Friday, 29 May 2009

1 year on and all is well.

this time last year I had my very first chemoembolisation treatment and didn't know what would happen as I had gone into it blindly.
I had nothing to compare to and wondered if I was doing the right thing. 1 year on and I know now I made the right decision.
Professor Vogl has taken a lot of criticism publicly lately due to the Farrah Fawcett story and this is unjust. he is a wonderful man who wants to do his best for everyone.
It isn't Farrah who has said anything, it is the press in the UK. They made him sound like a charlatan which he isn't. Good luck to Farrah, i hope she has it in her to fight.
I am looking forward to seeing the Prof again on 8th June. I am also looking forward to meeting some new friends.
Jeanette again is coming with me. What would I do with out her, she has been wonderful. I visited Steph Chouette today and she is looking well. I was expecting to see this frail thin little french lady, I was pleasantly disappointed as she looked wonderful. She is doing very well although she is in pain with her cancer. This is a brave person.

The viewing on the house went well yesterday. The viewer wants to come back for a second look next Tuesday. We shall see what happens.
I had a lovely BBQ with the children this evening. it has been a lovely day today.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Good luck Ian

Good luck to Ian from South Africa who is in Frankfurt today and will be having his first treatment. I am hoping to meet up with him and his girlfriend, Kathleen when I go over. I met them on facebook and am really hoping all goes well for him.
I will also be meeting Cher from Australia who has had a massive 75% change in her tumour.
Jeanette is coming over with me again and we are both excited about meeting Cher, Ian and their partners.
I am feeling very well, I don't feel so tight at the bottom of the lung and am hoping that is due to more shrinkage. What ever the result, I have done well.

Another piece of news, Thompsons solicitors have published an article stating that a lady got £140,000 compensation from the MoD as her husband, who has since died, had Mesothelioma through working in the Dockyard, the same place as my dad worked.
She didn't give her name which is fair enough as when my story was published, I got some bad press also. I didn't give out how much I got but a lot of people, even some of my family, tried to guess and have got it completely wrong.
Good luck to her, she now has a payment and no husband, I wonder what she would really want. I honestly think if she could swap the money for her husband back she would. Money isn't everything as I have seen a lot of people get nasty because of it. They treat it as a lottery win. It isn't , it is tainted, it puts a value on life which if the real cost was added, the government would be bankrupt. I am glad I had it, it has saved my life, those who think it is a lottery win, it isn't, take all the money on the condition you take all the stress, anguish and losses that go with it. I am one of the lucky ones, there are many more who do not have the opportunity I have had and I am proud to be able to give something back to people who got a disease through no fault of their own and a treatment that seems to give a lot of hope.

3 days off.

I have done my 3 x 10 hour days and am now off for 3 days. I did my Mistletoe on Tuesday, the next one is Saturday. Kieran is on half term from school. His back is a lot better. we are going to a friends for lunch today which we are both looking forward to.
We have a house viewing today, the garden is finished at last and we have to have a new boiler put in. The new boiler will alter our HiP so our points will go up and it is one less thing the buyer will have to do. 
Chris Knighton went o number 10 last Wednesday to hand in a petition to have a national centre for asbestos related disease, much like the one in Austaralia. 

Read more on Chris's website :

Also on the site is a travel company who will donate a percentage of sales to Mick Knighton fund.
Andrea who runs is in lovely, her dad has Mesothelioma so she has a vested interest.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Maria Douglas

I met Maria through Stephanie Chouette on facebook. She has been very poorly for a long time. 
I have enjoyed hearing about her cheerio moments in the morning as she got her son ready for school. She was always very positive and had a lot of time for people even though she had bigger issues to deal with. Maria passed away last night. She didn't have Mesothelioma but she did have cancer, that awful enemy that crushes lives and destroys families.
It has cruelly took Maria from her family.
My thoughts and heart felt sympathy goes out to Maria and her family.
I only hope that I can be as brave as she was. She was a very courageous and dignified lady who was much loved by all her knew her and was taken far to soon. 

A star will be shining brightly tonight and for many more nights.

The cinema

Later yesterday the children and I went to the cinema. We went to see night at the museum 2 which was very good. Kieran was even more pleased when he saw the Jonas brothers were featured as the cherubs. That is his favourite band at the moment.
After the film, we went to have  a bite to eat in Old Orleans which was also lovely. We haven't been out as a family for so long and it was a joy. We should do it more often.

A great day yesterday

I took Kieran to the railway station yesterday. His back is still hurting him but He did not let it spoil his day. He was so pleased to see his trains go in and out of the station. We took our lunch with us and watched as people hurried to get to their destinations. Kieran is fascinating to listen to as he knows all the times and stations without looking at the time table screen. 

Friday, 22 May 2009

All well with Kieran.

I was worried about Kieran this morning as his back ache seems to be worse. He is walking awkwardly and is not as mobile as usual.
I took him to A & E as I wanted him checked out. All is ok and it seems i was right. his sprained ankle had caused the pain. His urine was tested at the hospital and all is good.
The Dr's were lovely and very understanding of Kieran's needs and my OTT approach to worrying about him.
I spoke to the social services guy today and also spoke to the person who is going to look after Kieran. We have got 6 hours a month. It is a little bit of respite and I know Kieran will enjoy his respite as the person he is going to be with works at his old school and he likes her which is the most important thing. This will give me a little time of a weekend to spend time with Siobhan and Rich which does get difficult at times with Kieran around. They are very accommodating but don't want to go to stations and watch trains go by all the time.
I am taking all the children out to pictures tomorrow. We are going to see night at the museum 2.
It is going to be lovely. We haven't been out as a family for a while.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

3 days off

I am off now for 3 days. I have social services coming around tomorrow afternoon to discuss direct payments for a little respite from Kieran each month. It will be 6 hours a month and I have only been trying to get this for the last 6 years!!!!
It will mean that when I am off on a Saturday, I can spend some time with Rich and Siobhan as Siobhan is at college most days in the week.
I now have to find someone to employ for 6 hours a month.
Kieran is not going to school tomorrow. He is still saying his back is sore. He is half term next week and I am sure we will be out with some friends.
The house viewing was good although we had the comment that the rooms were too small... still nothing construtive we can do about it.
If it was something we could do to amend things I am sure we would. I am happy being here anyway and am in no rush to move. Mr £15,000 less will not be having the house as it is too much to drop.
When Jeanette and I go to Germany, we will be meeting up with a couple from South Africa. I am really looking forward to this. The guy has Mesothelioma and has decided to try the procedure to see if it can help him. I really hope it does.

All ok with Kieran.

Kieran's blood test came back ok. No issues there. He has a pain at the bottom of his spine and is going back to the GP's next week to see how things are.
He is going back to school tomorrow, it is his last day as he is off for half term next week.
I am off to work now and will update the blog tomorrow. We have a charity fund raiser in work. Not sure what it is for but I have some cakes to take in.

Kieran's blood test results

I am going back to my GP today as Kieran had a blood test. He has had back pain and the GP is concerned because a 12 year old should not have back pain. He was very brave and have the needle put in to take the test which he found painful. i am hoping it is nothing serious. I asked his dad to get a urine sample as it could be a water infection and we will take that with us. I am going to pick up Kieran and his dad and go to the surgery as i want to know what the result is and cannot go to work and wait to find out.
I did my mistletoe last night. I have been a little achy over the last few days and have been very tired. It could be the HRT pills as they are a different colour in the last few days of the pack which is to bring on a period. this hasn't happened but I am wondering if the change in the pills is what is making me tired. Theo has been brilliant, most of my breathlessness is asthma, brought on by the HRT but i am keeping on top of it.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Becky contacted me in March as she had sent me a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers as I was feeling very low. 
I feel it is my turn to support her and her family.
Becky's dad, John had Mesothelioma and I had given her inforamtion about the German treatment.
Unfortunatly John passed away on May 16th 2009, He was a very courageous man who didn't give up hope.
I am sure I can say to Becky and her family that all those who log onto Meso and Me send their condolences to her and her family.
John will be celebrated and he will live on in all who strive to change the way Meso patients are treated and work towards a cure. Thank you John for your courage and hope you have given others. 
Special thoughts are sent to John's family at this very painful time.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Busy day today.

I have got the MOT done on the car and went to visit my friend, Carolyn, who has had a hysterectomy.
She is very tired at the moment but will hopefully get over the operation in time.
Kieran's dad took him to the Dr's today. He came back from London late last night so styed over with his dad.
The GP did a blood test and Kieran will get the results on Thursday. He has had back ache, I am not sure if it is due to his feet as he has had a limp for a few weeks now or to do with his kidneys.
I will find out on Thursday and will hopefully find it is something trivial.
I am back to work tomorrow. I did my mistletoe last night and have been busy with more people interested in the treatment.
I have also been having problems with my boiler, I am going to get it fixed, we have 2 more viewing tomorrow which is great. My little house is very popular.
I wasn't happy about the Daily Mail. They printed a story about Farrah Fawcett and mentioned Professor Vogl. It was painting him as a charlatan and he is nothing like that.
I will be seeing him in June, I may also be meeting up with a couple from south Africa and from Australia.

Five go mad in St Ives!!!

Me with my Woo woo...well we had to try them.
This is our Woo Woo. It wasn't what we thought it would be, a little over priced and under alchoholed but we did enjoy them.
Louise and Julie in Peppers.
Tina, Me and Helen out on the town! We had a meal on Saturday night in Peppers. This was the same place we went to last year, it is very popular and was a lovely meal.
Me after I have had my cream tea, sat in the tea shop. I think it was called Coasters.
A Cornich cream tea, I am not sure what is best, Cornish or Devon, we will have to do some testing. The cafe that sold this is up for raffle, £10 a ticket, It is the tea shop and a 3 bedroom house on the sea front. Lovely !! There is more information about the tea shop in the link. It is a spot the ball competition and for £10 someone could get the tea shop and 3 bed house.

A lonely boat on St Ives beach.
Thius is the Fire house. We had a drink called a Woo woo which was something we were determined to try. I think it was a little overpriced for what it was but we enjoyed it.
We also had a meal in here. This is a really good place to eat.
Helen, Me, Tina and Julie, Lets celebrate !!!
Helen, Me, Louise and Tina with the back drop of St Ives. We are ready for our weekend.

I am back.

I have returned from St Ives. This was another milestone in my life as last year I had just started the mistletoe treatment and did not know what the German treatment would do. As it happens, it was all good.
Helen, Julie, Tina and I were joined by Julie's friend , Louise.
It didn't take long to get to St Ives and we arrived at our lovely 16th century hotel.
Helen and I had the same room, number 7, the window was still broken so it was cold in the room. The window was broken last year and we were disappointed that it had not been fixed but it didn't spoil our trip.
We got into our rooms and Julie started the weekend by popping champagne to celebrate me still being here. It was wonderful. The champagne was 20 years old and was lovely.
We went for lunch in the high street, I had cheese, onion and potato pie which was lovely. It was the same place we had lunch last year.
We had a wander around and took in the lovely sea view.
We made our way back to the hotel to get changed for the evening, we were not going into St Andrews bistro as last year we went in there and had an awful meal. It hasn't changed, it still has the most depressing art work on the wall and the music emulates that. We decided to have a meal in the firehouse and again, it was lovely. Helen and I went back to the hotel around 10:30 pm as we were feeling tired and left the other guys to have a few more drinks before they returned at around 12:00pm.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A big apology.

I had an email today and want to correct what I had heard on Saturday.
Graham Sherlock Brown is alive and well and still fighting Mesothelioma.
That is great news and I am so pleased to be wrong.
To Graham and his family, I hope this hasn't upset you and that you can forgive me for my mistake.
I will be removing the blog from the site.
Once again , Sorry Graham, I never meant any. offence.

I am adding Graham's philosophy for life with Mesothelioma which would work with any cancer.
He called it PETAL and it is used by many people who have found inspiration from it.

P = Positive attitude

E = Eating and excercising well, (Graham does pilates)

T =Targets

A = Adapting to change

L = Living your life.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pictures from the MKMRF weekend.

     Tina tried on some hats as her son is having a wedding blessing in august this year.
                Andrea's Dad, Bob, A Meso sufferer, Enjoyed the evening.
Maureen Chaplin's daughter, Jill and Maureen's sisters looked stunning and are so inspirational. Maureen had mesothelioma and unforunatley passed away early this year. 
Maureen was the mayor of Gateshead and her wish was to finish her reign but she never got it. Her family are a lasting legacy of her fight and determination.
                         Andrea who has a travel shop and donates a percentage to MKMRF.
                                           Tina and I in our Sunday best.
                                 Tina with her house of commons whiskey.

Well Done Chris!!

       Chris Knighton (Mick Knighton Mesothelioma research fund) and I.

Well done to Chris Knighton who raised £17,751 on Saturday at the MKMRF ascot ball in Newcastle.
She worked so hard and it was a wonderful evening.
I met some very inspirational people,all who have been touched in some way by Mesothelioma.
Tina and I left Plymouth at 7:55 am, as we went through check in, I forgot I had lipsticks in my bag and the lady who checked it picked out 8!!! They were all put in a plastic bag for me. We were up at 5:30 to get ready to leave so I didn't have a chance to sort it as I had been working the 2 previous days.
We had a good flight and arrived at the hotel, dumped our bags off and then went to meet Joanne and Shirley, their dad, Ken Sunderland, had passed away around a month ago and had Mesothelioma.
They were really wonderful and took us around Newcastle. We had lunch with them before we all parted company.
Tina and I went back to the hotel and had a short nap before beautifying ourselves for the evenings event.
(I am putting the pictures will be on a separate blog as I haven't worked out how to move them around yet.)
We had a wonderful evening. There was a disco, entertainment from the Dolly Rockers, betting game and auction. We met some wonderful people, Jan Eggerton, who is also surviving mesothelioma, Anrea and her family and the Chaplin family. Tina bid on a bottle of house of commons wine for her dad and won it. I don't think she realised that she was bidding against herself!
All together Chris raised a massive £17,751!!.
The next morning we made a very slow start down to breakfast as I was a little shivery in the night. Since then I have developed a slight chest infection or virus which the Mistletoe must have picked up and was working on.
We had an hour delay in our flight and eventually got back home at 4:30 pm. It was such a great weekend.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Newcastle tomorrow!!!

I am at work today and off to Newcastle tomorrow for the summer ball..... yes, I know....thats all I have been going on about!!!
I am going to be so tired as I am working till 8:00pm today and have to get my self sorted for an early start Saturday morning. Tina and I will be away at 7:55am. We are flying to Newcastle rather than having a long train journey.
Kieran is with his dad which makes it a little easier and I am off to St Ives with my friends next weekend. Last year we went to St Ives and I had just started the mistletoe treatment so was a little ill.
This year it will be better and I know we are going to avoid the bistro from hell. I had the worst meal ever in there last year, it was awful, disgusting!!
We ended up in a little place called the red pepper, it was lovely.
I also treated myself to a new camera and will be taking some pics at the summer ball. I have decided to wear the Monroe, only one problem, the brambles in the garden have ripped my arms to shreds and it is a sleeveless dress. I will see how bad it is and if it is too bad I will borrow Siobhan's little black bolero.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What a day!!

The children and I sorted the house out for the viewing and, a quote from Siobhan, we don't get any constructive criticism about our house. 
We have had the feedback from viewers such as, house is too small, don't like the style and I can hear the road outside.
We cannot do anything about that but it is good that they are seeing the house as we are seeing it.
She has been good to us.
I went to my friend, Jeanette's to sort out flights to Germany as Lufthansa have removed the flights from Bristol.  
Jeanette's partner is going to take us to Birmingham, what a star.... We will still get time for our German beer though and wouldn't it be great to share it with Professor Vogl.
I had an email today from another Meso sufferer who has said that Dr Steel in Barts Hospital, London had arranged with Prof Vogl to come over and do a talk.
I really hope that is true.
Professor Vogl is the most wonderful person I have ever met. I don't think I will ever meet any one more dedicated to changing the Mesothelioma outlook than him.
We still have the petition on number 10 website which can be found on the news part of the website.
All is good here and will continue for a while I am sure.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tooth ache!!!

I have had Toothache all day and it is driving me crazy. I fell asleep on the sofa this afternoon as I still feel very tired. I do think it is to do with the menopause. 
I will see how it goes but I do need to make an appointment with the dentists and i also know i will have tooth ache for a week or 2 before they see me.
I went to meet a solicitor this morning who wanted to talk to me about the procedure.
When I got back, Rich had dug out the grass in the garden which is a great help.

I have another viewing on the house tomorrow. The first viewer is still interested and likes the house but still wants it for £15,000 less. I am not budging as I think that is too much to drop.
I will do my mistletoe tonight and tomorrow is my last day off and back to work on Thursday and am looking forward to going to the Summer Ball in Newcastle on Saturday with my friend, Tina. I think I will wear the Monroe again.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Doing the garden

I started to tackle the front garden today and I found myself getting a little wobbly. That isn't like me.
I am feeling so tired at the moment. I am going to make another Drs appointment as it could be the menopause or my thyroid starting again.
I really hope it is that simple.

The garden really needs doing so I may contact McMillan and see if they have anyone who will help me. This is so not like me as I am usually so adamant about doing things.
I am going to try again this afternoon but I know I will exhaust myself. 
I don't think it is Theo but do wonder if having him does make things harder to do. It could be that I am so busy this is my bodies way of saying have a rest. 
I am seriously thinking of going to Park Attwood for a rest like I did last year.
I don't know when that would be though as work are very reluctant to give me time off at the moment. I am going to try though.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Single and happy.

It has been a busy 3 days again. I have been at work and we have had 3 more people interested in the house. One didn't like the style of the house, another felt it was too small and the third came back for a second viewing. He is considering offering more than he offered last time. It was £15,000 lower than the asking price. I can't take too much less as I need it all to go to the next house because I won't be able to get a mortgage.
I did my mistletoe last night. I remembered at last!!
I usually forget and do it on the Saturday and end up doing it on a Sunday. 
It didn't work out with Mr S. I am happy that I decided to end it. 
I am happy being single as I have such a busy life and whoever I  decide to have a relationship with will need to know they are not on the top of my priority list.
I am looking forward to next week as I have Chris Knighton's Summer Ball to go to. My friend, Tina is coming with me.
We will be flying from Plymouth to Newcastle and will be meeting up with Joanne and her sister. Joanne lost her Dad, Ken a few weeks ago to meso.
It will be lovely to see her and her sister. 
We are going to have lunch with them and have a wander around Newcastle shops.

Well....this is no good....I need to get ready for work!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Great night at the Karaoke.

Ali, Sarah and I

My friends and I had a great night at the karaoke evening. My friend Ali and I did bohemian rhapsody which we thoroughly enjoyed. I felt we owned the stage when we were on there.
Sarah is in the middle of us, she did really well and got 2 nd place at our X idol competition.

The second viewing went well although the person felt the house was too small. We have the first viewer having a second viewing tomorrow. This one offered £15,000 less than the asking price which was refused.
I have decided to be single again as I felt things weren't working out with Mr S.
I am hoping we can still be friends but I don't know if he will want that.
I am back to work today and am working all weekend.
I am looking forward to next weekend as I am off to Chris's summer ball with my friend, Tina.
The weekend after, It's St Ives with my friends.