Saturday, 31 January 2009

Appeal for anti nausea remedies

I have had an email from Helen who's friend has Mesothelioma. She has had the conventional Chemo and has quite bad nausea. I know how wonderful all the Meso mates are at finding info and how we all support each other, Helen has asked if anyone has any remedies that may help quell the symptoms, I have suggested flat coca cola and ginger but anything that may work is welcome.
Please email me at

And I will pass on the information.

Or email Helen directly at

Thanks for your help.

Great night last night.

I went out to the Matchroom which is a bar in Plympton, Plymouth with my friend, Julie and her friend, Tracey. We went to see the Pink Floyd tribute band who were really good. The band was amazing and even allowed us to take some pics after the gig.
I went back to Julie's after to sleep over, I felt like a teenager.... : )
I am taking my mistletoe tonight and have gone back to work today.
I had a bit of a head ache this morning, due to the night before!!

The Guy in the picture above is the saxophone player for the band, my friend, Julie, mentioned my situation and this guy asked if he could pray for me, I was in floods of tears as there are people out there who don't even know me who will still have faith in praying and for a stranger. I thought it was a wonderful thing to do.

I have applied for a different job where I work and hope I stand a good chance of getting it.

I have also booked my 50th birthday party venue. it is the week before my birthday as the venue was booked. It doesn't matter as I want to celebrate something I didn't think I would be around for.
It's all happening !!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

A tribute to Nicky

It is great sadness that I add Nicky's picture here.
I met Nicky at the Mesothelioma UK meeting in October last year where she heard about my success with chemoembolization.

She had contacted me afterwards about the treatment and unfortunately, never got to see if it would work.

My condolences are passed on to all of her family as her loss will be painful I am sure.

It is for people like Nicky that make me want the campaign to highlight what is happening in this country with Mesothelioma and how little treatment is in the UK.
Mesothelioma is a cruel disease that should never have happened, Nicky and many like her, should still be here.

I know I can say from everyone who supports Mesothelioma and me that we are here for Nicky's family and feel for you at your loss of a very courageous and wonderful lady.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Good day at the office.

Well it has been a fabulous day today.

We made between £600 and £700 for Steph's fund.

I was off the phones all day sorting out the raffles and generaly helping out with the days events.

I wore purple wings but they were sold to someone who wanted them for a little girl.The wig is being sold as well for a donation.

I love dressing would never know!!!!

I can't wait for the next event.

The local paper came over to take some pics. I am not sure when they are going in the paper.

I will pop out and see Ali and Steph tomorrow and let them know the good news.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Mistletoe tonight

I have done my 40mg of Mistletoe this evening. I need to ask my GP for some more syringes as I have got very low on them.

I am excited about Tuesday as we will be doing more fund raising for Steph. I will be dressing up as a fairy....I have a pink wig and purple wings...lovely!!!

Steph is doing very well and has been told by Professor Vogl that he can remove all the tumours.

He is such a wonderful man.

Poor Andy was very brave at work today, he went into work Mowhawkless and I am going to look forward to his new design when it grows.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Well done Andy

The fund raiser last night was wonderful.

We had some good talent who came along and we had Disney characters.

Andy shaved off his hair and waxed his legs.
Poor boy had to suffer the humiliation of letting anyone who would pay £2:00 do the waxing...with someone guiding them of course......his friend, Rich then offered to do it and collected around £100!

I went back to my friend, Barbs place afterwards and stayed chatting until 2:00am!!

I was quite tired today...surprise,surpise.
We raised £489 and that is without Andy's sponsored head shave, Charlotte's sponsored silence and Dee's raffle tickets.
Altogether it should be around £1,100!!
Amazing that is.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Thank you Julie

My friend Jule has been baking all day.
She has made some of her melt in the mouth biccies for me to sell in work.
I spent most of the day with her, popping out to the shop to get a few bits, chatting about our families and having a generally chill out day.
I have not been feeling all that grand today, my joints have been aching and I fell asleep on the sofa when I got home.
I must have needed it. I feel a lot better now.
The Mistletoe gives the flu symptoms when it is busy working and it also shows me that it is working.
I need to speak to Dr Maria at Park Attwood soon as I am due a phone consultation.
I am looking forward to tomorrow and hope it turns out to be a wonderful evening.

Royal Television Society awards 5th February

Good luck to Claire, Nick and the guys

The five students who made a documentary in 2007 are nominated for an award.
The documentary featured yours truly talking about Meso and how it has affected my family and myself.
It is called "Me and Theo".

I hope they do really well with it.
It is taking place on 5th February 2009.
I will update when I have more info.

3 days off

Woo hoo Steph's do is on the horizon and I really hope we get a good turn out for her.
Orange call centre colleagues have been great. We have a day of fun on 27th in support of Steph and the whole centre is involved.

I am sure it will be great.

I am hoping that Steph's fund raiser on Friday will be a good one.
Dee is getting a litle stressed as she has worked so hard to get the artists togeher and raising awareness, I really do hope it al comes together for her.

I am feeling a little achy today. I did my mistletoe on Tuesday and it does give flu like symptoms when it is working so it is all good.

Good luck to Steph for Friday....she is having her first treatment.

I had a lovely email from Professor Vogl who actually thanked me for my assistance!!!

It was for sending Meso patients to him, this is all good for his stats and hopefully, he can get this in the British Medical Journal.
There will be a lot of results from Meso mates next month as they will be returning for second treatments.

Watch This space : )

The petition is going well.....720 signatures now.
Angela is another lady who has worked hard at getting the awareness out there. My phone is s hot lately...I love it and hope that all these people get the results I have had.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Working again today

So much will be happening in work for Steph's fund raiser. Ornage and my colleagues are very supportive of the cause. One of my collegues is shaving of his hair, he has the most woderful mowhawks and the colours and designs through it are always changing. He has very kindly said he would cut it back as short as possible for Steph. We will aslo be having a sponsored silence which will take place on my collegues day off.
There will be a day or half a day a given as a prize. We will also be dressing up, all this is happening on the 27th Jan.

I am really looking forward to it and can see that there are some wonderful people in the world who will help out someone in need when it comes to the crunch.
Thank you Orange and I know that Steph appreciates it too.

Rich is still out of work. He has applied for a couple of jobs but not heard anything.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Good luck to Ali and Steph.

I went out to see my friend, Helen, today and Kieran spent some time with his friend.
I then dropped Kieran back home and went out to see Ali, Steph was resting.
I picked up the raffle prizes that have been donated and I have to say, I am so impressed with the support Steph has got, much of it from strangers.
I am looking forward to Friday and hope all goes well with Steph's treatment.
I know that everyone who turns up on the night will be wishing her well.
Siobhan's poster looks wonderful and Dee has been really bus organising the entertainment and selling raffle tickets.

I am back to work tomorrow till Wednesday.
I have been feeling a little more tired this week but that could be to do with my age and that I have a 12 year old and 2 kittens wanting my attention in the mornings.
Isn't life grand : )

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Lazy day today

It has been a chill out day today.
The children and I have stayed home all day and relaxed. Not often that happens these days.
I will be seeing Steph and Ali tomorrow as I will be picking up raffle prizes fro them for Friday as they will be off to Germany next week.

I will be doing my Mistletoe tonight.
The online petition has 591 signatures now. That is so good considering it hasn't been online that long. My oncologist has sent my medical details to Dr Steele and I am waiting to hear from him.

I am off work tomorrow and back on Monday.

I am looking forward to Friday as it should be a good night....... lets hope so.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Grand total for first treatment.

Steph's total now stands at


She will be having her treatment on Wednesday and I truly hope it works for her.
When she returns for the second treatment, she will know if the first one is going to work.

It's official!!

I have had a letter from Kieran's school Dr and she has told me that Kieran, officially, has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.

He has had the Autistic Spectrum Disorder label since 2002 but needed the other label as it is going to help when he leaves school.
It is unfortunate but he will get the support he needs in the big wide world with the diagnosis.

It is one less thing to have to fight for.

The online petition is going well.
Over 500 signatures and still rising.

All is good at the moment, I still have to pinch myself as I feel I have had a Dallas moment.
I find it so hard to believe that the last 2 years have been so negative and it does feel like it was a dream. It is such a wonderful feeling and I know a lot more people will be in my position in a few months time.
Quite a few Meso mates are returning to see Prof Vogl in February and will get their results of the first treatment.
Hopefully, like Jenna, it will be good news!!

Steph's first treatment

Steph wll be having her firs treatment next week. She will be seeing the Professor on 23rd Jan(yes!!! her fund raising day) and will have her first treatment.
People have been amazing with donations and the evening will still go ahead, wishing her well in her fight to live.
Orange call centre colleagues are having a fund raising eventalso and it was decided that the whole call centre would become involved and not just my team.
I am thrilled with that as it will be run over 6 days so all can become involved.

I am still wondering if the last 2 years was a dream? I cannot believ what has happened in less than a year and will hopefully help a lot of other people have the same result.

The petition is going very well with well over 500 signitures now.

I am 3 days off now and will be busy with Steph's night which has come together very well, thanks to Dee Ferguson for pulling out all the stops and geting some local talent to give their services for free.
We are still looking for raffle prizes and I will try and get some today.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Siobhan's wonderful poster!

Siobhan, my clever daughter, has designed a poster for Steph's fund raising night and it is amazing. She has done a very good job of it.

Steph's total so far :


Steph will be booking her trip soon I am sure and I know that a lot of people are wishing her well.
The petition has generated 524 sinatures so far and has only been up a week!!
I will be doing my mistletoe jab tonight and have my last day of rotation tomorrow. I will be organising fun in work to raise cash for Steph's treatment.
We will be doing it on the 21st Jan and will be having a dress up day.....I can't wait!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

back to work today

I started my next installment of work today. 3 days in and 3 days off.
I felt tired today, probably to do with me enjoying myself last night.
I did my mistletoe Sunday night and another lot tonight.
Siobhan has made the poster for Steph's night and it is lovely.
She has done a great job and I hope that Steph and Ali like it.

Steph's total is now at :


We will be discussing what we are doing in work tomorrow.
We have a couple of raffles donated and will put out a mail for more to be donated.
It will take place on 21st Jan , 2 days before Steph's do.


The petition now has 501 signitures and is still risng.
Well done Angela, your work has paid off!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Oh what a night!!!!

I met up with Dave and his wife this evening and have to say it was wonderful.....I am a little worse for wear
I had a long chat about Meso and our mutual friends ......Omar and Theo.

It was lovely to meet Dave and his wife and swap funny stories.

One of the funniest was Dave telling me about some poor naive idiot who went on stage in a bar in Bangkok with a stripper and put on roller skates after his clothes had been removed....he was directed to double doors. These double doors led to........the street.....silly fool!!!

It has been brilliant and I will take them up on their offer of staying with them.
Steph's total
Well done guys....keep it going.
Steph will be going to Germany!!

Out to meet a Meso mate!

I am going out tonight to meet Dave who also has Mesothelioma.
We met at the meeting in Leeds last year and as he is passing through Plymouth, he asked if we could meet up.
I am looking forward to and hope that, one day, he gets the hope and joy that I have received in less than a year.

I haven't heard from Ali and Steph today so I haven't got an update for the total.

I am back to work tomorrow and will get to work on organising the events in there.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Steph's total

The planning for Steph's fund raising night is going well.
Siobhan is designing the poster, Dee has round up some talented people to perform and we have deciced to charge a £2:00 entrance fee on the night.

Steph's new total is :


And is still rising.

It is looking really good at the moment and we are still looking for raffle prizes.

The online petition has 429 signitures so far!!

It is going very well also.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Steph's total

The latest total for Step's treatment is :


Well done Steph and Ali.

Well done Jenna

Jenna had her chemoembolization treatment in December and has just returned from her second treatment. Her tumour has shrunk by 10%!!
I am so pleased for her and hope it continues to shrink.
I have had a very, very lazy day today. I fell sleep on the sofa with one of the kittens. I am off tomorrow and Monday and back to work on Tuesday.
I am still feeling very pleased with my oncologists statement yesterday and cannot believe that my life has had a complete turn around, To see someone else getting the same results is even more of a reward. It is wonderful.
Dee has been busy with organising Steph's fund raising evening and I am on the trail for the Orange fund raising day.
The links below are the media shorts detailing Steph's plight.


Plymouth Sound Radio

Local newspaper (Evening Herald)

Friday, 9 January 2009

Great news from my oncologist.

I had an oncology appointment this morning and he has told me....he doesn't want to see me anymore!!!!
I am so thrilled, he said he is pleased for me that the treatment has worked and that Professor Vogl was a very honest man.
All I need now is to hear that people who are now going for the treatment get the same result and that it works for Stephanie too.

I am off tomorrow for 3 days and going to enjoy spending it with my children.

Steph's total is now at :


And still climbing.
I really hope it happens for her.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oncologists tomorrow

I have an oncology appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30.
I will let my oncologist know the good news from Frankfurt and about all the publicity being generated about the treatment.
I took my mistletoe last night and am waiting for the next batch of viles to be sent from the phamacy, it has to come from Germany so takes around 2 weeks to get through, could have picked it up myself : )
That little package costs £240...... and is worth every penny.
The online petition for the treatment isgoing well. Angela put it a a couple days ago and 337 eople have signed it so far.
The link is :

Angela has also been busy emailing newspapers and MP's and has managed to get an article in the Rochdale online. have been so great....I have been at work and not been available to do this at present but she has really worked hard. Thank you Angela.
Steph's camapaign is going well and my work colleagues are wonderful, they are so excited about doing something for her.
Even Andy, a lovely guy with a beautiful mowhawk has volunteered to shave it off !!! This is his pride and joy and it is a treat to look at as he has different designs cut into it so this is very special.
Dee, another colleague, has been so busy organising the artists for the evening, and my daughter is going to design the poster for the event.

What can I are wonderful and thank you. We will make it a great day.

Travel insurance

While looking for something on the number 10 sute, Dave came across this petition. It is for the goverment to look into the high cost of travel insurance for cancer patients.

It is one of the most asked questions when cancer patients travel.
It is so expensive for some people as some travel companies ask for £1000 or more for insurance.

Plymouth sound radio

I have a feature on Plymouth sound radio concerning the chemoembolization treatments.

To listen click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.

I have had some success at work. My colleagues have taken the idea and are running with it.

I have some more to do but I am sure we can help with Steph's fund.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Steph's appeal up date

Steph's appeal has gone into the local paper today.

The total now stands at :


It is also on local BBC TV today and I will post a link when I find it.
I am ff to work now and will get the team mates involved with fund raising which I am sure they will help with.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

E petition on number 10 website.

Angela has been in contact with me for a few weeks as her dad as Mesotheloma. She has been very busy and has got an E-petition on the number 10 website.

The petition is to get the Chemoembolization treatment trialled in the UK in the hope of getting it as an official treatment for Meso sufferers.
Thanks Angela......your a star.

I am adding the link below.

Please feel free to link on and add your support to the campaign.

Ali and Steph are doing well with their fund raising, their total is :
I met them today after talking to them through email and phone calls. I have to say they are a wonderful couple and I hope this all works out for Steph. She has had such a hard fight and she needs a break and hopefully Germany may be it.
I went to meet Steph and Ali this evening as BBC TV wanted to interview both of us about Steph's fund raising event.
It will be on Local TV tomorrow and will hopefully pull in more support for her.
She is also being featured on local radio on Thursday and the local paper should be doing something for her as well.

Good morning

The fund rainign event is going well thanks to my friend, Dee. She has been amazing, ringing people who will perform and generally doing a spiffing job!!!

Steph's total is now £1,475.08 and still climbing.

Anyone who would like to donate can do so through paypal link above, if you don't have paypal, I am sure we can find another way of doing it

I will add more info when I have it.

Monday, 5 January 2009

My Challenge

I have had Alopecia for 4-5 years now and recently my hair has started growing back.

I have set myself a challenge. To let my hair grow back and not chop it off as I have quite a lot now.

This picture is a starting point.
I am going to take a picture once a month to help with my challenge.

It is going to be difficult as I can't stand it under the wigs but I am determined to do it.
Steph's total is now £1,395.10 and still climbing.
To make a donation, click on the link below.
Thank you in anticipation of your help.

Kieran back to school.

It is Kieran's first day back to schol after the Christmas break. He is looking forward to seeing his friends and telling them all about his Christmas.
He asked me this morning if he could go out to the bus on his own, I checked with the escort and it seems to be ok. I will be watching him get on his bus, he wants t do it as he says he is 12 now. It is lovely that he wants to be independant but I still have the pangs of my little one leaving the nest and being safe.
I am going to let him do it as he has asked and am proud of him wanting a little more independance as it is difficult enough for a man stream child, Kieran's autisim makes it harder.

Steph's total is now £1,395.10 and still climbing.
To make a donation, click on the link below.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Steph's fundraising for treatment

I have become friends with a couple in Plymouth, Steph and Ali. Steph has bone and liver cancer and is desperate to get to Germany to see Professor Vogl. This may give her extra time. She doesn't have the money for the treatment and is having a fundraising drive to raise around £5000 -£6000. This isn't just for the treatment, this is for the flights and hotel stay while they are in Frankfurt.
More information can be found in the link below. If you feel you would like to donate, it can be done through this link and the payment is secure as it is with Pay pal.

I am also adding some details written by Ali.

"As you may of read back in October, Steph won the fight for Avastin. Unfortunately Steph was only able to have a few infusions as she then became very ill with ischemic colitis. Since 24th Oct 08, Steph has been in and out of Brent Ward, Stonehouse ward and St Lukes hospice.

After speaking with Steph's oncologist yesterday, we now know the prognosis, because of the bone and liver cancer, there is about 5 months of Steph's life remaining, and that's on treatment!

After lots of contact with a lady who is being treated by a Prof. Dr. Thomas Vogl in Germany. He thinks he can give Steph better treatment to prolong her life and not just give her quality of life.

Chemoperfusion is something that is not on offer her in the UK.So this Chemoperfusion will cost about 4000 euros per treatment and i believe Prof Vogl wants to try 3 sessions.Bearing in mind Steph is very poorly, she needs this asap.

Why am i telling you? Because she needs to raise the money.

Can you, your family, friends help? Can you be Steph's sponsor?Thank you for taking the time to read Steph's story, again and please,pass this on".

Good luck Steph and Ali, I hope you make your target and get to Germany.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

3 days off!!!

I have finished my shift for 3 days....yay !!!
It has been a busy 3 days, mainly registering SIM cards from phones people had as Christmas presents.
I took some sweets into work for my team as we are all feeling the winter blues. We have colds, coughs and sneezes all around the team so the sweets will hopefully cheer everyone up a little.
I am still busy answering emails which is wonderful. Another person is off to Germany in a weeks time. It is so exciting in the way that they will get the result that I got.
Professor Vogl is wonderful doesn't see the disease, he sees the person. That makes a big difference to the patient.
A lot of people wanted to know about patient rights. I always direct them to a website which inspired me to do mine. Karen has non Hodgkin's lymphoma and is a very courageous lady. Her website details patients rights.
The website address is :

Karen also has a diary on the site and has been writing it since 2002.
I am having a quiet day tomorrow and Monday I am out for breakfast with Friends.
All back to normal now. Next venture is the meeting in Gateshead in February for action Mesothelioma day.

Back to work

I returned to work yesterday after the Christmas break. I didn't want to go back but it was good to see my team mates It was ok and I got through the day without coughing and spluttering too much.
I am working today and then off for 3 days. I have my oncology appoitment at Nuffield Hospital on Friday. It should be an interesting one, the tumour has probably got smaller but as I haven't had a CT scan done, I won't know how much it has shrunk.
I want to talk to my oncologist about moving foreward and getting ths treatment trialed in the UK.
I am injecting my Mistletoe this evening. I am sure it is why I feel so well and have coped well with this flu I have.
Angie, a new friend, has been busy contacting MPs and Lords, she has done well and we will both be following up the responses she got.
Well.....I am off to get ready for work. Happy new year, 2009 is, hopefully, going to be a good year.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009, the first of many wonderful days to come.

This is a picture of Siobhan, Richard and I at midnight. The children and we had a wonderful time. We played on the Wii , games like Mario cart and rabid rabbit.....yes I know......I don't know much about them either!!

The children then played with the singstar kareoke and ....well.......what can I say..... It wasn't always good!

We did have a good tme and the fancy dress was brilliant.
The theme was fictional detectives and it went down very well.

Kieran made a really good Sherlock Holmes.
He looked the part in his cape and hat. I couldn't get a deer stalker hat so he had a top up which still looked good.

Richard was Columbo, he looked good in his outfit.
We scoured the cha
rity shops and managed to find an outfit for him.

I was Mrs Bradley (Mrs Bradley mysteries with Diana Rigg) The picture is a little blurred but you get the idea.

I didn't want to be Miss Marple!

Siobhan and her boyfriend were anime characters. I can't remeber their names but they got involved and we all enjoyed it.

Then came the rock band!!!!
They put on a dragon force tune and rocked out to it.

Siobhan looked so good as the singer, Richard had the pained look of a bassist and Seddon was the spirit of Animal from the muppets.