Sunday, 29 November 2009

Hello Lacey-Mae.

Lacey Mae, the latest addition to our family.

It has been a busy week, hence why the blog hasn't been updated, I have now finished the radio therapy treatments, I have been told that the symptoms will be at their worst in 2 weeks time. I am going to see my GP next week as I need to get another note for work. I have lost pay because I haven't been to work o that needs to be looked into as well...another little chore before christmas!
I have been to see my little great niece, Lacey Mae, she is beautiful. My niece, Rochelle, Lacey Mae's mum, has had a difficult time with families but hoping all is well now.

I went out with Tina and Carolyn on Friday night to see UK Subs, a pounk rock group from long ago and far away, I didn't get to see them as I was feeling sickie. I left with Carolyn and went back to hers for a chat and then went home. Once the RT is out of the system, it should be better.

Tomorrow is Steph's funeral, it will be a difficult day for Ali, I will be going and paying my respects. I was very flattered to be asked to go as the funeral is family only. Siobhan is going to put Kieran on his bus in the morning so I can get over to meet every one.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Congratulations and Welcome little one.

My niece Rochelle gave birth to a beautiful little girl yesterday afternoon, weighing in at 5lb 14oz. Lacey Mae was born by cesarian section.
Her and her mother are doing well. I went up to see my niece today, didn't see the baby as it was lunch time.

I took my cat to the vets this evening, it appears that he has been scrapping with the neighbourhood cats and has been bitten on his back paw. He is asleep now and has some tablets to take.
I think the radio therapy is starting to take affect, I have been sick tonight and feel very tired. I am going to let Gina take me to hospital tomorrow and Friday, she has been nagging me for days : )
2 more days of radio therapy left, it has been difficult getting up to the hospital eveyday but it will hopefully be worth while. Some people have been going for 6 weeks, 8 weeks, I feel lucky to have 3 weeks. One poor lady is so burnt, it looks really painful. I haven't got any burns yet.

Steph's celebration day is coming together, it will be at the River dart country club. 1pm till 6pm on Friday 4th December. She and Ali camped there and it was a very special place that Steph enjoyed. It seems right that she is celebrated there.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Stephanie Chouette,

Today is a sad day, it is a day I never wanted to arrive but knew it had to at some point.
Steph Chouette passed away peacefully yesterday after an admirable fight against breast cancer.
She was 36 years old, too young to leave her family and all who love her.
Today's blog is dedicated to Steph and all who love her.
From all at Meso and me, we send our heart felt condolences to her family and those close to her, especially Ali and Sam and of course, Sasha, Steph's beautiful dog who was always by her side.

There is a beautiful angel in heaven now, no more pain and suffering, just a void where a beautiful little french girl should be.

Goodbye Steph, it was an absolute honour to have had the privilege to have met you and seen that beautiful smile and wicked humour. You will be missed very much x x x x

Friday, 20 November 2009

Strange and busy time.

It has been a strange day today. I picked my sister up this morning and took her to the hospital as her daughter, my niece, Rochelle is about to have her first baby.
I saw Steph and Ali yesterday and poor Steph is so poorly. Ali is beside herself, I have told her I am here for her if need be.
I had my radio therapy today and saw Dr D, he examined my lymph in the right groin and said he didn't think I needed the biopsy after all as he could't find anything.
Obviously the German Dr was wrong and I have no need to go to Berlin for treatment.
I got rid of the rest of the card board boxes and polystyrene at the recycling centre.

I don't know what the weekend holds but I am ready to help out in what ever situation occurs. I think of Ali and Steph every day.

Kieran has had a wonderful week at school. He is in a different class now and seems a lot happier. Only problem I have is that the head mistress seems to credit herself with the success. Wrong Mrs!!! you were failing him!
He made a lovely bandana for children in need and was very pleased to have won the play station challenge.
It is so good to see the happy Kieran back. He is with his dad tonight.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Very busy today

Mystery pants????
Kieran and I waiting for Siobhan's train to come in from London.

I had my radio therapy treatment today, I went on my own as Gina wasn't feeling well. all went well, not a lot can happen with a great big machine grinning at you.
I came home and waited for some furniture to be delivered. I had a nap before Kieran came home from school and said he had a good day. The boy is still goading him in the dinner line but the teachers seem to have it under control. He seems fixated with Kieran.

We went out to see Ali and Steph, Steph is so poorly, Ali needed some shopping. Kieran played on a computer game with Ali's son while I got the shopping. I had a coffee and a chat with Ali and then went to the station to meet Siobhan.
We brought her and her boyfriend home and settled down for the night. More radio therapy tomorrow. I am feeling a little tired and nausea's which goes with the treatment I suppose.

While sorting throught the washing, I found some mystery pants. I don't know who they belong to??? I have asked my ex, they are not his..... strange, not sure if the last occupant of the house left them here. They are clean as I have washed them, How strange! Somehow I don't think I will be keeping them.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Side affects are on their way!!!

I got rid of some card board boxes today before going to hospital for another bout of radio therapy.
I went for lunch after at my friend, Carolyn's to celebrate Julie's, another friends, birthday. Gina took me to hospital and came to lunch as well.
I felt so tired and by the time I got home I had been sick and flaked out on the sofa. Kieran's dad came over to see him.
I have more rubbish to get rid of tomorrow and another blast of radio therapy. I have some furniture being delivered in the afternoon. i am going to try and rest when I get home before Kieran gets back from school.
Siobhan will be back tomorrow as she has been away to London with her college friends.
It is so quiet with just Kieran and I.
The kittens will be happy on Friday, they have been shut in since we got here and are hoping that when they go out, they will find their way home. We have a large field beside the house and hope that this keeps Cookie occupied, Stork is a little less adventurous and will stay close to home.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Radio therapy week again.

The weekend has been busy, Kieran didn't go to school on Friday, he went to his dad's over night on Saturday. Siobhan was getting ready to travel to London today with her college pals.
She will be back on Wednesday.
I took Kieran to school this morning as I wanted to speak to the head mistress about all that had been happening.
He started in a new class today and came home this afternoon saying it went well and he enjoyed it. He said the boy who had been terrorising was insistant he gets into the right class, he has more problems than Kieran and doesn't understand why he has moved class. His focus has been removed so hopefully he will now leave Kieran alone.
I then went to Radio therapy, I went on my own and was ok. after that I went into town to get some furniture for the lounge and a sofa bed for the conservatory.
James the magnificent arrived around 4:30pm to fix up the oven and dishwasher. Just got to sort out the tumble dryer and sort out the rest of the boxes and we will be settled in our new home.
It is so strange to pass the street we did live in and not park up. I hope the young couple love it as much as we did.
Radio therapy again tomorrow, this will be every day till Friday and next week the same. My GP has given me another 3 weeks off work. I will see what happens with the lymph, dependant on that is when I return to work.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Great night out.

Debbie S and I last night

I went out last night with my friend Chrissie. I was feeling quite tired and said I would come out to eat but would go home early as I felt tired, Well....little did I know what Chrissie had done!
We had our meal and were chatting when she said the taxis are here, We all went outside to be greeted with a large pink limo with a dancing pole in the middle of it!
She had decided that all her friends needed a treat and booked it, it was great, I got home at 2:00am, so much for being tired!!

I met up with Debbie who also has Mesothelioma, she was looking really well and we caught up on our hospital tales.

Today was a quiet day, Kieran was with his dad, Siobhan and I went out to get a few bits for the house and went for some lunch.

I am taking Kieran to school tomorrow as Thursday he arrived home in tears after being told he does not deserve Chrstmas and hurts his cats by the same boy who has been terrorising him since the beginning of September.
I also have radio therapy and a Dr's appointment to get another sick note. Some days it is just impossible to rest!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Welcome little one x

Congratulations to Pat and family on the birth of little Anthony in Spain.
I stayed with Pat a few weeks ago and didn't stay at her house as she was worried about having to dash off to Spain for the birth of her daughter, Natalie's little baby. We need not have worried, he arrived safely.

I had some good news as well, I saw my oncologist and the lymph in the right groin area is not malignant. Professor Vogl told me he thought it would be negative. Seems it is probably to do with the operation performed there 6 times by Prof Vogl.

Mt first week of radio therapy is over. It all starts again next week. I have to go into school first as Kieran cam home in tears yesterday. The boy that has been on at him for weeks told him he wouldn't have any Christmas presents as he was so bad, he slapped me and he hurt his cats. He was so upset, I got straight on the phone and told them he would not be in school tomorrow. He is going in a different class on Monday so I hope he will be a lot happier.
I will be speaking to the deputy head on Monday before Kieran goes into class. I expect something to be done, if not, I will be taking it further. I want my happy little boy back.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Silly Deb day!!!

I went for radio therapy early this morning, the appointment was for 8:30am. All went well. Gina, my friend came with me today. After the radio therapy we went for a coffee up stairs in oncology at the mustard tree which is run by McMillan.
We then met Steph and Ali. Steph was supposed to be having chemotherapy today but her blood was too low. She had a 10:30 appointment to have medication to strengthen her bones. Ali went off to the fracture clinic as she broke her wrist/arm a few weeks ago so Gina and Istayed with Steph. The reception staff at the oncology department were so rude. they didn't seem to have any time for this very ill lady who I felt was being punished for being in oncology.
Ali came back at around 12:30 - 1:00pm and asked if Steph had had anything to eat. Gina and I told her we had not seen any tea/lunch trolly. Ali was angry , we felt terrible as this poor lady had been in the hospital since 9:30am and if she didn't have her own water, she would not have had anything to drink.
As far as I know Ali kicked up a storm, good on you girl, it is appalling to leave someone with nothing to eat for that long when they are so very ill.

I got home around 1:30 and went to Curry's to get an oven and a tumble dryer, I only went and bought another dishwasher.... stupid person!!!
I will have to go back tomorrow and sort it all out.
James the magnificent has said he will fix the oven up for us.
More radio therapy at lunch time so my friend, Anne and I will have an early lunch and hopefully get that dish washer exchanged for a tumble dryer!!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Biopsy day!!

Kieran went off to school happily today. He is trying a school meal today, jacket potato and cheese. This is good for him, he is very particular about his food.
My friend, Julie picked me up to go to the hospital this morning, before she arrived, I thought I would be clever and try and dry some clothes in my dryer, damn thing kicked out all the sockets in the house..... I made that call....JAMES!!! He arrived later on in the day and got it all working, dopey me forget to un click it all from the consumer box!

Julie and I got to the radio therapy department and I went in right away for the treatment.
We then went to the hospital across road for the biopsy.
I changed into the lovely hospital clothes, and did another fashion show, as you do : )

I went in the room and met the Dr who was very nice.
He explained what he was going to do.
The nurse who is usually there gets all he needs but she was away so it was left to a different nurse who ran around gathering what was needed.
Eventually the time came to do it. I had the ultra sound done and the Dr explained that although it looked big on the screen , it was quite small. I explained that this is where Prof Vogl did the treatment, he said that may explain why it is a little larger than it should be as it is doing what it should be doing. I got a little nervous when the word BLADE was mentioned but I needn't of worried, I didn't feel anything. The Dr numbed the area and then cut the skin. He put in the probe, Julie and I watched on the screen as it was passed into the lymph. I felt a "pop" feeling as it entered. He took the sample and said it was a good one but did I mind if he did it again, I told him I was already here and I was ok with him doing it again as I wanted to know once and for all what was going on with the lymph and satisfy myself that the German Dr I saw was wrong when he said it was Mesothelioma seeding.
I think Julie was surprised that I went through it again.
I have now got to rest for 24 hours. I am going to try and do it.

I pottered around at home, James fixed the electrics, the furniture arrived and the removal guys came to get their boxes.
Cookie the kitten has made herself very comfy on the new sofa, It is starting to feel like a home now. We still have some boxes to sort out but it will be done little by little.
Tomorrow I have radio therapy at 8:30am. Kieran is staying with his dad tonight.
I have a lovely new gown to where as the other one had faulty poppers.
More pictures to come : )

Pop goes the electrics!!!!

I put the tumble dryer on this morning as James the magnificent had fixed the washing machine and I did my first load in my new house.
"POP" , all sockets in the house are out!!!
I rang James this morning and he is making his way out to fix it. He is wonderful.
I will be having the furniture delivered this afternoon.
This morning though, its the biopsy!!! Radio therapy either before or after.
Siobhan is off to college and Kieran is off th school, Rich is still not home.
Tina came round with her partner, Lee yesterday and gave me a moving in pressy, a christmas turkey!! he is great, sings jingle bells while making a turkey sound.
I will post a pick or vid of him when I have more time.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Start radio therapy today

I had my first treatment of radio therapy today. It was very easy, I don't think there will be any side affects this week. I had a beautiful hospital gown/top to wear..... ok if you like hospital wear.
I have to take it with me every day.
I have a biopsy tomorrow and my second treatment. Not sure what order yet, thank goodness for good friends though, they have been wonderful. Gina took me to hospital today and julie tomorrow.
Gina and I went to Curry's and purchased a new fridge and dishwasher. Just got to get an oven now. James my lovely handy man came to the house and fixed up the washing machine and put on some new sockets. He is so kind. I rang him this morning and he was there late into the evening fixing it all.
He will be back as he is fixing my oven up when I get it.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Stress , stress, stress!!!

Rich and Kieran helping unload the boxes and move furniture.

It has been a very tiring stressful time. I didn't realise just how much there was to do.
Rich has been playing up again. He came home this evening after being away for 2 days with no contact. He walked out on Friday after he was rude and arrogant to me and my friends.
Such a shame as I would have loved for us to all be together in our new house.
I told him again to get a job, he says he has one but no one has contacted him yet as to when he starts.
I told him if he carried on with his attitude, he was welcome to find somewhere else to live if he didn't like my rules. He decided to leave, Kieran was very upset.
I am very stressed which doesn't help, I have enough going on without him and his computer game all day.
He did well with helping carry the boxes in on Friday but when it came to unpacking and everything else, he changed.
I still have such a lot to do, furniture is arriving Tuesday, I also have to get a fridge, dish washer, oven and sort out the washing machine as the sockets that it is plugged into is right beside the water waste pipe for the machine!!
Tomorrow I start Radio therapy. 3 weeks of it, I am hoping it helps the lymph.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

so busy!!!!

We have had our first day in the new house and we have been unpacking our belongings. Rich disappeared last night after he felt nagged about doing chores. He was probably unhappy that him and his buddies didn't get a curry and beers because he had ragged his heels a lot of the time. I told him to tell them they were not needed as if they all worked his pace, what was the point, he was also playing up and swearing at my friends who had been so helpful was the last straw. He has not come home yet and doesn't seem to realise, he does not have a key to get in the new house..... oh dear!

Siobhan and her boyfirend, Kieran and I went out to lunch as I knew if we stayed home, I would let my meal/drink fester and I would not get it. I had a call at the end of the meal to say that Virgin Media had turned up to sort out the phone/broadband system.
We got home and he called back about 10 mins later, all sorted.

I got my lovely car in her garage yesterday only to get a dirty great scratch on her when I drove her out. As I don't use a garage, this is a learning process.
Poor Halo, my car, will now have to get her door sorted.
The electrics in the house are a little concern, sos much so the Kieran is in my room tonight and I am in his. A lot of the electrical switches are stuck due to paint and the washing machine has the water outlet right beside the plug!!!
We will certainly be getting that looked into ASAP.

Friday, 6 November 2009

That day has arrived.....

My friends Julie and Carolyn who dressed as Char ladies to help with the cleaning, it was a great surprise to see them dressed like that.

... It is 6:18 am and I am wide awake. The day we have been getting ready for has arrived. We are moving into Number 14 today, Good bye Number 24.
We still, have a few things to pack, The majority was packed yesterday. We are alll sleeping on mattresses at the moment. I have some furniture being delivered on Tuesday and am going to get a new fridge, dishwasher and oven once we are in the house.
The kittens will be going to Gina's for a few hours while all is being done.
There was a little hiccup, I hadn't had any final figure from the solicitors and had to call them on 3rd Nov, I think it is due to the postal strike. I sent my payment which went out of my bank on the 4th and yesterday they were panicking as they hadn't received anything. I hope they receive it today otherwise it will hold everyone up.
My friends Julie and Carolyn turned up to help with the cleaning in the guise of 2 char ladies!!

I can't believe 25 years has gone so quickly. I was 25 years old when I moved into this house. My fianc'e at the time and I had saved for the deposit and had a little rental van for all our wordly treasures. Today it is a huge removals van. We had Siobhan and Richard, divorced in 1996, I met and married Kieran's dad in 1996, had Kieran in the December, divorced his dad in 2007.
I have had 8 lovely cats, 4 are buried in the garden as this was their home and 2 went out and never came back, then the 2 new kitties who are so lovely.
There has been sadness and joy throughout the 25 years, I had my diagnosis for mesothelioma in November 2006 and the joy of getting a response from the chemoembolisation certainly made up for the unhappy times when I found out I was ill. I have many wonderful friends, some of whom have helped me with the move.
It is the end of an era and hopefully the start of some new adventures. This house will be ours, I won't have any connection with anyone else, It belongs to me and the children.
Thank you number 24 for being a wonderful house and I hope the new occupants have as many great memories as I do and they enjoy the excitement of their first home. I asked if they wanted the dish washer, the answer, they are thrilled to be having a dishwasher, I think that says it all.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Happy Birthday Siobhan.

It is Siobhan's 23rd birthday today, it has been a busy one. We had a funny moment this morning, I asked Rich to get out of bed around 3 times as the removals guys were arriving to pack some items.
He lay in bed after me calling him. The removal guys turned up at 8:00am, me in my dressing gown , Rich still in bed, so the 3 burly guys went up stairs, what a shock for Rich, they caught him knapping!!
Gina came over at 11:15am as I had a hospital appointment at 12:10am. She took me to the hospital, by then the removal guys had done their work.
I felt like I had been abducted by aliens, lights and eyes every where measuring and turning the equipment. Eventually all was done, I have a snazzy hospital gown to take with me each trip to have my radio therapy.
We will be sleeping on mattresses tonight as the beds have been packed.
I am exhausted and will be glad to settle into the new house tomorrow.
I is going to be a sad day turning the key for the last time but happy that we will be having a fresh start. Lets hope its the start of something good.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Still busy !!!

I have had a very busy couple of days. Packing up the items in the house is a mammoth task. My lovely friend Gina came over yesterday and cleaned my oven and helped with packing. Today my friend Jules came over and helped with more packing and we cleared the kitchen cupboard.
Tomorrow is Siobhan's birthday so hopefully she will enjoy it, it is also our last day/night in the house : (
We are all looking forward to getting in the new house and know we will have more room but we have to leave our lovely little house. The children have lived here since birth, I have been here for 25 years.
I have a biopsy on the right groin lymph on tuesday which will settle once and for all if it is malignant and prove it isn't Mesothelioma seeded in it. I also start radio therapy on Monday. It will be Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. Depending on how the lymph in the chest responds, it could be 5-6 weeks. I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow to line everything up ready for next week.
Siobhan and I went into the british heart foundation shop and bought some furniture for the new house which will arrive on Tuesday.
Kieran's teacher said he could help with the house move, that should be fun!!!
The removal guys will be here tomorrow to start packing and loading up what we have so it will be quicker on Friday.
It has all come about so quickly.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

So busy today.

3 days to go and we have done such a lot today. Rich and his friend helped get the sofa out through the lounge room window as it is too big to go throught the door way. The window guys were very good, mind you, I did pay them ! Also got all the rubbish out of the way which is a big relief. Got rid of my 2 sgharps bins at last as they have been here for a few week waiting to go to were thay need to. The council collects them and takes them off for incineration. Got the freezers defrosted and ready for pick up later today by my nephew.
I am now having a quiet coffee before starting again. I am worn out every day so far.
Kieran seems to be getting on better in school. He still has a sore throat but hasn't bothered too much about it today so it must be getting better.
I cannot believe how much stuff we have got rid of since sorting through cupboards and rooms.
I never want to move house again. For weeks I have been asking myself how I get my house in a box..... it can be done but when I moved in to this little house, it was my first husband and me, no children. Now it is 3 children and me. There is an awful lot of stuff to pack.

The poor cats are totally confused. They keep looking around and discovering empty boxes and open cupboards. They will be staying with Gina, my friend, on Friday as I don't want them getting stressed with the move.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The count down begins.

We are 4 days away from moving house. It all happens this Friday!! The kittens will be staying with my friend, Gina while we move. I have got a company shifting the rubbish from the garage and garden tomorrow morning. That will be a big thing out of the way.

I have a dental appointment this morning and have got most of the packing done. So much to do before Friday.....Aaaarrggghhh!!!!

Kieran got up this morning, he said he had a sore throat, I gave him some medicine and when his bus arrived, he miraculously found a voice to shout at me with. I had a call from school to say he was whispering, I told his teacher that he shouted at me. She agreed with me and didn't feel Kieran needed to come home.
We have Siobhan's birthday this week as well. Last year she had an un-birthday because I went to Germany for a treatment. This year we are having a small family party at our house. Not sure if it is fancy dress yet. It will be our last night in our lovely house as well : (

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween 2009

Yesterday was a busy day. So busy I can't remember why I was so busy. I went out to see Stepha as it was her birthday, she was asleep when I arrived so I left her gift with Ali.
I went to a Virgin Vie training appointment with my other friend Ali.
We went to Royal William yard which was part of the MoD defences and is now a new apartment complex.
The apartment we went to was beautiful but very clinical. It didn't feel like a home, well not like the homes Ali and I have. It belonged to a lady whos children had grown up and it was just her and her husband left. Perfect for them, I don't know if I would like it.

Later in the day Kieran and I went to his friends halloween party. Kieran was Darth Maul and I was a Zombie bridesmaid, Kieran said I would never be the bride : )
It was such a shame that Kieran's class mated didn't RSVP the parents who organised the party. Kieran and his friend didn't mind, it gave them some time with each other and I chatted to the parents.

I can feel myself churning inside as I have started to worry about all the lose ends I have to sort out before I move.
I have to get the rubbish out of the garage and garden, sort out the boys room, go through the kitchen cupboard.... the list is endless. The children are helping but I don't think they have the anxieties I do, apart from Siobhan that is who is already worrying about how she is going to do her course work and pack in a few days. I think we will all pitch in and get it done. I want it all to go smoothly and I know I am going to have a few tears on Friday when I close my front door for the last time.