Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy new year

Happy new year to my family and friends and especially all the new friends I have met in 2009.
It has been a roller coaster year for me. The year started with an appointment with my oncologist who told me to be grateful for the life I have had and to go home and enjoy what I had left to having a 53% reduction in my tumour.

I also want to remember the wonderful people who didn't get the opportunity I have had and lost their lives to mesothelioma.

A very special mention to Pat who lost Tony early this year as without them, I wouldn't have found the information about chemoembolization and mistletoe. Not a day goes by when I don't think of them and thank them for what they have done. There will always be a special place here for them.

Other's who passed away in 2008 and will always be special to this site are :

Michel Hall : March 6th 2008

Tony Webb : March 2008

Mandy Kaminskas : May 2008

Erna Hienmann : August 1st 2008 *

John Sachs : September 18th 2008

Tony Todd : November 16th 2008

Philip Branch : December 18th 2008

*Erna had her chemoembolization treatment the same time as my first treatment and we met on the ward afterwards and swapped emails and chatted. She was a wonderful lady who I regret not meeting again in different circumstances. My best memory is drinking our water on the ward and pretending we were on a beach drinking cocktails, sex on the beach, it was lovely.

My thoughts go out to the families of the above and wish them a happy as can be expected new year.

Debbie x

Can't sleep, bed too full....and so is my nose!!

I have been up for about 40 minutes, reading my emails and browsing the net.
My nose is bunged up and I can't move in my bed. Kieran came in for a cuddle, which is lovely. He insists on saying "hello mum" over and over again until I wake up. I know he means well and wants a cuddle but I can't back to sleep. The kittens are on the bed as well. Stork is suckling the pillow and his sloppy, drooly sounds are emulated by the silence. Cookie is at the foot of the bed.
I am squashed up against the wall.....isn't life grand.
I came down to make myself a hot drink and then will battle my way back into my bed.

I had an email from a lady in Australia who has Mesothelioma and has had a successful pregnancy. Anita Steiner has her own blog which she updates.

Tomorrow , or today I should say is new years eve. The children and I shall be donning our outfits and having some fun.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Feeling slightly better today.

I had quite a good night last night and am feeling a bit better today. I am still bunged up and muggy but feel very well in myself. The Mistletoe has been doing its stuff and seems to have kept on top of the virus. I am going to take my 40mg tonight, I have ordered my next batch of Mistletoe which should be with me within 14 days.
I had another email today asking for info about the treatment. The emails I hae recieved have been wonderful and very positive. It is such a good feeling to give something back and to give some hope to the wonderful people who want to live and I am sure will end up being long term friends.
I went out to my friend Helen's this evening for a little bite to eat and met up with Caroline. It was lovely, the children enjoyed getting together, they will be back to school next week.
The children and I have our fancy dress party tomorrow, it is a very exclusive event!
We will be dressing as fictional detectives.....should be interesting!!!

Monday, 29 December 2008

Good luck fellow sufferers.

I have been contacted by 6 people since the publicity about my treatment. All of them have contacted Professor Vogl and I wish them all the luck in the world. Chris is of to Germany the beginning of January and Nicky is arranging her first appointment.
Jena has already been for her first treatment this month and will get her results next month and I am waiting in anticipation for a good result.
Chris and Nicky have also contacted Park Attwood clinic about Mistletoe treatment which helps with boosting the immune system and with symptoms of chemo therapy.
All contact information for the treatments are on the links on the main blog site.

Chemoembolisation : A post card from Theo.

Mistletoe therapy : The Mistletoe diaries.

I am so pleased to be a part of their survival and hope they get the results and hope that I have got from it.
Any one who wants information or would just like to talk can contact me by email

or call me on the number on the contact page.
I can help with answering questions about my procedure and experiences but I cannot help with medical information.

Good luck to all of you and all the best for 2009, lets make this the year we change the views on treatments for Mesothelioma and give the UK sufferers something to hope for.

British lung foundation survey

The british lung foundation are conducting a survey about Mesothelioma patients and their experiences of services available.

"This British Lung Foundation survey has been developed for people with mesothelioma, their family members and people who have lost a loved one to the disease. We would be very grateful if you would take the time to fill out this survey and tell us about your experiences. This survey will help us to understand the needs of people who have been affected by mesothelioma. It will also form our campaigning messages for next year’s Action Mesothelioma Day."

Would you please take a few minutes of your precious time to help with the survey.

Feeling better today.

I had a better night last night. I was up around 2:30am, coughing and spluttering. I made myself a drinking chocolate and put some albas oil on my pyjamas which helped a lot.
Richard was late for work this morning and was told not to bother coming in. He was working at a fish factory, I know he can do better than that. At least we won't have the smell of raw fish around any more.
I think he is dissappointed but he was finding it hard to get to the place. He was getting up at 4:30 am to get ready and coming home around 3pm. He was then on his computer until 10:30-11pm which was too much.
He has a couple of jobs to look into.
I am going to chill out today and stay home as I have wasing to catch up on.
Yeasterday was interesing at work. I wasn't on the phones, I was learning something new. It was a nice change. I look forward to doing it again.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sight for sore eyes

I had quite a restless night last night. I eventually got to sleep and was woken by Richard's alarm. I was so cold I ended up have 4 blankets, a bobble hat, bed socks and the kittens keeping my feet warm.
I took my mistletoe last night and I think that is why I was having the cold shivers. It is kicking the backside out of this cold. I was ill again as the immune system clears out the body to concentrate on fighting the flu virus.
I am working today although I did not feel like it. I will manage though as I am off for 4 days so it is bearable.
Well.....I must go and get ready for work. Hopefully I will have a better night tonight.

Merry flu-mas one and all !!

It is 2:00am and I am bunged up with a rotten cold. It started a few days ago and the mistletoe seems to be kicking in.
Yesterday I was ill as the immune system clears out the body when it is busy....hence the illness in the bathroom yesterday.
I took did my jab last night and hopefully that will kick the flu into shape.
It is good as it shows the the mistletoe is doing what it should and is fighting the enemy.
I went to work yesterday and was shattered when I came home. I need a magic housekeeper fairy for when I am away as she would welcome me into a tidy house, not the student hostel it has become.
New year will bring in new rules. There will be a big shake up here.
Well.....I am off to bed to try and sleep as there is another busy day at the office today....hope I can stay awake long enough : )

Friday, 26 December 2008

Lazy day today

I have decided that today will be a lazy day. I am back to work tomorrow so am taking advantage of my last day off as I will be at work fully now. I am thinking of adding back my 2 hours that were removed while I was having the treatment in Germany. I am going to have to do 10 till 10 3 on 3 off. I need t get back to normal at home and get the children doing more around the house. I have tomorrow and Sunday to work and am off for 4 days, that is when the new routine will come in.
Hopefully, we will all pull together and help out as there are 3 adults in this house and 1 12 year old.
There is no reason for our house to look like a student hostel.
Any has been a lovely Christmas and Kieran and I will be visiting his friend later today. He also wants to do a puppet show....should be interesting !!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

A Merry Christmas to all

who log on and sBoldupport

Mesothelioma and me,

From Debbie and family x x x

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Up early and off for breakfast.

I was up at 6:30 am this morning and got ready to go into Plymouth city centre for breakfast with my sister. We have done this on the previous 2 years and decided to do it this year as well. We got a parking space as soon as we got there which was about 8:ooam. We had a coffee and a chat before making our way to the local BHS for breakfast and it was lovely.
We picked up some bits and pieces we needed and spent the morning chatting and looking around before coming home at around 12:00pm.

I wanted to have a little pretend cinema at home with Kieran and settle down to watch Home Alone, that didn't happen as he wanted to play on his wii.
He is staying with his dad tonight and I will pick him up tomorrow lunch time.
I am really looking forward to spending the day with my 3 wonderful children.
I have had my Christmas present already, and I am so go ing to enjoy this one.

I hope Santa brings all who log onto meso and me what they want this Christmas.....I have told him you have all been so good ; )

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Remembering Philip Branch

Today's blog is dedicated to Philip Branch who passed away peacefully on Thursday 18th December after a long battle with Mesothelioma.

His son, Steve, and his family got in touch with me in February after he had had Chemotherapy treatment. The family were hoping he would be well enough to go to Germany for the chemoembolization treatment.
He unfortunatley became too ill to travel and never got the oppurtunity to find out if the treatment would have worked.
Philip is one more reason why the treatment needs to be here in the UK.
He is one more spirit that will go forward and help change the way Mesothelioma sufferers are treated in the UK.
I am sure I can say on behalf of everyone who logs onto Meso and me that we send our heart felt condolences to his family as it is difficult enough losing someone but Christmas seems to make it harder. We are thinking of you in your time of need.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Pantomime time

I had a busy day today. I was up at 6:00am to take Richard to work for 7:00am. I went to Asda as it was early, it was lovely and quiet. I got home and thought I would rest my weary head on the sofa for a quick snooze when my mobile phone started to ring. It was Richard, he had been poorly, bad and sick at work and asked if I could pick him up. Off I went, the good parent I am : ) .... and picked him up. I then went into work to see my work mates and to give my secret Santa gift in.
I then went with Kieran to the local Theatre, we watched Lesley Joseph and local west country comedian Matt Slack absolutely mess up there lines and take abuse from the children in the audience. The pantomime was brilliant, at one point the fairy godmother, Lesley Joseph, said that Cinderella was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, well not as beautiful as the fairy godmother though. A little voice from the audience corrected the fairy godmother and told her she wasn't beautiful, she was ugly, which had the actors laughing and messing up their lines.
Kieran didn't stop laughing, he wasn't too keen on going as he says Cinderella was for girls, he soon changed his mind and is now looking forward to next years pantomime.
After that I went home and dropped Kieran and went out to work to collect my secret Santa gift and it is lovely. It is a snowman mug with a lid and the most gorgeous little spoon.
I love it and look forward to putting my feet up with my new mug and drinking chocolate. My day didn't finish there, I got home after visiting work only to find that my son then wanted me to go with him to his friends house to pick up a computer. It is now 21:52pm and I have managed to sit down and make myself something to eat. ....... Phew!!!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

It's been a lovely day

Kieran and I went to the salvation army children's carol service with my friend, Helen and her family. A little girl was chosen to play an angel, she was about 3 or 4 years old. She was asked to tell Mary that God was going to give her a special baby, the little girl added that she also had new shoes! It was charming....a lovely little service with all the children getting involved in the nativity scene.It was lovely.
We then went back to Helen's house for a bite to eat and to let the boys play the wii games Kieran had received for his birthday.

I did my mistletoe last night. It is geting very easy now to do the inections. Wow.....did I just say that! I do feel it has a lot to do with my results from Germany.
The German national health service recognises the benefits of mistletoe and gives it to cancer patients on their NHS.

Christmas train tour.

Kieran enjoyed his Christmas train tour. We watched trains come into the station and roll out again. He told me the times and destinations of each one.

It is so good to see that little face light up when he is there. He really enjoys it. We had a drink and stayed for around an hour until he said....... wait for it......... he was bored!

Wow.....didn't think I would hear that one : )

He is staying with his dad tonight and going on a Christmas bus tour is good to share : )
I have been answering a lot of emails about the procedure and it is now turning into a full time job, I love it as it is hopefully going to give people something that I have, hope.
Poor Professor Vogl is going to inudated with quereis about the procedure, he is going to be a very busy man.
It is all good though, it is so rewarding to be able to help people who thought they had to sit back and accept what has happened to them. It has given them an option they didn't think they had.

Early start today.

Yawn ........ I was up early this morning to take Richard to work. He is doing well with the job. This is his third week working in the local fish factory. I came home and fell asleep on the sofa only to be woken at 7:30 with a little kiss on the cheek from Kieran.
Kieran and I are going on a christmas train tour today. He is looking forward to it.
Not sure how long we will stay there. We are out to his friends this afternoon. His friends mum, Helen, are going to a childrens carol service with the salvation army. She has invited Kieran and I along, sounds lovely.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Kieran's Birthday party

Kieran had a lovely time at his party today.

He had a game of bowling with his friends and had his 4th Birthday cake!
He had a birthday cake last night, one at school and another his teacher had bought for him.

600th post!!!

There have been 600 blogs since I started this website, that is a lot of talking!

Its what I do best : )

There has been more interest in the treatment I have had, mainly from sufferers. I hope they all get the results that I have recieved. I have taken it upon myself to find a treatment in the hope that it will be available in the UK to help others. It is going to be a battle with the department of health but I am prepared to fight. Mesothelioma sufferers need hope and this treatment maybe it.
Kieran has his birthday party today. He had a lovely day yesterday. We got him wii music and wii games show which he loves. He stayed with his dad last night and is looking forward to seeing his friends today.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Newspaper articles.

I have posted the links to the Evening Herald website which has 2 articles printed this week about my chemoembolization treatments.

BBC TV news 17th December 2008. Unfortunatley the BBC called Dr Vogl Josef, his name is Thomas and they got the procedure wrong. It isn't chemo imobilisation. At leats there is some publicity for the campaign. Link below:

Woo hoo.....Mistletoe season.

Heather, a great friend of the site has found a link for Mistletoe. The article says that it may help to kill off cancer cells while protecting good cells. Studies are being carried out in Australia who are miles ahead of the UK where Mesothelioma is concerned. I swear by Mistletoe and know that my injection twice a week have made a big difference to my results. If the link doesn't work, go onto the news item and scroll down to it, it is about the 4th story down.

The link is below.

Abba night

Yesterday was wonderful.
Kieran's carol service at school was brilliant, it was a joy to see the childrens work perfomed in the local church.
I went out to lunch with another 3 of my wonderful friends. Julie, Tina and Helen. We had a great time and it was good to see them before Christmas and celebrate my news with them.
In the evening it was the Abba night. My sister, Wendy, and I had hired costumes to go to to the night out. We had a wonderful time, we went with Becks, my work colleague, and her friend, Lyn, Wendy's future daughter in law Caroline and Kim, the mother of Wendy's grandaughter, Tyra-Leigh.

The only downfall was the toilets as it was a very expensive hotel and apparently, someone had decided to use the floor to pee on rather than the toilet, dirty girl. I did make it known we weren't happy with that as did a lot of other people. It didn't spoil our night though and once again, I celebrated my news.

Happy Birthday Kieran.
A very happy birthday to my little boy, Kieran who is 12 today. Rich, my other son, took him out for a meal in Mc Donalds last night which he enjoyed. He is stying home for a short while this morning as ITV are coming to my house to film . He is having a birthday party tomorrow with his friends.

Happy Birthday Kieran, have a great day, love mum x x x

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Remembering my Dad.

I went to the rememberance garden yesterday to leave some flowers for my dad. I went with Kieran and Richard, it got a little emotional , we wished him a happy birthday and told him to enjoy his day with my cousin, Robert.

I went out for a meal on Tuesday night with some very good and, I hate this word, old, friends of mine. We have known eachother for 22 years and have kept in touch although we don't see each other as much as we would like to. It was lovely to catch up and celebrate my great news with them.
Last night was the team night out from work. We went to Frankie and Benny's in the Warner village Plymouth. It was so brilliant, they are a great bunch of people and we had a wonderful Itime. The evening was finished off by a brave few who decided to take on the scary ride in the complex. It was stomach churning just watching the module take off and twist in the air. We heard some faint cries of anguish from the courageous ones that had gone on.
We had a really reat night.
I was going into the ITV studios this evening but that has all changed now. They ae coming over tomorrow morning to do some filming instead.
Kiera was looking forward to going in the studio, I am sure if I asked they would let him have a look around.
Today is his carol service at school. It has been an amazing year and long may it continue.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Happy Birthday Dad.

Happy Birthday to my lovely Dad who I still miss very much.
He would have been 71 today. I was wishing he was with me when I had the procedure last week, I just wanted him to hold me and tell me everything was going to be ok.
I am going to visit the cemetary when Kieran gets home from school and lay some flowers down for him.
Happy Birthday Dad,
You are forever in my thoughts and my heart.
I know you are near me every day.
Miss you so much.
Your Daughter, Debbie x x x

TV and papers.
Today has been busy as the BBC have been around to do a story for the local news.
I have had journalists calling and will be going into the local ITV studios tomorrow to ave an interview.
I am gong out with my work mates tonight for a meal and tomorrow I am out with my sister, Wendy to an Abba night.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Kieran's Christmas Carol.

I was so pleased to hear that I could see Kieran's play in school today. He performed it for his school on Friday and I was in Germany and missed it and that was upsetting, Kieran told me his teacher said I could go and see it today. It was wonderful, he played the part of Scrooge from Charles Dickens tale " a Christmas Carol" and he was brilliant.

Well done Kieran. I took my sick note into work after seeing my GP and informing him of my good news and got down to writing a few emails to try and get this procedure in the UK.

Great results from Germany

It has been an amazing few months. I returned from Germany on 14th December and have been given the best Christmas gift I could ever wish for.
I had my last procedure done on 12th December and Professor Vogl told me it had shrunk again....another 10%!
That is 53% gone now....and it didn't stop there!!
When Jeanette and I went to see him for the consultation later that day, he said that the tumour was dead....sorry Theo....thats a bit harsh.... I asked him if it wold come back and he said it may not.
I was overjoyed and am still elated by the news. I cannot take it in at the moment.
I said I wanted to get the procedure over to the UK and he said I would have a better chance of getting a rocket on the moon.....I love a I am looking for my rocket.
I cannot believe that Jeanette and I have finished our adventure ad we have got such a wonderful result. Jeanette has been a great support to me. She has done so much, leaving her family to support me.
I hope she knows that Iappreciate what she has done for me.
My next appointment will be in March for a scan. I will travel to Germany and see Professor Vogl who is following up on the progress. By then the tumour should be virtually gone....yay!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Back home, tired and very, very happy

I arrive home at round 7:45 pm, it was good to see Richard,Siobhan and the kittens. Kieran came home later as he had been staying with his friend while I was away.
I still can't believe the news....53% gone.....Partial remission and Theo may not come back.
He has emptied his cupborads and taken all his belongings with him. He obviously wanted to get settled before Christmas.....No problem there.
I still feel a little nauseaus and tired which is normal but so very happy.
I also had another great suprise...I can see Kieran's school play. He is doing it again tomorrow for the little children and I am going to see it.
I am getting a sick note as well that needs to go into work. Jeanette and her partner, Mark have been wonderful. Taking me to Bristol and back and Jeanette has been a true friend, she hasn't left my side through all this treatment.
She has given up so much for me and I really appreciate it. Thanks Jeanette.
Well..... I am off to bed now....all back to normal tomorrow, with one small difference....I have a furture to look forward to!!!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Great result today.

Jeanette and I were up early this morning for the appointment. I was a little weepy as Kieran was doing a play in school called the Christmas Carol and he was playing Ebaneezer Scrooge. I was gutted at missing it but knew I was doing the right thing. The procedure went very well and Professor Vogl told me another 10% had gone Woo hoo..... He said I was now in partial remission and we could say the tumour was dead. Theo must love it here and he has been enticed to stay longer by the Christmas enjoy it my son....I know I am!
We are staying over night tonight and tomorrow and will travel back on Sunday.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Much better day today.

Today has been a much better day.
I was quite depressed yesterday and seem to get like it just before a CT scan or treatment. The picture is of the dishes I came home to after work last night and were still there grinning at me this morning. I left them there and went out.

I went to Trago Mills in Newton Abbot with my sister, Wendy and my friend, Helen. It was wonderful.
We went on the Santa train which was wonderful, I pursuaded them to go on it and the trip was great.
We had a free mince pie and went into Santa's grotto. Santa's first words to us a s we pulled up in the train was "your not sitting on my lap". He was very generous though and did give us a little gift each. We had a packet of sweets each.
My sister, Wendy on the Santa Express at Newton Abbot. Helen and I on the Santa Express.

Me with Santa.
After that we went was wonderful. We found a quaint little sweet shop which sold all the sweets we remembered from long ago when we were all young.
I have a great day today I love my children to pieces and will miss them a lot when I go to Germany tomorrow. I really hope that I get a good result and can have more time with them. I just feel a little let down at the moment but then again, I suppose what is happening at home is normal for all families.
I did my mistletoe last night and will do my next lot on Saturday.
I don't think there will be a negative result. I am expecting around 5% change. Hopefully 5% less and bring the result to around 50%. I have bought some biscuits from Devon to give to the team and nurses as they are so wonderful. This is the last treatment as funds are very low.
I hope I get to have a chance to chat to Professor Vogl about what happens next as I am going into this completely blind, I have nothing to compare it to.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Hopefully a better day today.

I had a very stressful day yesterday and am hoping for a better one today. Theo was aching a little yesterday which I am sure is related to the stress. It's the little things that start it off. The dishes are still in the sink and I am on a protest now. I am refusing to do them. 
Theo was playing mind games as well. I was awake at 4:00am and thoughts were clouding my head about Theo and that he had grown. This is normal for me and probably for many others. I can't think of anything else but he has grown. I know he hasn't because I feel so well inside but that fear is lurking at every oncology appointment.
I eventually got to sleep for about an hour when Stork started his suckling on the pillow and Kieran came in for a cuddle.
I don't have to start work until 1:00pm today so hopefully it will be a little easier.
I am going up to Kieran's old school to say good bye to his headmaster as he is retiring.
He will be going to school a little later today,

Monday, 8 December 2008

Tired and cross

I was up early this morning to take Rich to work. I have done my shift for today and am so tired and cross. I came home to a sink full of dishes and a tub of ice cream on the work top. 
GGGggggrrrrrr ........... Things will be changing in the new year as enough is enough. I have a job  to support the family, Rich has just got his, Siobhan is at college and Kieran is at school. In the new year I will be having new rules. Every one will be responsible for their own mess. Siobhan and Rich are old enough to wash and dry their own clothes. I will do mine and Kieran's.
Ooohhh I feel really moany tonight. Work was very stressful with the new systems.
Well..... I am off until 1:00pm tomorrow as Kieran's headmaster at his old school is retiring and we are going to wish him all the best.

Another early start!

I was up at 5:30am this morning as Rich is working again today. He is off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which he is looking forward to. I have to do a 10 hour day and not sure how I will get on with that and the early start. He will be earning a wage and next week will have to sort himself out as I am in Germany but while I am here, I thnk I need to encourage him as he now has a job.
Well....I have to go and take him to work now...the kittens are running around after each other.
Siobhan and Kieran are tucked up nice and warm and fast asleep.....Thats were Rich and I should be : (

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Naughty Kitties!

I have included some pictures today of the kittens being naughty. Stork is trying to get the advent calendar open and Cookie just generally messing around with the table runner.

They went in the garden today, un supervised and have found their way home afterwards.

I feel so protective over them as I have had 3 cats knocked down by cars and that worries me.
They are so beautiful and I don't want to lose them.

Early start

I was up at 6:00am this morning. Rich has work and I said I would take him in. I must be crazy, the car was iced up and it was so cold. He seems to be doing well with his new job. He packs fish for the supermarkets. It is freshly caught and his job is to help with the gutting...yuk.... and packing and sealing it up ready to be transported to the shops. I don't know how long this job will last as it is quite a difficult one. The hours are early and it isn't close to where we live so he has to make the effort to get up and travel. I hope he makes a go of it, if something else comes along, at least he is working and they may look better than saying he has been out of work for over a year.
The kittens are crazy, as usual. Cookie is just naughty and Stork is a thief, he tries to steal the biscuits from the cat advent calendar.
I am back to work tomorrow and off to Germany again on Thursday.
It is going to be a busy week.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

3 days off....woo hoo

I am so tired today....I have done my 3 days at work and today has been tiring. We had new systems added to the computers and it has been difficult getting used to them as some of the applications don't stay open for long. I had some good news though....I won the community competition. We had to re- word the 12 days of Christmas song. It was called the 12 Daves of Christmas ( Dave is an application used by the employees to add comments about how the systems and procedures are going and any problems/comments can be added by employees).
My song was chosen as the best one.
It goes something like this....

On the 12 th day Christmas my true love sent to me....
12 Drummers roaming
11 Orange Dongles
10 Lords a texting
9 ladies texting
8 maids a calling
7 phones a ringing
6 Screens for saving
5 gold numbers
4 calling tunes
3 photo texts
2 true tone songs
and a game down loaded for free.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mistletoe tonight

i did the first day of rotation today. We all got Orange Christmas hats to decorate and little tasks to do up until Christmas. 
I came home absolutely shattered and Rich had some more good news. He got the job he applied for yesterday, in a fish factory and has also had a call for another job interview. He has the interview with B & Q tomorrow. He has to make a choice if he gets both jobs. Typical....out of work for 3 years and 2 jobs come along!!
I did my mistletoe jab this evening, 40 mg. I am so impressed with myself as the more I do the jabs, the easier they are getting and the less they hurt.
My sister is coming in tomorrow to help me out with the house work while I am out. Wendy, you are a

Monday, 1 December 2008

Breakfast and coffee morning....such a busy day!

I had breakfast with my some of my friends this morning and then went onto a coffee morning organised by Jackie Lowe and her family. It was good to see Jackie and her sister, Tracey, mum Jan, Julian, who is a solicitor, Carol Lamb and her daughter Kelly with her new baby boy. He is absolutely gorgeous and was enjoying all the attention he got.
One of my friends came with me and enjoyed the morning. I showed them my DVD that Gary and Kristy made and they loved it.
I dropped my friend home and picked up Richard as he has a job interview this afternoon....yay!!
He needed to get a new pair of trousers and I needed a few things. When we got back, Siobhan had gone out and silly me....I hadn't taken my key. I tracked her down, she had gone out for lunch with her boyfriend. Rich and I went out and got the key, we got back around 2:35pm.
We got home, had a quick bite to eat and waited for Kieran to get home.
I have got to sort out the washing as I am back to work tomorrow.
My sister has volunteered to help me out with the housework once a week....she is a star. She will be in on Wednesday and has strict orders not to touch the cat litter tray or the bedrooms as that is too much to ask. Just getting the basics done is the main thing.
I can't believe that I will be off to Germany next week for my final treatment. It has to be the final one as funds are very low.
I am looking forward to seeing Christmas in Frankfurt, I know Jeanette is too and I hope she is feeling better as she has been off sick.