Sunday, 30 November 2008

This picture is from the Orange christmas party. I am with my lovely friend, Rae, who is absolutely goergeous. We had quite a good night, I wasn't drinking as I was driving so that meant I could remember exactly what happened that night.

I took my mistletoe last night. I upped the dosage to 40mg so it is now 40mg twice a week. I am still convinced that the mistletoe has had a lot to do with my result as it has boosted my immune system and makes me feel so well.
Kieran's Christmas cake
Kieran finished off his Christmas cake today. I did most of the work as is usual but I think he enjoyed decorating his cake and enjoyed licking the chocolate bowl the most.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

The morning after!

I enjoyed the party last night but I did find it a little flat as I was on my own for a while before I met up with my friends. There was a band playing who were very good and some break dancers who seemed to defy gravity!!
I met up with somewonderful people who had had a few drinks and words and compliments were flowing from their mouths about how inspirational I was.....I find that hard to believe as I am only doing what anyone would do i my position....I want to live.
It was very sweet of them to say it though. I picked up my team mate Debbie around 9:45 as she was working late and met up with my other friend, Rae.
We left at 12:30am and I took Debbie home, She was a little the worse for wear but at least she got a little home ok.
It was so cold last night, I was dreading getting out of my little car to walk back to my house.....BBBbbbrrrrrrrr!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Get ready to party.....Orange party!!!

I had a terrible morning this morning. I had a bit of a cough in the night, my own fault, too many sweeties!!!
Theo was playing up a bit but that soon died down. I got back to sleep only to be disturbed by Storkie and his usual suckling. I called him Bitty and got a whack from his paw.....Sure he thinks he is human!
Eventually got back to sleep and then THE ALARM WENT OFF : ( !!!
When I did get up and dressed, I had breakfast and went out to the car....she wouldn't start...flat battery as it was so cold.
I called the RAC at 8:33am and was told that a mechanic would be with me by 9:05am.....I was on my way to get a cake for Kieran as he has a school fete today and he is going to school in his civilian clothes and payment is 1 cake.
The RAC man....a very, very nice man..... turned up around 8:30am.....Brilliant!!!
He jump started my car and said the battery was knackered, it was a second hand battery from a couple of weeks ago. He said he could put in a new one at a cost with a 3 year warranty. He told me about other dealership that sell cheaper batteries but I said I would have one from him as it would be more convenient.
Irt was all fitted and woring by I went back in doors and put my face on and went off to the car and on the way realised I ADN'T TAKEN MY PILLS, HRT AND THYROID PLUS MY SUPPLEMENTS!!!
GGgggrrrrr..... Richard put Kieran on his bus and i got a cake from the shop, raced around to Kieran's school and then off to work.....phew!!
I finished work at 5:oopm today and am going to get ready for the Orange party tonight. Kieran doesn't want to go to his school fete as the Jonas brothers are on TV and Camp Rock is on as well.
At least I have time to get ready now....should be a good night. Theo will be accompanying me and will hopefully be too busy with socialising and won't bother me.
My friend, Jeanette hasn't been well and has been off work a couple of days. Get well soon jeanette and see you soon x x x.
Right, I am off to get ready........bye!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

2nd day over

I am feeling tired today. I did my shift at work which was good. I remebered my lunch today.....!!!
I have been watching I'm a celebrity ...get me out of here and I ust admit Timmy Mallet hasn't dissappointed me....he is still an annoying idiot.
I am sure the public will keep him in as he annoys the others.
I enjoyed watching Johnny Lydon on a previous one a she was hilarious and I would like to see him on TV a lot more.
He and Sid Vicious were my early punk heros.
Kieran has Mufti day tomorrow and he is supposed to take in a cake....I forgot to get one so that means get going to the shop in the morning.
Hopefully it won't be likeTuesday morning!!!

Good morning Storkie!!!

I was awoken this morning at 5:43am by Stork the kitten and his usual suckling. He likes to snuggle up beside me under the bed clothes and suckle the cotton pillow case. He is such a lovely little kitten but the suckling can be annoying. He leaves a very soggy patch were he suckles the pillow andif I turn over, I get a face full of it.
I eventually got up at 6:55am after giving up tryin g to go to sleep.

I gave the kittens their breakfast and turned the tap on a little for Cookie as she likes to play with the water, it seems to fascinate her.

They haven't been in the garden much at the moment as I don't want to lose them.
They will venture out soon I am sure. We will have to do it when Kieran isn't around as he gets to stressed when they are out. He can't cope with them hopping over next doors fence.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Yay....I am going to the party on Friday!!!

I went to work today.....My start wasn't very easy. I went to the shop to get some dish washer tablets as we had none left. (We have forgotten how to wash dishes by hand !!!) I asked Richard to get Kieran ready for school and went off. On my return, I saw Siobhan at the bus telling the escort that Kieran had no shoes or socks on!!!
I said I would drop him to school as it isn't very far from where I work. I hurriedly picked up a bag containing my lunch and took Kieran to school. I carried onto work only to find that I had picked up a different bag. My luch was still at home.....gggrrrr. Then to top it all.... the canteen electrics weren't working and there was no coffee machine and no meals .... aaarrgggghhhhh!!! (my dad loved that scream from the comic books)
My first call was a little heavy as I was called an idiot when I was trying to explain something to a customer and I started to think.... is it all worth the effort?
Well it is.....I had a lot of very happy customers who outweighed the one I got first thing.
Great morning : (
I did my 10 hours and was thrilled when my TL said I could have a couple hours off on Friday.
Kieran has a Christmas fete at school and there is the Orange Christmas party.
It will be good to go and spend time with my team mates as we don't usually get much chance to talk to each other while we are working.
I had a lovely letter from Jena who has been to Germany for treatment which will hopefully help her. It is such a good feeling to be rewarded with news that someone else has been given hope and hopefully more time with their family.
She will go back to Germany in January to find out the results of her first treatment and I really hope it has worked for her.
She can hopefully enjoy this Christmas feeling a lot more positive than she has for a long time. Good luck Jena.... I hope it works for you.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Shopping with my sis.

Kieran went off to school quite happily this morning and I went out with my sister. We went for breakfast in the usual place, Bowlers cafe in Chaplin's superstore, Plymouth. We then picked up some more Christmas decks as the ones she bought were stapled together but not correctly. We changed them and then went into town to look for Christmas pressies. We went to a fancy dress shop and picked out our outfits for the Abba night in December.
I am going to wear a white catsuit with blue and white frills on the legs and arms. Wendy is going to wear a yellow tunic and shorts. We are going to look so cool!
The children and I have sorted out our differences, I think! Rich cleared up the kitchen and even sorted out the kitchen cupboard!
I am back to work tomorrow. I have to do my Mistletoe tonight, 40mg, I am going to up the dosage at the weekend as I only take 20mg at the moment but I don't get many side affects from it.
I am absolutely sure that the Mistletoe plays a large part in my tumour shrinking.
Theo has been very quiet lately, I like it that way and I hope he has got his tree up in Germany and is ready for the festive season, Go for it Theo, have a great time.

The morning after

I am feeling a little guilty this morning for going off on one last night but I do think that some things needed to be said.
I am going out with my sister today which will be nice. Siobhan has gone to college as I had a word with her last night. She shouted from her room last night telling me to turn the TV down. I asked her to come down and tell me in a proper manner as I am the only one who works in the house and support everyone and I will have the TV as loud as I want to.
I hope we can work things out, it is like most families, they all fall out at certain points and usually make it up.
I want them to understand how hard I work to support them all and we do have a good life at the moment.
I don't feel like this all the time but it has come to a head as the housework and washing is a joke at times. I feel I am the only one who wants a tidy house. Coming home to a dirty wok, pots and pans and dishes in the sink and no meal made after a hard day makes me feel so disrespected.
I try and make a meal for them when they are busy but it isn't always reciprocated.
I am going to ice the cake tonight with Kieran and will take some to work for my friend, Barbs who loves Christmas cake. I hope it passes her inspection!!
I must remember not to have too many rum and cokes when making Christmas cake!

Monday, 24 November 2008

What is in my head?

I have just had a heart to heart with Rich and it was difficult.
I was trying to talk to him about getting a job and that I want to know that my children can support themselves when it got a bit out of hand and I started to have a few tears. I told him that I didn't bring my babies into this world to leave them and how I never asked for all this.
Siobhan, I would like to think, will be self sufficient as, hopefully, she is at college and has her boyfriend who will help her and support her. Rich has no one and needs to get a job. I don't think either of them realise the seriousness of the situation and they don't talk about it and it is crushing. It is the most difficult subject I will ever approach with my children.

The only one I should be concerned with is Kieran.
I don't know what to say or how to approach it.
Yes I have had a good result from Germany and I hope it continues, but I don't think either of them realise how I really feel.
I would like a lot more support with the chores around the house as when I am working, I come home to a student hostel!
I find it really difficult being the mum and dad in this family.
Some of this is the rum talking, had a couple this evening, but maybe it needs to be said !

Busy day is hard work.!!!

Kieran went back to school today and I went into town with my friend, Tina. We had some retail therapy which was very tiring!

I got home and prepared the ingredients for the Christmas cake Kieran and I were making. We didn't make it yesterday as I got very lazy and when I did get a chance, it was an hour between making it and going out to eat with the family.
We made our cake this evening....I think I did most of it!! is smelling lovely and hopefully, will look as good as it smells.

We will decorate it later in the week. I think it will be 2 chocolate yule logs.
Tomorrow I am out with my sister as we need to get our costumes for an Abba night coming up soon. I have a lot of socialising going on from this week, the Orange Christmas party, the Abba night and nights out with my team at work, not forgetting the nights out with my lovely children.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Lazy day

I have a sore throat this morning, I have had it all week but it has been bearable. This morning it was a little sore and I couldn't talk properly but that was soon remedied with a cup of coffee.
Kieran and I will be making our Christmas cakes today which should be fun.
The kittens are crazy and enjoy chasing each other around the house to Kieran's delight.
He has really got into his Jonas brothers music. He has also said he likes high school musical 3 and is going to see it with is dad.
I am so pleased to see him develop his own personality and tell what he enjoys listening to.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

My little bean is home!

Kieran came home this evening after a week away at a farm and a football match today.
We have all missed him and we heard about his adventure on the farm.

He helped to clean out the donkeys and cows andtried some different foods. The football match was between Plymouth Argyle and Cardiff.
Argyle won 2-1 which Kieran was very happy about and would consider going to another match.
The football team gave his school free tickets for any children who would like to go. They gave him a really good afternoon out.

It is so good to have him back home.

We are making a Christmas cake together tomorrow which I hope he will enjoy doing.

I have bought him his own apron and will prepare everything tomorrow.

Welcome home little bean, we missed you so much and are glad you enjoyed yourself x x

3 days off!!!

I have just finished my rotation. I did 2 out of 3 days and it has been a very pleasant couple of days. I am getting to know my team members now and we are all supporting each other with any issues we may have. I have a party next week, it is the party that Orange organise it for it's employees and I am hoping to have a couple of ours off as I am working until 8:00pm.
I will find out next week if I can go.
I have found more information about the court case from yesterday as it was reported in my local paper.

I hope that this ruling is recognised and the insurers don't win their appeal. They squeal and squirm their way out of acknowledging the liability.
All we need now is the pleural plaque illness recognised as there should be a payment available to anyone who pleural plaque, why should anyone have to wait until they get Meso.
My dad was one of the luckier ones, if I can phrase it that way, as he got a payment before it was abololished.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Happy Birthday Jeanette.

A very happy birthday to my friend, Jeanette, She has been so wonderful this year and I really do appreciate all the time she has given me. She has joined me in Germany for every treatment and has been such a great support to me.

Happy Birthday my friend....have a wonderful deserve it x x x

Back to work.....feeling good...

I returned to work today. 10:00am till 8:00pm is a long shift but it isn't rcket science ad it was so good to hear my customers say how helpful I had been. It was good to see my friends and team mates again.
When I came home, I had a phne call from a lady who had been to see Professor Vogl. He is going to help her and she will be returning to Germany for her frst procedure next week. That has absolutely made my day. If feels so good to have made a difference to someone so much that they may get some extra time on this earth. I really hope it goes well for her and she gets the results I have had.
I had a DVD sent to me yesterday from Gary and Kristy and it s beautiful. It is a short film about the affects of Mesothelioma on a family and I was very impressed with it. I showed a couple of my friends and they were in tears as was I.
And just one more thing to add......
WOO HOOO!!!!!!!

Asbestos victims win 'test case'

This was broadcast on Radio 2 today and is also detailed in the link below.
Asbestos-related cancer victims and their families have won an important test case over access to compensation.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

What a day!!!

It has been a lovely day today. First of all I had a post card from Kieran and he said he was having a fabulous time at the farm. I then went for lunch with my friends. I took the ex shopping for a christmas tree abd after I got home from dropping him off, My lovely daughter gave me a piece of paper and said she wanted me to book my days off at work. She had given me a christmas present early......I AM GOING TO SEE ROBERT SMITH AND THE CURE!!!!!
I have loved the cure forever but have never seen them live and now it is happening!!!!
I am so excited, I have had the best christmas gift ever with the tumour shrinking and now I am doing another wonderful thing.
Thanks Siobhan.....I love you x x

Back to work tomorrow

I had a lovely few days with my friends in Weymouth. We had a wander around the town centre on Tuesday and went to see the sand sculptures.

We found a place called "Brewers Quay" which was an old brewery which had been turned into small shops and a museum about Weymouth. It was really intersesting and I learnt about a Weymouth local, Pat Dunn, who had become the first female referee. She fought to change the rules to allow women to become football referees and won.

Rich didn't get his job but will be going to the local hospital for an application form as he really needs to get into work.

I haven't heard anything from Kieran so I would think he is enjoying his week on the farm.

I am back to work tomorrow. I only have 2 days to do this rotation so it will be an easy one.

I am back to Germany on 11th December and will be returning on the 14th. It will then be Christmas and what a wonderful Christmas this will be again. Surving a third one is a wonderful feeling. I had a call from Bernard last night who is also doing very well and has another Christmas to look forward to. My heart goes out to Karry and her family as they will not have Tony with them this year. This is the same for other wonderful people who won't be with their loved ones this Christmas. For some of them, this is the first one they have to go through.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Remembering Tony Todd

I had an email from Karryanne who's father, Tony, had Mesothelioma. He was diagnosed on 15th August 2007 and has lost his battle on 16th November 2008.

He leaves behind his wife, Zena, his daughters, Stacey, Lindsey and Karryanne. He also leaves behind his grandchildren, Asa,5, Abby,4, Aiden,3, Cairan,17 months and 13 month old Farrah and another baby due in June 2009.

.His favourite song was mad world by Gary Jules.

I am sure that I can say on behalf of everyone who reads the blogs that our hearts go out to Karryanne and her family at this painful time. We are still fighting the battle and Tony is another wonderful spirit who will continue with us on our journey to some how right this wrong.

Karryanne has been very helpful in finding links and information about treatments and pain relief which has helped other patients.

Now it is our turn to help her and her family. We are here for you when you are ready, just say the word.

Todays blog is dedicated to Tony Todd and his family.

Another good day out with my friends.

Today has been wonderful. The weather was perfect, it was a little chilly but the sun was shining and it was a perfect day to stroll along the sea front. We walked to the sand sculptures which Weymouth is famous for. There wasn't much to see as it was out of season but what was there was lovely.
We had lunch and did some shopping. I saw a beautiful dress in a shop and decided it was going to be my Christmas outfit.
We made our way back to the hotel later in the afternoon and chilled out before going for something to eat in a lovely Bistro called "Westers". 
We are back home tomorrow. Richard was unsuccessful with a job he went for. He is going to look in the jobs page of tomorrows newspaper as he needs to get one.

Suzy found a link which detailed a lady in Gateshead. She is the mayor and has found out she has Mesothelioma. She is hoping she can do her term as Mayor for the year.
I have added the link below.

My illness is a death sentence - but I'm determined that I'll see out my year as mayor; GATESHEAD'S LEADER TALKS ABOUT HER TIME AHEAD
Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Monday, 17 November 2008

What a brilliant night

I arrived in Weymouth at around 2:00pm and have had the most amazing day. My friends Chris, Beck's, Jeanette and I had lunch and a look around Weymouth and were joined later by my cousin, Richard and his wife, Linda. We had an evening meal together and caught up on old times while Chris, Beck's and Jeanette got sorted out for the evening as Jeanette needed her coat. It is a little chilly here but not as bad as Leeds!
They met us in the Ship Inn and had a meal. When we left, Linda and Rich were traveling back to Sussex, We went to see the film "Mama Mia"  which was brilliant. Beck's had seen it countless times but still enjoyed just one more shot. I sang most of my way through it and advised Jeanette to tell me to shut up if I got on her nerves. We wandered back to the hotel room to settle for the night. I have really enjoyed myself and am a little tiddly for the wine I had. The wig moved a little but not enough to embarrass anyone but me! Oh dear......I may regret this in the morning!!!!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Wrapping up and chilling out.

I have been wrapping Christmas presents today and getting Kieran's suit case ready for his trip on Monday.
I will pack my bag tomorrow and will be off to Weymouth....nearly wrote Germany I will be staying there for 3 days and back to work on Friday.
I chilled out in front of the TV and watched Columbo, one of my favourite TV detectives. Siobhan and Richard watched it as well as they love him!
Kieran will be back home tomorrow as he is with his dad for the weekend. Kieran rang me and told me all about his train tour he had gone on with his dad.
I am going to make a Christmas cake with Kieran, that will be when I am off on a weekend soon. I haven't made one for years and it will be good to get back into it again.
I love Christmas and my tree is very special as it is the one I bought January 2007 to use as a target to survive until Christmas and it has now become my challenge every year.

BBC interview not happening?

I am very disappointed with the reporter I spoke to at the Meso UK meeting this year.
I recorded an interview and advised of my treatment and the success of it. The radio interview went out on 13th November and it was all about Mesothelioma and people who have lost their lives to it, which is fine, it is all good publicity.
There was no mention of asbestos brought into the home from the work place and contaminating other family members or any mention of other treatments like mine that are working to shrink the tumour.
The treatment is important as there may be a lot of desperate people out there who do not want to die and should have the option to have the procedure if they want it.
May be it is because it isn't available here?
Who knows. I will be emailing the reporter with my thoughts.

Interview on BBC radio.

Chris Knighton's interview.

Ian Wright's asbestos warning. Youtube.

Friday, 14 November 2008

And it's up....

I did it........ I have put up my tree.....sorry Helen!

It looks lovely, I themed it blue this year as we have decorated and the colours in the room are blue and brown. I love it and am happy now it is up. All I have to do now is to inspire my 19 year old son to get a job!

Kieran in a suit.

Kieran wanted to wear a suit to school today for children in need. He looked very smart this morning. The collar is a little big as he has a tiny neck but he looked so cute.

Rich, Siobhan and I are going to get the tree up today. I have been trying all week to do it but it has been a busy week and trying to re cooperate as well, it has been impossible. The kittens are back to their normal crazy selves and running around the house like loonies.
Thinking about it, Christmas tree + Kittens = trouble!
It's a good job they are cute or else they would be going back to the cats and dogs home!

We will see what happens, my new chairs I got not long ago have become scratching posts for Stork and he has dug into the canvas on them.....ggrrrrr.
And then there is me, I am off work until the 20th November. I have been feeling very well and have more energy and less breathlessness than I have had for a long time. I feel so great inside.
I am away next week with friends. We are staying in Weymouth on Monday till Wednesday which will be a nice break. Kieran will be going off to a farm for the week so I took advantage of having some free time.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Well.... what a night!!

I went into the city centre this evening with my friends, Helen and Carolyn, to see the Christmas lights switched on and it was an experience!

We had 5 autistic children and 4 adults, a lot of anxiety,stress, frustration and hyperactivity!

Kieran was really stressed as he wanted to go on a ride but the queue was massive, we would have been waiting for hours. We then decided that after the lights were switched on, we would go and get something to eat. As we started to leave the car park, around 50 - 100 teenagers stormed in blocking the way out. The police then followed them and advised Helen's husband to reverse back as they sorted out the issue and to wait 15 minutes. I am not sure if it was a fight or if it was a mob trying to catchup with someone who had been on the stage turning on the lights but it was frightening. Kieran was crying and started to get anxious as the car moved forward as the crowd had dispersed. He knew we hadn't waited 15 minutes and was panicking as the policeman told us to do it. Kieran is a stickler for rules and wanted to wait for the police to tell us we could go. After explaining to him that Helen's husband knew what he was doing, he eventually calmed down as he realised we were fine to leave.

We went to McDonalds for something to eat afterwards as all the children were looking forward to that. I am not a McDonalds fan but had chips and a McFlurry kept me happy. Kieran and the other children eventually settled down but us adults all agreed we would sleep well tonight!

Poor Cookie!

Cookie has been terrorised all night and this morning by Stork. She has her collar on and wants to play but he is getting very rough with her. All morning there has been growling and meowing, he is driving us all crazy. It is a good job he is gorgeous or else he would be returning to the cat home!!! : ) 
Stork has a habit of coming into the bedroom in the morning and snuggling under the covers. He then likes to suckle the pillow and pretend he is with his mum. This is so cute but sometimes annoying as all I can hear at 4:00am is the slobber of him at the cotton pillow and feel the claws as they pound the material. Stork didn;t do it this morning, that is a first, he will probably settle back into it tomorrow.
He has recovered very well where Cookie is still sore. She will be going back to the Vets ion saturday for a check up. 

Kieran has a medical at school today and this will give me a chance to talk to the Dr as I want his diagnosis to be put on paper. I am sure he has Aspergers and this needs to be confimed.
I am getting him a suit to wear to school tomorrow as he wants to look smart for children in need events. I am sure he will look handsome.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Kittens have been done!

I took the kittens to the vets early today as they were booked in to be spayed.

They were very quiet on the 20 minute journey and went in not knowing what was going to happen......I felt so sorry for them but it had to be done as I don't want them to have kittens.

When they got back home they were still reeling from the op. Cookie was shaking, Stork was fine. Poor Cookie, she got the worst deal. She has to wear a collar as she has been picking at the scar. She is due to go back on Saturday for a check up.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tired and happy...ish

I took Siobhan to college this morning and Rich put Kieran on his bus. Kieran didn't pick up his sweat shirt and went to school in his t-shirt. He seemed to cope though.
Rich and Kieran battled again when he came home which is really irritating. Rich still needs a job and will be looking this week.....I know he will as I will make sure of it.
I had an inflatable husband from an Anne Summers part a few weeks ago and Richard..... the little darling..... has blown him up.
Kieran came in the room waving him around, saying he was Richard's character in a game he has..... thanks Rich!!
The kittens are off to the vets tomorrow for their ops. 
I have been tired today, especially the afternoon. I tried to have a nap this afternoon.... that wasn't going to happen as The children were watching a video on youtube and had the volume up, Maybe tomorrow?

Monday, 10 November 2008

Kieran is back!

I went out for breakfast with some of my friends this morning, I picked up my sick note from my GP's and then went into work to give it to my team leader.
Kieran came home about 5:00pm this evening. It was good to see him as I had missed him. Rich arrived home as well. He had been out at his friends for the weekend.

It didn't take long for Rich and Kieran to start battling with each other......ahh life..!!!

It has been such a change in the weather as Germany was lovley, very mild, and here it is awful.....flash floods this morning!

The kittens are booked in for their ops on Wednesday....poor things.

Kieran has been warned not to pick them up when they come home.
Suzy's cat Fluffy is with them in spirit. He has been playing on a race track and decided to have a short thought for Cookie and Stork....thanks Fluffly : )

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Chilled out day today

I have been out to see my sister today. We went to a store and bought our Christmas decorations. I have really got the bug and will be putting up my tree this week.
We had lunch at the store and then strolled around and took our time looking at all the sparkly things on offer.
She decided to go with a lilac/purple theme while I decided on blue.
I bought a frieze for my wall which has a winter scene on it but it only covers half the wall so I am not sure of what to do now.
I haven't spent much time with my sister as we both have family commitments and I work as well which makes it quite difficult to get together at times. Today was lovely though, I do feel tired but very happy.

My little Miracle

I was very tired yesterday and spent most of the day sleeping off the affects of the day before.
I am a little tired this morning but very happy. I still find this hard to take in at the moment. It has been 2 years since I was told I had Mesothelioma and I had 6 - 9 months to live and look how things have changed. I wouldn't have found this little miracle with out the wonderful people who log onto this site, especially Pat and Tony. They were wonderful and gave me so much to look into. Chemoembolization has given me a lot of my future back. January was looking really bleak and I thought this was my last year. All that has changed within a few months. I would like to see this procedure open to all Mesothelioma sufferers and done in the UK. Professor Vogl's team were talking of coming over to the UK to perform the procedure but I didn't get a chance to talk to him about it as he was off to a meeting in Berlin.

I did my mistletoe last night and am very impressed at how well I am coping with injecting myself now.


Happy Birthday to my niece, Aleshia, who is 1 today.

Happy Birthday sweetie x x

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Asbestos expert????

Suzy sent me a letter a while ago which made her really angry. I meant to get it on the site but for some reason, it wasn't done. With all the publicity around the HSE and asbestos dangers, I thought I would add it. It is a comment from property clinc "ask the expert in the telegraph.
Like Suzy, I was quite shocked when reading it.
See what you think.....

Bricks & mortar
Q My garage has a white asbestos roof, which was quite common in the 1960s. I'm thinking of replacing it and would like to avoid paying to have asbestos removed. I understand white asbestos is not as dangerous as blue asbestos, so could I deal with it myself? Would my local dump accept it?

David Snell writes: A I am sure that there are people out there who will be only too willing to charge a small fortune to remove your garage roof. They will probably look the part when they turn up, dressed in space suits with breathing equipment. But they aren't necessary.
You are perfectly entitled to remove this material and take it to a tip yourself. Not everywhere accepts it, but I'm sure your local council will tell you which depots will. White asbestos is not particularly harmful if left undisturbed and not turned into dust that can be ingested.

It was just lumped in with blue and brown, which are dangerous. It would not be a good idea to saw or drill it in a confined space. I would suggest that you wear a mask and that you wet the sheets before breaking them off your garage roof.
The modern alternative is cement fibreboard, which looks similar but is not as strong. It breaks easily and is expensive at just under £30 for a two-metre sheet. Lightweight corrugated steel at just under £11 per sheet would be better and cheaper.
David Snell is contributing editor to Homebuilding & Renovating magazine and author of Building Your Own Home, price £25 plus p&p from 0870 155 7222.

Good morning

I am feeling quite tired and a little nauseaus this morning but apart from that, very well.
I am going to take my mistletoe tonight and rest today. I have to do a little shopping but I am not going overboard with anything.
I have been looking at some pictures of Frankfurt and decided that I had to add a couple of Jeanette and I enjoying the surroundings.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Back Home

Jeanette and I have arrived back home. We went from a mild, lovely evening to a wet, dull one.
I am feeling very tired and my friend has been an absolute treasure. I had a pillow and blanket in the car to snuggle into while she drove home.
She is a star. Siobhan was here when I got home, Rich was out but will probably be back later. I have found a way of getting my scan pictures on the website and will be uploading them soon. It is amazing to see the changes in a few short months.
I am going to leave it there as I am very tired. I will carry on the blog tomorrow.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Sophisicated lady???

Heres to the next treament and to the 10% that has gone since September. Jeanette and I had a lovely chilled evening. I am so happy and am definatley getting that Christmas tree up when I go home.....sorry Helen : )

I don't know how Jeanette did it but, she got a pic of sophistcation and I am impressed!
We will be travelling back home tomorrow and I will see my GP on Monday for a sick note as the tiredness and the nausea will kick in for a few days. What the heck.....I am 10% lighter......yippeeee!!!!!!

Another good result

Wow....another 10% gone!!

43% now.....

Professor Vogl asked who the patient was when he came into the operating theatre and I told him Jeanette was : )

He then said that we had another significant change.....43%!

He told me to keep doing whatever I am doing as it was working. He seemed very suprised to see more of the tumour had gone.
Sorry about the terrible picture but it did emulate what we were feeling when we found out about the 10% decrease and the excitement that we could show 5 hours later. Talking of pictures, the one of Jeanette (below) is lovely. We stepped off the plane and into Christmas!
The decorations were beautiful, as you can see!
Jeanette and I are such children.....we gasped with excitment when we saw them. The Germans must think we have lost it!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Happy Birthday Siobhan x

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter, Siobhan, who is 22 today. I saw her briefly this morning before I left with Jeanette to go to Bristol.I didn't feel to good last night/early hours of this morning as I felt very achy and cold.
My kitten, Stork, snuggle up and kept me warm. I was so cold and tired this morning and didn't realise I had put my knickers on wrong!
I eventually changed them when we got to Frankfurt.
Jeanette and I were like a couple of school children as the Christmas decs were up n the airport and they were lovely.

Our fllight was delayed a little but that didn't spoil the moment.
We had something to eat in an Irish pub. We then went for a walk around the area. I t was a very mild, beautiful night. We are settling down now as we have to be up early in the morning.
I hope Theo has taken more baggage with him!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

treatment number 5

Jeanette and I are jetting off to Germany tomorrow for the 5th time.
I am having my treatment on Thursday and will get the results of the 4th treatment.

It is also my baby, Siobhan's 22nd birthday.
I am treating her to a meal in her favourite Japanese restaurant and hopes she celebrates her special day.

Happy Birthday Siobhan,

I will miss you but I want you to enjoy your day.

I love you

Mum x x

Sunday, 2 November 2008

day 1 over.

I have done day 1 of the rotation and I am tired. The first day is always the worst as we all feel the same when we start the rotation. I got a little treat, as did all my colleagues on my team. Orange are offering gift boxes to people who purchase a mobile phone priced at £49.99 or more on pay as you go. With it will come a gift box which has pressies in it such as a watch, phone sleeve, phone charms and lots more.
We had one each as we need to know what is in it to be able to tell the customers. I love presents!!!! That cheered us all up!
Kieran is back to school tomorrow and will be with his dad while I am away in Germany.
I am going to miss him and my other 2 children but, it has to be done and has given me so much more hope. It is going to be a wonderful is a message for you....I am putting my Christmas tree up when I get back : )

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Celebrating Siobhan's un-birthday

We had a lovely evening tonight. We took a birthday cake with us to Old Orleans, a restaurant in the Warner village complex in Plymouth. Richard, Kieran Siobhan and I went out with Siobhan's boyfriend, Seddon as well.

Siobhan enjoyed herself and even had a non- alcoholic cocktail which she enjoyed. She had her un-birthday today as she will be 22 on 5th November but I will be off t Germany and won't see her to celebrate that day.
This is so different to 2 years ago as I was in hospital after having my VATs op.
She commented that it was the worst birthday she had ever had.
how things change. I am so happy to be here to celebrate this birthday with her.

When I go to Germany it will be my 5 th treatment and I will find out what the fourth treatment has done. Jeanette, my wonderful friend, will be coming with me again. She has been so supportive, I don't know what I would have done without her.

I am back to work tomorrow for 3 days, the new team are ok, we are getting to know each other slowly but I do miss my old ones.

Happy Un -Birthday Siobhan!!

Siobhan will be 22 on 5th November. As I will be going to Germany that day for my 5th treatment, She said she would celebrate early and today is that day.
We Will be going out to eat tonight to celebrate.

She had her gifts which she was very happy with and the kittens sang her a happy birthday song, via Kieran.
She also had quite a lot of phone calls from the characters of a game called Dynasty Warriors.
They were calling Kieran's mobile phone and asking him to pass messages on!!
Cheeky Dong Zhuo!
The picture is from her birthday last year. She doesn't like her photo taken but I will attempt to try this evening.
Happy Un - Birthday baby x x