter for my little car and a new rear windscreen wiper. I went to Saltram house and bought some local honey as I have heard it helps with Hayfever. (It has to be honey from the local area)
While in the shop, 3 little ducks wandered in! They were quickly rushed outside, quacking in protest as they went.

I also took advantage of looking at the little tree planted on Action Mesothelioma day in memory of all sufferers and people who have passed away due to asbestos related illnesses.
It was so sad, the poor thing was swamped by weeds. I am going to contact Jackie Lowe (Roger Lowe Asbestos Mesothelioma Camaign) as I am not sure if we were supposed to take care of the little tree.
After leaving Saltram house, I went to my son's school as there is a coffee morning there every Wednesday. I met up there with Helen, my friend, and after the coffe morning we went for lunch at a function to raise money for the new school Kieran will be attending in September,Longcause, where we met Julie, my other friend, who is helping out. It has been another lovely day. I went to my local garden centre after lunch and bought some plants for my garden. I am going to tackle that tomorrow. Kieran is coming home today, all is well with the symptoms. I took my mistletoe last night and am sure that has a lot to do with it as it does reduce the symptoms of Chemo and Radio therapy.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Out and about

Siobhan and I are going into Plymouth city centre today to get some curtains for the big bedroom that James and co have decorated.
He will be in later to lay the carpet. He has organised the decorating of the house perfectly. We do have day where we have to live in certain rooms, but we have coped really well.
Next is the bathroom and then the kitchen. We can then put the house up for!!!

Shadow, our lovely cat, has still not come home. We haven't seen or heard anything from him. We all miss him and hope that one day he will return. He was a wanderer with no sense of direction. He was fine until I went to Germany, Siobhan said he was crying a lot when I went. He was my lap top cat and so beautiful.

Monday, 23 June 2008

An amazing day.

I have had a wonderful day today. I went for breakfast with my friend, Helen, and then for lunch with Julie and Tina. Tina turned up in her sporty soft top and drove me out to the venue for lunch, Our usual haunt, the George at Plympton. The picture above is of me in Germany, I am celebrating my result with a glass of red wine, this is allowed with my diet from Dr Callebout.

It has been great. I saw my GP and got a sick note for work and am signed off for a week. My team mates are wonderful, all 3 teams that is!

When I got to work I found that there had been a prize for the best dressed in the indulgence day, and I had won it!!!
Wow....I have decided to wear my tiara a lot more as I love it and when I do well at work, it will be going on!

The bedroom is nearly finished so we can get back to some normality tomorrow.

I am adding some pictures that Jeanette took of the Germany trip. Her memory card woudn't work on my laptop so she sent them insteadThis is me after getting stuck in the toilet and waiting for my procedure to be done. As you can see the fashion in Theatre has not changed,the shoes are great aren't they!!
And here is the main man, The man who has given me so much hope, Professor Vogl. He is so wonderful and very down to earth.

This picture was taken after he had told Jeanette and I about the 10% change in the tumour.

He was getting ready to jet off to Los Angeles for a meeting and a well earned break I hope.
I will be off work for a week and then back to work on 1st July. I will then be off to Germany 20th July and will have the third procedure on 21st July and back home on 22nd.
It will be wonderful to have another reduction but if it is still 10% I am happy with that.
Later on I went out with Siobhan and her boyfriend. It has been a wonderful day, If anyone is listening.....I want a lot more of these please!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Back home.

Jeanette and I got up at 5:30am and were shattered. We both felt it was too early but knew we had to get up. We got packed and left the room and went down for a taxi. I realised on the way that I had left my coat in the room. I rang the hotel to let them know and to ask them to keep it for when we return.
Everything went really well with the journey and we got to Bristol at around 11:45am (10:45am UK time) When I got home, Siobhan was there, Richard came home about an hour later. I went out to see Kieran as I had missed him too, he is staying with his dad until Wednesday. It was good to be home.
I will make an appointment with my GP tomorrow to get a sick note as I will need one for work.
I can feel the sickness and am feeling very tired but, appart from that, I feel good.
I keep looking at the CD Professor Vogl gave me as I can't quite believe that 10% has gone. It is like a dream come true.
I really hope more has gone next month.
My next expedition ios to Derriford hospital on 30th June for another CT scan for my oncologist. I think he will be suprised when he sees the results!
The bedroom has been started and the decorating should be finished by Wednesday I hope.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Great day today, the start of something new, My future

Jeanette and I went into Frankfurt today to have a look around the shops and have a very chilled day. When we got there we heard a lot of music. There was a parade going through the streets. I think it was celebrating the city of Frankfurt, the pre-schools and youth groups were participating. It was so beautifully colourful. The costumes were fantastic. There was a lot of Chinese and Japanese groups taking part. Some where celebrating Bejin and being a part of the Olympics.

We went into a large department store, I can compare it to Debenhams, and looked around for the Wii fitness mat as Jeanette cannot get one in the UK. We went to the toy department and there she was, Lizzy, a beautiful cat, a Steiff cat! She was quite expensive but I thought I deserved a gift, I could not have walked away from her, She is fabulous.

I have been very well today, but I did start to flag around 3:00pm. We went to the top of the department store and looked out over the city, It is such a wonderful place. We went back to the hotel and both of us fell asleep!
Tomorrow will be an early start as we will be returning to the UK. I am coming back on 20th July for the third, and I thin, Final treatment and will find out if Theo has shrunk anymore.

Friday, 20 June 2008

News from Germany! has happened....It's official, Theo Loves Germany!!!

I went to see Professor Vogl this morning and first of all, decided to go to the toilet as I was feeling very nervous, and then it happened.....I got stuck in the loo!!!

I was banging on the door and shouting for Jeanette and thought "oh no....will anyone miss me" , Jeanette came to the rescue and got a nurse/doctor. I eventually managed to unlock the door, the lock had got stuck....phew!!!!I then went into the theatre and Professor Vogl asked me how I was feeling and I told him I was feeling very well. I also told him that I felt my breathing was much better and was not sure if it was the tumor shrinking or my psychological thinking it.He said there had been, in his words, "a significant change" and my breathing getting better was "what he had seen".

We were very excited and after around 6-7 hours, we went to see him. He told us it had shrunk 10%!!!! we were exstatic, he was so wonderful and even let Jeanette take a picture of him!The second treatment went very well. This is the best day I have had for a long time, it is up there beside having my 3 beautiful babies.

Thank you Professor Vogl, your brilliant!

Professor Vogl has told me that there are Drs in the UK who will do the dendritic cells vaccine and to ask Dr Callebout for some names. I will do that when I get back. I am glad really as it will be ore expensive with flights and hotels included in every treatment.

Todays the day!

It is around 5:30am UK time, 6:30am German time. I have been awake for about an hour or more. I am looking forward to meeting Professor Vogl today and finding out if there is any change to Theo. I am hoping in my heart there is but I don't want to build my hopes up too much as he may not have grown or has increased.
Jeanette has been amazing as usual. She is asleep at the moment, I am not really sure how I am feeling. I suppose I am quite calm and not stressed in any way.

Professor Vogl is going to take the Dendritic cells today to make the vaccine.
I still don't know how much it will cost, that is my biggest concern as my compensation payment is getting low. I shouldn't complain though as there are many others who would love to be in my position finacially, I think every one should get this opportunity.
The monument in the Picture is in Frankfurt and is a stunning piece of work. It is called "the Hammering Man" and stands between 70 and 80 ft high. He was sculpted by Jonathan Brofsky and there are other Hammering Man sculptures of different sizes all over the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Japan. The link below is to a page that gives more information.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

We have arrived!

Jeanette and I arrived in Germany at 2:30pm uk time. It is quite warm hear. I bought a newspaper before I went on the plane as the headline was about the new immune therapy that has been sucessfu in America. A man, who isn't name, has been clear of Melanoma for 2 years after having his cells cloned in a laboratory and returned to his immune system.
Sounds a lot like Dendritic cell vaccine to me or very similar.
The uk is so behind in these treaments and it is so expensive for anyone wanting to try it as for most of us cancer sufferers, there is nothing else left.
More about the story is in the link below.

Ready to go

It is 6:00am and I am getting ready for my journey to Germany. I have packed my travel iron, travel kettle, plastic plates and plastic cutlery, not forgetting my tea towel! The hotel has no facilities so I decided I would take my own.
One thing that has been on my mind is the cost of all this treatment as my insurance doesn't cover it. I am going to write to the primary care trust and see if I can get a subsidy as it will be around £7 to £8,000 just for one dendritic cell vaccine, that is without the making of the vaccine. I am ok at the moment but my funds are getting lower.
I will meet Jeanette at 7:00am for our journey to Bristol.
Well...I had better get ready and will add a blog when we arrive.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Back to Germany

I am off to Germany tomorrow for the second chemoembolization treatment, I am not going to expect any change ut if there is any shrinkage, it will be a bonus.
I had a restless night last night and am sure it is all tied into the stress of the illness.
I will be travelling to Bristol with my friend, Jeanette, and will add the blogs again as it happens.
The biggest issue with all of this is the money as it is all so expensive. I wish that something was available in the UK for this treatment.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Mesothelioma bill passed!

Just a quick bit of news for ALL Meso sufferers. The bill has been passed to give everyone a payment regardless of injury while working or not with asbestos.

This link will give more information.

Thanks to Sue Hall for getting the information, she also found out that parents can get their deceased childrens medical records from their local primary health care trust if they have a good enough reason for wanting them.

Indulgence day at Orange

It has been really good in work today. My team made a big effort in dressing up, yours truly was over dressed completely, as you can see from the picture!
It was good to see the team come together and take part in it.

There were not many people dressed up but that didn't stop us having some fun. The guys and girls on the team looked very handsome and smart in their ties and suits, and the girls.....they were fabulous! Some of us dressed in our best frocks/suits and some of us chose night clothes as it was indulgence day in Orange, Plymouth.

The girls in the picture are new team members, Claire and Danielle and they looked stunning.
Harri is stunning as well as he looks thoughtfully out of the window.

This is the reason I love coming to work, these guys and gals are amazing, their support is invaluable and they never stop smiling. Thanks guys and gals, your the best!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Clearing out day

My friend ,Julie and I went for breakfast this morning. We talked about our weekend and then she offered to help me with clearing the big room. She is so good, she got me motivated to do it and was wonderful. I really appreciate my friends as they are always there when I need them.
Siobhan and her boyfriend, Seddon, helped out as well. Seddon smashed up a cupboard that was about to fall to bits and when he had finished, underneath the cupborad was a calling card which said "James Seddon.....Danger is my business". (James is Seddon's first name)

I went out to eat with my children, Siobhan, Kieran (Richard is away) and Siobhan's boyfriend. We won't all be together until 26th June as I am off to Germany on Thursday and Kieran is with his dad.

I am back to work tomorrow and it is dressing up day. Indulgence is the theme on ourt team so it will be posh frocks and night clothes.
I will take some pictures and add them tomorrow.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Plymouth Mega ride

Kieran and I went on to Plymouth Hoe with my friend, Helen, and watched her husband and son arrive with the Plymouth Mega Ride charity. Every year it takes place and raises money for charities. The link below is the official website.

After watching the guys arrive, we went for a picnic.

I took some pictures of the boat race taking place in the sound.
The Hoe was absolutely packed with bikers. As far as I heard there were over 5000 bikers who had taken part.
We didn't stop very long as the clouds were closing in and there were little spots of rain.
When I got home I was shattered, I still have to finish the room that James will be decorating while I am away.
Tomorrow I am going for breakfast with my friends and then home to finish....that room!

A very happy fathers day to my dear dad. He is still missed very much, Love you dad, where ever you are xx xx

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Day at the station

Guess where I have been today....the train station in Plymouth watching the trains come in and go out.
Kieran is a lovely little boy and does enjoy his trips to Plymouth station and drives us all crazy with it. We had a nice morning looking at trains and then he had to come with me and help with the shopping. He was very good and when we got home he got straight on the laptop and looked at the timetable and recited them with sound effects as well!
I think I know the train times of all trains going to and from Plymouth. He has a wonderful memory and really wants to be a station officer when he grows up.
He has his whistle all ready and loves his days out. At least they don't cost a lot. 

Friday, 13 June 2008

3 days off and 2 days back

I have had a good day in work today. Myself and a couple of team mates are making little things to stick around our pod on Tuesday as we have a dressing up day in work. The theme is Indulgence and we are wearing night clothes and posh clothes, shoud be interesting. I have 2 days at work and am then off to Germany for my second treatment. I have had a phone call from Derriford hospital today to advise me of the CT scan I will be having before I see my oncologist on 4th July. It is on the 30th June and as it is 10days after the Germany trip and I will be having CT scans there, I am wondering if it is too much. I will ask Professor Vogl and if it is, he may send the information to my oncologist.
I am going to be busy over the weekend getting the master bedroom ready for decorating. Kieran will be with his dad and I will be in Germany so it is a great opportunity to get it sorted.
Mistletoe is due again tonight. I hope I have more success than last time. I think I messed it up as I could feel the needle and it was dfifficult but I am going to persist and get it right.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Another good day at work.

I am feeling a little tired today. I took my mistletoe last night so it could be that and/or the 10 hour day, either way, I can cope with it. I don't want to put everything down to Theo as it may not be him.
It has been really good in work today. I really enjoy being there and talking to all the customers who come in with problems. 95% are wonderful and it is always a reward when they have been happy with the outcome of any issues they have had. It also helps having a great team. I have been really lucky as I have had 3 great teams I have worked on and made long term friendships on all of them.

I am looking forward to Germany next week as I want to know what has happened since I saw Professor Vogl last month. I feel very well and I am sure my breathing is easier but am not sure if that is psychological because of Professor Vogl's positive attitude or if it is because there is a result. What ever it is, it is good and I hope it continues.

My poor little Kieran is suffering at the moment, he has hayfever and has had it quite bad. Siobhan gets it too and I have heard that local honey makes a difference. I know Saltram House in Plymouth sell it, I am going to get some and hopefully, they will take a spoonful a day to see if it will work. Sunshine is so wondeful if it didn't have the hayfever issues. It spoils a beautiful day.

Back to work

It is another beautiful day, the sun is shining and I have never felt better. Going to Germany and speaking to Professor Vogl has turned things around for me. I have got my positive attitude back again and can see my furture again. Professor Vogl was so honest with me and made me aware that the Chemoembolization was not a cure and sounded positive about the treatment. He is just what I needed as I was feeling quite low after seeing my oncologist in January.

I have my next appointment with my oncologist on 4th July and will be taking in a lot of information with me. I need to talk to him about seeing the person in front of him and not the disease as I felt that he could only see what was happening with Theo and not how I felt within myself.

It must be the training with Drs and I know they could learn a thing or two from Professor Vogl and his attitude towards his patients.

I am going to work now and will have all the supportI need. I feel so lucky to have the life I have. I don't have pain or discomfort, I have a wonderful little family, a lovely sister, a great work place, support from management and many, many wonderful friends who have been with me through this nightmare that will hopefully turn into something more positive.

Theo has been very well behaved, thanks Theo, don't forget, if you want to root yourself in Theodore Stern Kia 7, feel free to do so!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Day out in Fowey and Polperro, Cornwall

Chris, Becks, Jeanette and I went to Fowey today. They are from my old team at Orange mobile and have become very good friends of mine. When we arrived at the car park, Chris put the money in to buy a ticket and the money was returned, Daft machine!

We had a lovely boat trip around Fowey harbour which was interesting. We passed a house called "ferryside" which is where the writer, Daphne Du Maurier lived. She wrote wonderful books, one I remember is "Rebecca" which was made into a film starring Lawrence Olivier. Her family still live in the house.

It was an absolutely stunning day. The sun shone and it made the trip even better. We saw the block houses which stand either side of the harbour, years ago they used to have a chain between them. Any ships who were not given access to the harbour were stopped by raising the chain so they could not pass.

We stopped for lunch in a local place on the sea front, Chris had a starter and a main meal. He wasn't disappointed when it came out. I don't think he reaised just how much he had ordered.

He also had a little extra on his plate, a slug!!! The management were very good and gave him his money back. Chris is doing well today!

We had a lovely stroll around Fowey and then decided to go into Polperro which is another pretty little place.

We had a lovely cup of tea in a little tea shop and then made our way back to the car for our Journey home.

It has been a wonderful 3 days off although, I have got none of the chores I wanted to do sorted out.

Oh well....there is always the next 3 days. I will be taking my Mistletoe tonight and will be back to work tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Robert.

I wanted to say a very happy birthday to my dear cousin Robert who would have been 47 today. He passed away 5 years ago and is still missed very much.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Another good day

It has been another good day today. I went for breakfast with my friend, Julie as no one else could make it so we decided we would go together, and ended up spending most of the day with her. We had great fun as I tried on Julie's dresses for my dress up day at work. Julie has the perfect dress that will match one of my wigs really well. It is a beautiful peacock blue with emerald green flowers on it.
We were going to make a start on my big room but I forgot that I had arranged to go out with some other friends for the day. I really enjoyed Julie's company today, we had lunch together and a real good talk about our lives and especially our antics in St Ives a few weeks ago!!
Julie is such an uplifting person, she makes me smile and is always fun to be with. She is another really good friend who is a great support to me. I have so many wonderful people around me, and if I have any days that I feel so down, there is always someone waiting with a very large shoulder. I have filled my 3 days off with being with my special friends. 
Kieran is going to the Dr's later on as his hay fever has started. He and Siobhan get it every year. Apparently, local honey is supposed to be the answer as the pollen is local. I am going to try it and see how they get on with it as it must be so miserable for them when the sun comes out.
Siobhan has been so busy with her course work that we haven't had time to go out together which is a shame but I am sure we will make up for it at the weekend.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

What a wonderful day!!!

It has been the most glorious day today. It started off a bit shakey though as I thought I would catch up with a few little jobs I know I need to do on my car. First I checked the tyres and then topped up the wind screen washer compartment and to finish it all, I topped up my oil. I didn't know that putting all of the container of oil in would be to much. The smoke was bellowing out of the back and I was worried. I called the RAC and a very, very nice man came to my rescue. He was wonderful and sorted out my little car. I won't be doing that again. Thanks Mr RAC you are a star.
I then went back home and packed up a picnic lunch for Kieran and I as we were meeting my friend, Helen on Plymouth hoe.

The cancer research and Tescos race for life was done on the hoe today, I met up with my friend, Christine and her family who were making their way home after their walk. They all look so proud of themselves and so they should. It is an amazing acomplishment. I wanted to do it but all the spaces were gone so I did the next best thing and sponsored Chris to do it which she did with ease.

I have known Chris since 2006 when I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and since then she has been a great support to me. Well done Chris and family, I am proud of you all and so are many others.
After meeting Chris I met my friend Helen, and her son. We sat and had a lovely picnic and went for a walk around the sea front. I spotted a boat trip and asked if Helen and co if they would like to go which they agreed. Kieran wasn't too keen at first but when he got on it, he loved it. 
We looked at the dockyard and warships and it struck me that this is the place where my poor dad signed his life away. It is the place that has condemned me, but the day was so good, my friends are so wonderful and Kieran had put all that into a far distant memory in an instant.

It has been a wonderful day and even the weather has been beautiful, it is perfect. Tomorrow Kieran is back at school and I will be breakfasting and then off to the Drs surgery for a blood test, The thyroid this time,

 (its like pick and mix some days : )

 and hopefully that will be the same. I feel so good in my self I sometimes find it hard to believe there is anything wrong with me. That is how I want it to stay, for a very, very long time!