Friday, 30 October 2009

Kieran is back home.

I have been quite busy today. I have been packing up our belongings ready for next weeks move.
I dropped some baby things off for my niece who is having her first baby in 4 weeks time. It was good to see how well she is looking and how excited she is. My sister, Wendy was with her. I haven't seen my sister for such a long time, she is busy and so am I. I am sure we will get some time together soon.
I saw Steph and Ali this evening. It is Steph's 36th Birthday tomorrow, she is still fighting. She is a wonderful lady as is Ali who is so good to her and fights along side her every step of the way. They are a great couple.

I picked Kieran up from the train station. It was so good to see him. He has a halloween party tomorrow which should be good.
I am off to a virgin Vie party tomorrow morning, my friend, Ali, a different Ali, has offered to do a facial and make up demonstration on me. She said she thinks I should relax, I am sure I will enjoy it. Ali is such fun to be with, I am sure it will be a great event!! Will add some pictures if we take any.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Radio therapy dates through.

I have been busy today. Started to pack as we are moving out on Friday 6th November and will be moving to our new house.
I spoke to a St Lukes hospice representative today. She seemed to think I was a little depressed at the moment. I would agree with her but don't feel I want to take any anti depressants at the moment.
I had lunch with my friend Tina which ws lovely, it was good to see her as I think we have all missed each other.
I have got my first appointment with the hospital to start my radio therapy. It is on 5th November, my lovely daughter's birthday.
I start the radio therapy treatment on 9th November.
I have sorted out the removals company, We are having packers to help on the Thursday 5th and moving in on 6th. The cats will be away for the day as it will be very stressful for them.
Phew!!! so busy but a little excited about moving.
Kieran is back tomorrow, I have missed him so much. It will be good to see him again.

house move horrors!!!

I got home around 6:10 last night and was met by my friend, Gina. It has been a very mixed break with Pat. It was so good to see her and spend some very valuable time with someone so special. It was Tony's birthday yesterday so it was very painful for her. I would love to take it all away and bring her lovely Tony back. Such a shame I can't, Mesothelioma is so cruel and this is the part that employers and insurers don't see. Maybe they need to see the devastation that is left in the wake of losing someone so very special.
I had a coffee with Pat's friends before I left for the train. they are all so wonderful and a good advocate for not giving up after 50 or 60. Miss M and Miss P especially!!! They are wonderful people, so full of life and fun and I hope Miss M's date went well.

I am feeling a lot better today, I have heard from Professor Vogl again and he says to go ahead with the radio therapy and have a biopsy done on the node in the right groin.
I will follow his advice as he is my first call when I am not sure what to do.
I have been in touch with my oncologist but haven't heard anything yet.

I have got the removal man coming today to discuss how, when, where and how much. That sounds terrible doesn't it.
I have been ringing around to the phone, electric, gas companies to change all my details.
Still have loads of packing to do, Kieran is back tomorrow. I am sure we will get it all done in time, at the moment it feels so limbofied!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Happy Birthday Tony.

Happy Birthday to Tony, Pat's beloved husband.
It is such a shame he isn't here to celebrate it.
Am thinking of you both.

I am going back to Plymouth today.
I am going to miss Pat so much.
It has been a lovely few days even with the confusing news at the moment. I will be coming back again at some point.

I love Prof vogl!!!

I emailed the Prof when I got back to the hotel last night and he answered it this morning.
He always manages to make me feel better.

good morining

sorry to hear that most likely it is a general lymphatic problem

there is no way for the meso to track through the vessel, because we
never touched the cancer

so it should be really proven what is the nature of the lymphnode
involvement, it could be also another problem, lymphatic or inflammatory

please keep me updated

best greetings

thomas j vogl

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

900th post since October 2006.

I wish I felt better about writing this post but I am very upset.
I had a little bit of a shock today. I found out the chemoembolisation treatment may have caused the Mesothelioma to seed at the entrance wound in the groin area.
I was gutted when I was told this. Dear Pat has enough emotional stuff going on and has been wonderful today.
I have been told that I should put the radio therapy on hold and go to Berlin for Mistletoe treatment directly into the lymph node in the groin area and the hilim.
I am so confused, what about the money for the house move and all the little things I need to sort out??
What about my family, juggling them to fit in with more travelling?
What about my wonderful friends who do support me and will rally round for me?
I don't know what to do.
I am going back home tomorrow and i know I will miss Pat so much. She knows exactly how I feel with out any words passing from my mouth.
I am feeling for her at the moment as it is her lovely Tony's birthday tomorrow.
How damn cruel is this disease!!! how dare it come into lives and completely disrupt it.
I need to take in todays events and think about what my next options are.
I have emailed the Prof who usually has an answer that will help.

Park Attwood again.

I am meeting Pat at 9:25am this morning as we are off to Park Attwood again. I will be speaking to the German Dr who is interested in my treatment and mistletoe.
This will be my last day with Pat. She has been so wonderful. she is still in a lot of pain after losing her beloved, Tony.
I wish I could do something for her to ease the pain but I am not able too. The only thing would be him coming back to her and if I could go back in time I would make that wish come true. This is were the heartache of what Mesothelioma, asbestos and negligent insurers/employers don't see. It should be a must that they see the after affects of the damage they have caused.
Tony and Pat should have been together forever, they are now in different places and I can see how painful it still is for Pat.
Damn asbestos, it makes me even more determined to get something that can change things for the families that will be affected by this disease.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Brilliant day today!!

This is me being a bit sad in the hotel room this morning, on my own. I was testing out my camera and a few poses : )

I met Pat at the hotel at around 11:00am and she took care of me once again. We went shopping, I bought another jumper dress!!!
We went into Debenhams where Pat tried on a hat which looked great on her.
We had lunch at Pat's house which was lovely, Pat has been so kind this week. We chilled out until we had to leave for Park Attwood and the seminar.
It was so good to see Dr Maria and Dr Maurice again. They made Pat and I feel so welcome. The Dr's seemed very interested in my story.
After the seminar we went back to Pat's place again until it was time to meet Miss M.
Miss M is wonderful, she is a lady of mature years who looks and acts nothing like her years. She is meeting Mr Jaffa tomorrow and we had a real giggle at the talking of what might or might not happen. Pat's other friend, Miss P, is also very pleasant. These 2 ladies had Pat and I in stiches with what they were talking about. Tattoos came up as did a lot of other things that I would not be allowed to put on the blog.
Brilliant evening, I hope I am as exciting as them when I am their age, you are both a fine example of enjoying life when your older.
Tomorrow it is back to Park Attwood to meet the German Dr again and discuss my mistletoe, I think I may need to increase the dosage, especially since i had the pneumonia.

Seminar today.

PC gone mad??? We found the spotted Richard very amusing, first time I have seen it on a menu, : )
Knickerbocker glory, one of my dad's favourite desserts. We had a dessert each to remember our special people.
Tony's favourite pudding. Bread and butter pudding.
Me at Bewdley pond. Such a lovely tranquil place.
Pat in Bewdley near the pond, she is such a wonderful person. I think we are helping each other with all the emotions we have had.


Today I am looking forward to seeing Dr Maria again. I haven't seen her since I first started the mistletoe treatment in April 2008.
There is a seminar today with doctors getting together and discussing mistletoe and the treatments it supports. Pat and I don't have to be there until 3:30pm so we will meet up at 11:00am and spend some more time together. She has been so good for me. I feel back on tack again and am remembering the legacy I have to carry on.
This is all for Tony who was such a wonderful person and who wanted to see if the treatments for mesothelioma would work but never got the chance to find out, well Tony, be very proud of yourself and your wonderful wife. You have given me back so much.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday lazy Sunday!!

I have been with Pat all day today, we have had a long chat about Mesothelioma, families, children and much more.
She is so lovely and is part of the reason I got where I am today. I know I keep saying it but I do appreciate what her and Tony have given me.
I met 2 of her children and her little grandson who is a real little charmer.
Pat has a beautiful family and i am sure Tony is very proud of her and his beautiful children, they are a credit to both of them.
I am quite tired at the moment so i am going to keep this short and will catch up a bit more tomorrow.
I am going to a Seminar in Park Attwood, only a short interview.
This break is just what I have needed and going to the Seminar has given me an excuse to have a little time out and to try and de-stress before all that is going to happen within the next 2 weeks.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Great night with Pat.

I had a very interesting day today. I left Plymouth at around 9:40am to get my train to Cheltenham spar. A very tired Rich leapt from his bed to help me with my suit case.
I arrived at Cheltanham Spar later than expected and my connecting train had left. I could feel me getting OCD'd up again as my routine was now a mess, or so I thought.
I didn't need to worry as the next train arrived 10 mins before my next connecting train in Worcester scrub hill (what a name??) Left.
I was back on track again. I had been so terrified of making this journey on my own but I did it.
I got a taxi to the hotel, which is lovely, and had a little afternoon nap before getting ready to meet Pat, my saviour!!

The evening with Pat and her friends was wonderful, Especially Miss M who repeated her story of getting a bit tipsy and going to bed fully clothed and only taking off her shoes!!! Pat has lovely friends.
I hope I can return the favour one day and she comes to Plymouth to meet my wonderful friends.

Off to worcester today.

I went to see Bloc party last night with my friend, Tina last night. It was a good gig, I think we were the oldest people there, felt like I was in a creche!! The mosh pit was quite aggressive though and the singer did stop the show briefly to ask the to moshers to be careful. He said he wanted them to look after each other. It seemed to work as they calmed down and enjoyed the rest of the gig.
I am off to Worcester today, on my own. I was going to go with my sister but my neice is about to give birth and she is anxious about leaving her. I asked Gina, my friend who helped with the loft, she can't go either as she isn't very well and has to do a test over 2 days. That means taking samples into hospital on 2 days.
I am anxious about the journey as I don't navigate well and hope I get on the right train. This is were Kieran is really useful but he has gone to Dunstable with his dad to meet his dad's girlfriend and her children.
I am looking forward to meeting Pat. It was Pat and her husband, Tony, who put me onto the chemoembolisation so she is very much a part of my miracle. She has an imminent birth too, in Spain! She has asked that the lady crosses her legs until mid week. I am back on Wednesday. Part of the reason I am going is because I have been asked to go to Park Attwood clinic to talk the a German Dr about the treatment and the mistletoe.
Well, must get ready....... will be back if I can get any wi fi in the hotel.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Loft empty!!

Rich in the loft looking scary!!!

I have been very busy today. My son Rich has been really helpful. We took the cats to the vets for their annual jabs.
When we came back, We made lunch, my friend Gina came over and we cleared the loft. while passing the items to me Rich said he had found something, it was a christmas card written to me from my wonderful dad.
This was so special, I am going to put it with his pictures I have in a frame.
I still miss him so much.
When Kieran got back from school, he reminded me I had promised him we could go to his old school for a visit. Gina very kindly took the rubbish from the loft to the tip while I headed off to the school with Kieran. We went to the shop afterwards and got a birthday cake for Siobhan's boyfriend, he is 21 today. Wow.... to be 21 again !!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Busy day today.

I went to Kieran's old school for coffee morning this morning. It was lovely to see some old faces. I then went to get my flu jab done, I asked about a sharps bin as I picked up a new one on Monday and Siobhan's boyfriend was 'playing' with it and closed it. Once it is closed, no needles can be put in it as it locks shut. Well done Mr !!!
I went out to see Steph at St lukes hospice as she is in a lot of pain and is tired. She is a very strong nd determined lady and very wonderful.
While I was outside with Ali, a butterfly landed on a bush. It stayed there for a while. As anyone who knows me should tell you, I take my camera everywhere. I took some shots of it. Ali named it Titch after an uncle she once knew.
To her amusement, it flinched every time i took a picture.
The picture came out really well. I am so impressed with my lovely camera.
Tomorrow i am going to tackle my loft. I am taking the cats to the vets for their boosters. When I come home, I am making lunch for my friend, Gina and going to sort through it all.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

It's official!!!

I had a call today from my solicitor who is dealing with my house move. We will be moving on 6th November!! It is really exciting although I am no where near ready to go.
I still have the loft to sort out.

Kieran stayed home from school today as he begged me not to let him go as this is the boys worst day and Kieran was terrified something would happen.
I went to the dentists and got a little more work done on my tooth.
I still have a little infection left from the abscess I had but it is a lot better than it was.
I am off to Worcester on Saturday to have a little time out. Gina, my friend, is coming with me.
I am meeting a Dr in Park attwood clinic to discuss my treatment in Germany and mistletoe.
I am still taking mistletoe as I believe it has been very useful to me and I have a lot of faith in it.
I will also be meeting Pat. Pat was instrumental in me finding this treatment with her lovely husband Tony. I felt I owed it to Tony to carry on and find if this treatment really did work.
I owe Pat and Tony so much and am going to enjoy spending some time with her.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Busy, busy, busy.

I was all prepared to get the attic sorted out today as yesterday I went up to the garage and sorted out stuff. Found some lovely pictures up there from when the children were small.

That little thought disappeared in a puff of smoke when Kieran started to say how sad he felt about going to school. I am totally fed up with going to the school and asking them to support Kieran and protect him from the lad who is constantly on his back.
I went in and picked up a complaints form to fill in. Kieran stayed home today as I heard him crying in the night while he was asleep and his little comments on facebook were so sad.
He pretends to be our cats, Stork and Cookie, and they told him not to worry.
This broke my heart and I felt I couldn't send him to school today as I worry about getting a call to say he has been badly hurt.

Kieran and I in 1997

I took Siobhan to the chemist as she has a bad finger. She may have had a tiny wart and the pharmacist thinks she may have put too much gel on it to kill it off. She has been told to let it heal and see what it is like then.
I took her into college and then returned home.
I had an appointment at my doctors later, he is so lovely. he has written me another sick note for 4 weeks. I told him about my worries with Kieran and work, I picked up another sharps bin as the one I have is one i collected last year and is pretty full. I will ask the council to pick it up.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Yesterday was eventful. I went to see Kieran in his assembly at school in the morning, he was a rooster and was brilliant. I then went into town with my friend, Carolyn and had a bit of retail therapy and lunch.
Later in the afternoon I went to the oncology clinic with gina as I had to have a CT scan done to map out the radio therapy markings.
I had 2 pin prick tattoos put on to use for the treatment. I will be having the treatment the second week of November as it looks like we will be moving house in the first week. I want to get settled before I start treatment. Work hours are getting closer to being sorted out at work. I will be seeing my GP for another sicknote on Monday.
I have been asked by occupational health if I could return to work before the treatment. I have told her that if I did and a customer started to let off steam I would burst into tears. I am a lot better than I was but my mind is a mess at the moment.
I consider myself a lot luckier than most people with Mesothelioma though. I have been given a lot of time back and am hoping that it stays that way for a long time.
Today i am going to tackle the garage. I have to do it, there are a lot of memories up there. Fancy dress costumes and children's toys, there is even a karaoke that belonged to my dad. Some very special things that I don't want to lose but I know I will have to be brutal.
This evening I am going to the cinema with Siobhan and Richard to see The imaginarium of Doctor Pamassus with Johnny Depp and Tom Waite, Siobhan and Richard like his work.
It will be good to have some time with them.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cheeky woman!!!

After the appointment, my friend, Gina and I went to B&Q. When we came out a woman came towards Gina's car and asked her who was disabled as we were parked in a disabled spot. I said it was me and told her I had lung cancer, She then went on to say that her husband couldn't park in the spaces as they were full and couldn't walk, She said "I beg your pardon" after she asked us the question.
We then watched her walk back to a car where a man was picking up cement and loading it into his car, She said he couldn't walk!!!
She was so cheeky and went by looks alone.

Meeting went well.

I went to see my oncologist today and all went well. Dr D told me that I would have a 3 week course of radio therapy that could turn into 5-6 weeks.
I would have radio therapy every day, Monday to Friday.
I have asked to start it the second week in November as I am moving house and need to get that sorted first.
He seemed happy with this. I am going to have a CT scan done on Friday at 4:00pm to mark out where he needs to go.
We talked about the side affects and work. Work has been a little difficult.
I was asked by occupational health why I couldn't go back to work between the appointment with Dr D and the treatment.
I have said I didn't want to confirm anything until I knew what was happening. I am going to sort out my wages with work, if I have been off for 10 weeks or more, I am entitled to protected earnings, I have been working for them for 4 years so qualify for this. I still don't know what hours I have got and I can't call them till Friday.
I am a little annoyed with them considering all the effort I put in last year to go to work between treatments and then get penalised for my sickness levels.
More stuff to sort out......this is where a partner would be good.

Appointment today

I am off to hospital today to see Dr D about treatments.
Not sure if the tats are done today. Will find out more later.
the appointment is at 2:40pm and my lovely friend, Gina is coming with me.
I met her through facebook and she has been great.
Gina has had her own issues with cancer. She has had breast cancer 4 times, had a double mastectomy and still manages to smile, a great inspiration for me and many others.

All went well at school with yesterday. I explained Kieran's difficulties as he comes across so bright and knowledgeable when he is very vulnerable Kieran and immature.
He is also very sensitive and after explaining this to his head of year, his day became a lot better. The teachers have a lot to put up with, scratching biting, kicking and that is from the children. A lot of them have very complex issues and some control themselves better than others.
Kieran had a good nights sleep and went off to school quite happily this morning, first time for a while.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Professor Calls.

I had a call from Professor Vogl this morning, he has received the CD and report and said that radio therapy was the way to go. I asked him about the Mesothelioma UK meeting next year. He sounds like he is interested in going along and talking about his treatment.
He said he has a good interaction with oncologists now and thanked me for all the patients...called me "the famous Mrs Brewer".... : )
He always makes me feel good about this illness, he is so driven to finding something that will knock the disease out and I think he has done that.
I asked him about Theo, he said he is sleeping, no changes and all was good. Lets hope it stays that way!!!

Morning has arrived....too early!!!

It is 5:34 am and I have been woken up by a pain in my arm again. I went to the dentists yesterday which was very productive, cash wise, it cost me £125 to have my filling removed and clean the tooth out as I have had an abscess there for quite a while. It hasn't done much but when I had the pneumonia a few weeks ago it flared up quite badly.
I have to go back next week for the second part of the treatment.
Kieran is still having a bad time at school. I don't think his teacher can manage the class as Kieran said she shouted at him yesterday. He had a rubber thrown at his face which hit him on the nose.he is very sensitive to touch anyway and had what sounds like an anxiety attack. He gets very anxious, this is a trait of the Autism/ Aspergers he has.
He said the teacher shouted "stop getting hysterical" at him.
He was also told not to tell me any bad/negative things about school and only tell me happy things as I was very upset last week.
Yes, I was upset, I had found out I needed radio therapy as the malignancy of the lymph node was confirmed and my child is being bullied.
He has been told to ignore the other boy which is difficult when he runs at him. I would like to put his teachers in a field with a raging bull and tell them to ignore it, I somehow don't think they would.
I was so annoyed that he had been told not to tell me what happens so am going back to the school this morning, with Kieran...AGAIN!!!

I have my oncology appointment on Wednesday to discuss when the treatments will be and, I believe, to get my tattoos done.
They will match the 2 little dots I have from the radio therapy done on the scar of my VATs op in 2006.

Monday, 12 October 2009

1st appointment.

I had a call from Dr D's secretary this morning, my first appointment is on Wednesday. I think this is to discuss the treatment and to get the tattoos done. These will match my lovely tattoos from 2006 when I had my VATs op done.
Not sure when the treatments will be but am guessing it is going to start the end of this week, beginning of next week.
I am going to park attwood clinic next week, firstly for an interview with a German Dr about chemoembolisation and secondly, to have a break for a bit.
My sister is coming with me again which is great as it will give us a chance to have some time together.
Today I have dentists, yummy????
I will get the abscess sorted out at last.
Theo has been wonderful, I sent the CD and report to Prof Vogl and am waiting to see if he can tell me if there is any change with him and if he is still enjoying his stay in Germany.
I still need some motivation as we will be moving house soon, I am feeling a little excited. I need to whip up the clan to get motivated too, that is even harder when I haven't got a motivating bone in my body.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

All Alone.

I had the house to myself last night, the first time for a very long time, probably about 22 years!
Siobhan was with her boyfriend, Rich with his friends and Kieran is with his dad.
It is just me and the cats.
It was a very quiet night, I enjoyed it but I wouldn't like it all the time.
The news this morning was quite a shock. Stephen Gatley of Boyzone has died. He had the voice of an angel, probably the best in Boyzone. He was 33 years old, the only blessing is it looks like he didn't suffer. He went out for the evening and came home to his holiday apartment, went to sleep and never woke up.
Such a sad loss for his family and friends.
Life is so unpredictable, never knowing what is around the corner.

Friday, 9 October 2009


Thanks to Alan for information bout Salvestrols and the centres that have Mistletoe therapy on the NHS.
"Salvestrols are naturally occuring substances found in many fruits, vegetables and herbs, produced by plants to finght off fungus infections."

It can be founf in Apples, Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Cranberries, Grapes and wine, Oranges, Strwaberries, Tangerines, Avocados, Bell pepper, Broccolli, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, chinese leaf, Olives, Artichokes, Basil, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Mint, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Skullcap, Thyme, and many other herbs that have traditionally been used to treat cancer.She is a medical herbalist.

There are clinics in Berkenhead, Chester, Frodsham and Knutsford.

Web site details for more information is :

These centres, as far as I know, do Mistletoe therapy on the NHS.

Thanks Alan for the information.

Does anyone have any tips for pain relief?
Please email me at

House move, radio therapy, which comes first.

I have called my oncologist this morning to request the radio therapy. I am going to be moving house very soon. I have asked for the first week in November as I need to start the radio therapy. Hopefully it will all work out well.
I am going to book into Park Attwood for a few days as I have to go there anyway to talk to a Dr about the chemoembolisation procedure and thought I would take advantage of the lovely place. I am going with my sister, she went with me last time and it will give us a chance to talk and be together as we have our busy hectic lives and don't get together as much as we should.
Kieran is having a couple days off school as he is still having problems. He is being told to ignore the other boy but this is very difficult for him.
I went to lunch with friends yesterday, this was to celebrate my friend, Carolyn's birthday.
We had a lovely time.
I am still sat in my dressing gown at 10:57am this morning and can't really be bothered to do anything when all around me there is a lot to do. I need a big dose of motivation!!!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

message from the Prof.

I had a lovely email from the Prof this morning.
He is so wonderful. I am going to take his advice and go for the radio therapy and as he says, I can have his treatment if it doesn't work.


i checked your PET scan report and i think currently radiation is the
best way to go , due to the localized involvement

alternatively a local intraarterial chemotherapy again would be an option

but we can offer this also afterwards if radiati0on would be not effecitve

what you think

best greetings and keep eyes and ears up

we and all the patients need you

thomas J: vogl.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lymph node Malignant.

I am adding the report from Dr D who has been wonderful today.
The lymph node is malignant but the Mesothelioma is no change. The lymph affected is in the left hilim which is the root of the left lung and it is incoming and not out going to the system, (I think thats right?)
I have a CD and report to send to Prof Vogl and discuss what to do next. Dr D still wants to do radio therapy which is looking more likely.
I will wait and see what the Prof says.

The Report.

Whole body PET FDG.
Mesothelioma for staging.

Extensive brown fat uptake in the cervical region and mediastinum noted. This makes it difficult to reliably distinguish pathological from physiological foci of increased uptake there.
There seems to be a focus of increased uptake in the right thyroid lobe (image 46, SUV 5.3) but with slight misalignment this could represent brown fat uptake as well.
Ultrasound scan of the thyroid is suggested to establish whether there is indeed a thyroid nodule in this location as a substantial proportion of thyroid nodules which show FDG uptake turn out to be malignant.
The largest of the left axillary lymph node shows only mild tracer uptake (image 73, SUV 1.8, 11m)
There is a mild uptake in the left internal mammary node or pleural disease (image 73, SUV 2.5)
there is moderately intense to intense tracer uptake along the left pleura with a maximum SUV of 4 (image 87).
There is intense tracer uptake in a 3.5cm mass ajacent to the left hilum (image 97, SUV 12).
There are 3 foci of increased uptake in between the thoracic aorta and spine at the level of the lower pole of the aforementioned lesion where it is difficult to determine whether this represents physiological uptake in brown fat or pathological uptake in very small lymphadenopathy. At least one of these findings seems to correspond to a small pleural nodule. (image 101, SUV 3.9). but further down this uptake becomes more intense and its overall linear nature would suggest that this a physiological.
A small paraaortic node just behind the thoracic aorta (image 116) does not show tracer uptake.
There is a tracer uptake at subcutaneous level either side of the naval, significantly more intense on the right (image 185, SUV 5.4) This is uncertain significance but may be related to heparin injections.
Intense tracer uptake in small pelvic side wall lymph node on the right, immediatley in front and medial to the acetabulum (image 222, SUV 3.9)
Intense tracer uptake in a right iliac node (image 229, SUV 5.2 13 mm)

Uptake in the pleura is comparatively unremarkable but there is no doubt that the finding adjacent to the left hilum is malignant. Uptake in the right inguinal node is a surprising finding and inflammatory changes would be alternative diagnosis to malignancy here.

Procedure technique.
Fasting serum glucose 5.3 mmol/l, 396 MBq 18F-FDG IV, 61 acquisition mins p.i., skull base to upper thighs, PET with iterative reconstruction and attenuation correction, multi-slice low dose CT with out contrast.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dawn Hughes.

It is with great sadness that I have to add the passing of Dawn Hughes.
Dawn was a wonderful lady who helped me so much with getting in touch with Prof Vogl, where to stay and how to get to Frankfurt.
She was very ill herself and still had time for strangers she didn't even know.
I met her last year, we were passing ships while visiting Prof Vogl.
She has left behind her young family who must be devistated by her loss.
Condolences from all at Meso and me to Dawn and her family and to one very special lady who didn't deserve all the pain and suffering she had.

Dawn went to see Prof Vogl as she had liver cancer.
She also had a website which she kept a blog.

Dawn took part in the series "The Mummy diaries" which was wonderful.
I was hoping they would do a follow up with Dawn as it was such a great programme about 5 ladys with cancer. Dawn was one of 2 ladies who had survived through the series. It helped them tell their children how to cope with death and dying.
Dawn will always have a special place in my heart and I will never forget all the support she gave to me while still fighting her battle.
Thanks also to my lovely friend, Jeanette, who said lets go and meet Dawn in Frankfurt. I am so glad we did.

Dentists today

I have a dental appointmant this morning. I have had an a problem since I had my tooth sorted out a while ago and went back to the dentist who did it and was told all was ok.
When I had the pneumonia episode, an abscess had formed and has stayed. I am sure it was there when I saw the other dentist.
Kieran has gone to school a little nervous again. Seems this lad is back in class again. I am so annoyed about the way the school has dealt with this.
I have my PET scan results tomorrow. I have asked for a specialist nurse to be present but this is not possible as no one is available. I don't get the full services that were described at the Meso UK meeting. I will be asking questions tomorrow as I need a more positive and helpful comment from my oncologist. I know the prognosis of my disease but don't need the "tut tut" scenario and the "Go home and enjoy yourself" statement. Such a stupid thing to say to someone.
I am going to get on with the Meso UK report when I get back today.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Good night.

Tina and I are sat in the hotel giggling about a poor strawberry she demolished. It is so silly yet so funny, I have had a really good day.
The mesothelioma UK meeting was great as usual. It was good to hear a debate about chemoembolisation. The Prof is being invited over for the next conference and will hopefully attend.
It was brilliant meeting so many people I have met on my meso journey. Theo was remembered by Dr Edwards which was great and tells me that an interest is being taken by him about Theo and the way I deal with him. I love Theo!!!! He is even recognised now.
Tina and I travel back to Plymouth tomorrow. We have had a great weekend.
We are planning to go to Chris Knighton's next event which is in May. We had a great time last year.
I will write a report of the meeting and post it on the blog.