Saturday, 30 April 2011

I am one very proud Muvmuv this morning : )

DJ Kidsan and his Engineer, his dad David.
DJ KIDSAN and Amber.

Firstly, if anyone is wondering, Muvmuv is the nickname Kieran has given me instead of mum or mother and I like it. I like it so much I am thinking of changing my middle name and dropping the one I have.

Secondly and most importantly, Kieran completed his 12 hour music marathon yesterday and raised £123:50p for cancer research, anyone wanting to donate can still do it, the link is on a blog below.

He had a few hiccups, his engineer managed to iron out a few glitches but DJ Kidsan soldiered on with few breaks from 12 noon till 12 midnight and what a show it was. Many of us were amused by the back ground talking of Kieran and his dad. This was an added bit of entertainment and many people tuned in and donated.
Big thanks to Mavis Nye who went to a street party and raised £20 for Kieran and also to Siobhan, Richard, Tina, Carolyn, Cathleen, Geraldine, Johanna, Gina, Dee jay, Naomi, Hayley and Glenn, Tory, Laura, Dan, Colin and many more who listened in and donated.

Thank you so much to all of you and to anyone I have forgotten. We really appreciated your support and well done Kieran for achieving what you set out to do x x x

Friday, 29 April 2011


Kieran will be doing a 12 hour music marathon Today at 12:00pm and finshing at 12:00am Midnight.
He will be raising money for cancer research.

If you would like to listen to his broadcast please copy and paste the link below into your address bar.

You can also donate if you want to, even if it's £1.

If you would like to request a song and can't get to his face book page, please email me at

Phu_phita @

And I will pass the request on.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Kieran, He has made us all very proud x x x

Good luck Kieran.

Kieran will be doing his 12 hour music marathon today. He is raising money for cancer research.
Hence I won't be watching a certain wedding, I would rather listen to my son.
Kieran will be playing songs requested by people listening in. If you would like to request a song and can't get to Kieran through facebook, feel free to email me and I will pass it on to him.
My email address is

Thank you so much to every one who will be supporting him.
Good luck Bean x x x x

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Back home and intact.

I thought I would be home again, Mick and Keith are still rocking around in my gall bladder.
The Dr and aneasthsatist agreed that it would be better to do the operation at the local hospital rather than the private one as there is an high dependancy unit there and I may need to be ventilated after the surgery.
I am happy with this as I would feel more confident if I was in the building where everything was based.
I had a lovely cheese and tomatoe sandwich and a cup of coffee before I left and apologies from both the Dr and Aneasthatist.

The aneasthatist did call yesterday to discuss today's op, Rich took the call as I was out. He said the easter bunny had called. I gave him a very confusing look, why would the easter bunny be calling about my op? I then realised that he meant the aneasthatist but couldn't remember who he had spoken too. Rich is 21 years old!!!

Goodbye Mick and Keith?

I am hoping I am saying goodbye to the stones today. I have named them Mick and Keith : )
I am 70% sure I will be sent home, we shall see.

It's international workers memorial day today and I am remembering all those who have been injured and killed at work. One of them being my gorgeous dad who was exposed to asbestos. This disabled him for many years. I hope that days like these show employers that the safety of their employees is paramount.
Love you so much dad and miss you too. x x x x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Op tomorrow?

Well, everything is in place for the operation to remove my gall bladder tomorrow. I am fully prepared to be told to go back home because of the chest infection.
Saying that, I have been feeling so much batter today, I have been doing my breathing exercises and using my inhaler for the asthma.
It could be that the air is so muggy at the moment that it is causing the problems.
Thanks to all my lovely friends and my sister for their support and best wishes for tomorrow. Hopefully I will be staying in and getting this sorted out once and for all, next thing... the TOF!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Poly Styrene.

So sad to hear that one of my icons from the 1970's has passed away : (
I loved Xray spex, a great punk band and was a big part of my teenage years.
I can remember my now ex husband putting "Identity" on and playing it, he would love to hear me punk out as Poly and sing along with it. don't think I could do it now.
Rest in peace Poly, your one wonderful lady.

Dr's again!

Kieran is back to school today, it has been a tough Easter with him. I love him too pieces but his teenage angst and autism is not a good cocktail. He has been verbally abusive and violent.
I had an appointment with the nurse at my surgery to have a respitory test and have the lungs of an 81 year old!! The nurse told me not to worry about that bit, so I won't. At least I am still here.
I went into town afterwards to get a break light for Halo, my car. I changed the faulty bulb and then went back to the Dr's to see my GP as the hest infection is acting up again.
I have got more anti biotics to take which will hopefull knock it on the head.
This afternoon I am off to hospital to have another pre-assessment done ready for Thursday.
On Thursday I have an operation to remove my gall bladder.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Strange dream.

How strange to find that this picture was taken a year ago, Margaret and her husband, Pete were in Devon and I met up with them in Plymouth city centre.

I was awake at 5 - 5:30 am this morning as I couldn't sleep. I eventually managed to get back to sleep only to have a lovely dream about my friend Margaret. She is very poorly at the moment.
I dreamt we had a long conversation about life in general and at one point she was wrapped very tightly in a patchwork blanket, red and blue come to mind when I think of it. She couldn't move her hands or legs. She looked like one of those little russian dolls. She had a matching bandana style scarf on her head.
The strangest part was she was smaller, about 2 ft and fitted inside a cream cake box (?) I found it difficult to hear what she was saying as I couldn't hear her through the cellophane. She seemed to be troubled about being sedated.
At one point we were talking, there were lots of people around mingling and chatting. It was very much like a busy art gallery or get together but no common subject for being there. The Dr was sat out on carpeted stairs in a passage way (the kind we all have in our homes) with a man who I got the impression was related to Margaret. She was very agitated that the Dr was talking to this man and not her. She asked me to tell the Dr to come and speak to her which I did. Margaret was definitely in control about what was happening to her. Why the cream cake box though? It was the size of a banana box that are found in super markets.
A very strange dream. I rang Margaret a couple of days ago, she is out of hospital, her sister answered and said she was sleeping. I asked her to pass on my love to her.
Thinking of you Margaret, my lovely friend x x x x

( I rang Margaret this morning to see how she was. Pete, Margaret's husband, said she asked to call me this morning, how spooky!!)

After having the dream about Margaret I have another one which I have just remembered.
I find myself by the sea, on a road next to a field.... confusing I know.
The field is Ermington cemetery in Ivybridge, Devon, it's the cemetery where my grandparents are laid to rest. Instead of there being a grave yard, it is an open filed, very misty. I am standing on the road next to the field with waves lapping up against the tar mac.
I am standing still and just having a slow look around, I can see beautiful green grass and a very dark blue sky enveloped in a thick mist. I had a feeling of peacefulness.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fabulous time last night.

Gables farm Summer Fayre.
The Memorial mesothelioma tree at Saltram house, Plympton, Plymouth.

My gorgeous sister, Wendy, and I at her 50th Birthday party.

I had a great day yesterday. In the morning Siobhan, her boyfriend David and I went to Gables farm cats and dogs home for their summer fayre. We had a look at all the cats and dogs and I was hoping upon hope I wouldn't fall in love again. All went well and I didn't come home with any new family members. We then went to Saltram house were we had luch. It was such a beautiful day, I went to visit the meso tree planted in memory of all those who have lost their lives to Mesothelioma and asbestos related diseases and those still fighting. The little tree is looking so healthy.

Later I got ready for my sister, Wendy's, 50th Birthday party.
I had a fabulous time, it was good seeing my cousins again and catching up on what they are doing and how much they have all grown.
I fot home around 12:30am to find the boys getting ready to watch "Red dwarf" on video. Well it's not a school night : )

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter everyone.

What's the first thing Kieran says this morning? "Is it Easter today? Can I have my Easter egg?"
Typical, but how lucky am I, still hear seeing another Easter with my babies, Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I have Mesothelioma.
My cough has nearly gone, I am also hoping that eating and drinking will pick up now as I have lost over a stone in weight, over 14 lbs to my American friends.

I made some phone calls yesterday, firstly to the hospital in Taunton to tell them that I wouldn't be coming up for the TOF op on 28th April because I have the gall stone op in Plymouth.
The TOF op is now being done on 19th May in Taunton.
I rang my GP's surgery about having a respiratory test on Tuesday morning before the gall stone op and in the afternoon I have pre op obs at the hospital.

My GP left a message asking me if I was interested in taking part in medical students studies in Plymouth. I said I would, it will be in June if I am accepted. She also told me that her colleague was reading a book by Lionel Shriver called "so much for that", it is about a lady who is diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma. Apparently there is a lady from Plymouth, England mentioned in it and she is convinced it is me. I will be very impressed if it is. How wonderful. The author must have done a lot of research. I downloaded the kindle and will have a read of it. How exciting!!

I missed Kieran's dental appointment on Wednesday with all what has been going on. I will ring next week and get another one, he isn't looking forward to it at all.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Can't sleep, won't sleep!!!

I am having an irritable, untired, tired night, if that makes any sense. I am so fed up with choking on drinks now that it is beyond the joke.
Yesterday I had a coffee with Carolyn, didn't even contemplate anything to eat, and ended up choking on it in the cafe, how embarrassing!
I just want to get it all sorted out now, I need to put some eight back on and can't do that if I am not eating or drinking enough.

Happy Birthday to my sister, Wendy, who is 50 today. Have a wonderful day sis. x x I know dad will be smiling on you all day wishing you the best day ever.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Stunning day today.

My gorgeous necklace from Siobhan that I will be wearing on Saturday x

Today has been beautiful, sun shining, glorious day. I went into town with my friend, Carolyn, and spent like a mad thing. I have my sister's 50th on Saturday and went to look for a dress, after walking into around 8-10 shops I eventually found one. I wanted one that would match the necklace that Siobhan got me for mothers day. I also managed to get the earrings to match it.

I had a call from the hospital about my gall stone op. It's Thursday 28th April, same day as the TOF op!!
I will cancel the TOF op as I was worried about getting home on the Friday anyway as it is a bank holiday, Somebodies wedding I think : )
I have to go to see my GP Tuesday morning for a respitory test and then the hospital in the afternoon for pre op obs. Going to be a busy day.

I feel absolutely shattered now, going to chill out, jacket potatoes for tea and hopefully no choking on anything unlike today in the coffee shop. Will be glad when the choking part is sorted out, I have lost over a stone in weight due to not eating and drinking properly. Hope it sorts itself out very soon.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Taunton today.

I am going to see Dr TOF today about the op next week to seal the TOF. It is great that it isn't leaking and will be thrilled if we find out it is sealed already, I can hope!
I will have another clip put on and hopefully this with end the problems I have had for the last 51 years!
I am sure there was something I had to do tomorrow and I cannot for the life of me think what it is.... Chemo brain!!

Love to my friend, Margaret, who is very poorly in hospital. Hope you get better very soon Margaret, sending you all my love x x x

Monday, 18 April 2011

Back from seeing the surgeon.

All is looking good for taking the gall stones/bladder out. I have decided to call them Mick and Keith after the rolling stones.
So Mick and Keith's days are numbered. The Dr needs to speak to the anesthetist about my mesothelioma and TOF and if all is fine to go ahead, I will get a date.
I want to get back on track with my life so it will be great when it is done.
I am due to have another op on the TOF next week. I will see what happens, may have to cancel that one for a while.
I am seeing Dr TOF tomorrow and will discuss it with him then.
I am going to ask Dr Gall stone if I can have Mick and Keith for souvenirs of another battle won : )

Fantastic GP.

How lucky am I , I have an amazing GP, she is so helpful. I went in and told her all about my medical adventures last week and about yesterdays ongoing journey. She got on the phone to the hospital and got me an appointment with a general surgeon for 5:10 pm today.
I feel very fortunate to be in my position, my job affords me the luxury of private health care that speeds things up. The insurance company are happy to support the consultation.

I managed to get to the crematorium after my Dr.'s appointmant to pay my condolences to Ross who has lost her lovely husband, Dave, to mesothelioma. She is such a wonderful lady, Dave had a long fight for the last 3 years, Ross fought hard, getting him to America for treatment and then to the Prof. Dave had the aggresive form of Mesothelioma, Sarcomatoid, such a shame a lovely relationship has been pulled apart by this awful disease.
It's such a beautiful day today and I hope Ross manages to get through it with a smile and lots of very happy memories x x

Dr's this morning.

I had quite a good night, I woke up coughing which was better than coughing through the night.
The chest infection is going but it is very slow, I suppose it could be the aspirating that is making it more difficult to get rid of.
I have a Dr.'s appointment at 10:40 this morning. Spoke to my insurance company and have asked about the gall stones being sorted out privately and they have said it is fine.
I will ask my Dr about it.
I feel so tired today, could be the low iron count, I will ask about that too. As I am vomiting it could be that my electrolytes are affected, I am trying to eat but the reflux makes me cough which then joins the gall stone problem. It's a bit like pick 'n' mix : )
I have my sister's 50th on Saturday and am hoping that I will be back up and ready for that.
Kieran seems more settled this morning. He has been going out on his scooter, good job it is lovely weather. He finds it difficult to be around me when I am unwell. He has his xbox back today so that should help him a little.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Here we go again!!!

I had a lovely snooze on the sofa this afternoon, woke up and ... bingo!!!.... the gall stones have joined in with the chorus of illnesses I have had this week.
I was in absolute agony, I felt like I was going to pass out.
Siobhan called an ambulance as I felt so ill, I called my friend, Tina, as I didn't want the children having to deal with this on their own. Ambulance came out, vitals are all good thank goodness.
I told them I had some suppositories in my room to use, I was told to use them and if things get worse, to call back. It was difficult for them as I had vomited and had loose bowl movements too, .... yuk, what a subject!
I told them it was the same as the other times I had had gall stone issues but this one was different. I felt so weak and ready to hit the floor.
I went to bed to rest after saying goodbye to the ambulance crew and Tina. I lay quietly watching "Columbo" and eventually fell asleep after the pain had gone.
I will go to the GP tomorrow and get some advice. One of the ambulance crew tols me one person was still waiting for a gall stone op after 18 months! That is shocking, I can't honestly see that happening if I am a terminally ill patient.

Still very breathless.

I am very breathless today but determined to get over this. The reflux doesn't help as when I cough I end up aspirating again. I have so much on next week I don't want another stint in hospital. The steroids don't seem to be doing much at the moment. If I do anything I feel absolutely floored afterwards and there is so much to catch up on.
I am going to the Dr's tomorrow to get some puffers for the asthma, I have a funeral at 11 am but if I am coughing I will just go to the wake. I missed Geoff's funeral last week through being in hospital.
Kieran has been acting up, probably because of all the changes going on and the fact he is pumping hormones. He will be with his dad for the day tomorrow so hopefully we can all have a break from each other.
Tuesday I am off to Taunton to discuss the TOF op.
I will be glad when I feel back on top again.

Barium swallow report.

Clinical history: TOF clipped. Asperation and dysphagia

Water soluable contrast swallow.

The tracheo oesophageal fistula clip is noted in the upper third of the oesphagus.
No contrast was seen to pass through the fistula, even on swallowing when prone.

However, with a large mouthful of contrast some was aspirated above the level of the TOF.
This was presumably due to an incoordinated swallow although this was not directly observed, and on subsequent assessment of the swallowing action, this appears normal.

Marked gastro oesophageal reflux was observed on lying which resulted in coughing.

A short shelf-like minor stricture was seen in the distal oesophagus, likely to represent a schatzi ring which maybe a consequence of the reflux.

Still coughing.

Siobhan has been amazing. Such a lovely girl, really helpful, even her boyfriend David is helpful. What happened to my boys?
We went off to do some shopping yesterday. We were on our way out when we came across a little bird in the road. It looked like it had fallen from a nest. I turned the car round and parked opposite it. Siobhan got out and resued it before a car ran over it. I frantic mother bird was flying around, We couldn't see the nest and were unsure if we should leave the little bird on the verge. We decided to take it to the local vets and see if they knew where we could take it to be looked after. Siobhan had it cradled in her hands while we drove to the vets. It seemed to calm down.
We got to the vets and the girls said they would look after it. They took our details and said we could call to ask how the little bird was, We named it Lucky : )
Of all the times to go out without a camera, it had to be this one.
I am still coughing like an old navvy and wheezing like an 150 year old tortoise. I am off to the Dr's tomorrow to get some puffers for my asthma. I have steroids which seem to be helping at the moment. I have lost weight again through not eating much, not too bad though as I have me sister's 50th party on Saturday so have a less lumpy frame.
Tomorrow I have a funeral, another lovely friend from our support group. I was going to visit my dad too but I don't think I will manage the walk to the memorial garden. I will go down when I am feeling fitter.
Kieran had another explosion yesterday. He has now lost the use of his xbox today as well.
The boys don't seem to like the changes. Not sure when Rich will be back, He is not a happy bunny!

Friday, 15 April 2011

What an eventful week!

Apologies for not updating the blog, I have been in hospital since Monday evening and got home today.
It all kicked off on Monday night, I aspirated again and got very breathless, ended up calling out an ambulance. I waited in A&E from around 12 am till 4-30 am to get to the ward. Heard some funny stuff while waiting in A&E, the lady in the cubicle next to me had a stoma bag which was leaking and needed to be changed. There was a female nurse and a male health care assistant with her. As they were cleaning her up, the nurse told her to roll towards her which would leave her back facing the male HCA. What she said next brought a smile to my face "Feel free to take advantage"... She was 73, such a great spirit and she was very poorly.
Eventually I was moved to the medical assessment unit where I was next to a lady of 89. Well.... did I think I would hear something funny from her too?
She was talking to a young 17 year old girl who had overdosed, telling her that she only had one life and she should make the most of it, get rid of her boyfriend who wasn't helping her situation and to not get involved in this sex thing, well, the nurse who was with me and I were not prepared for what we heard next. This lady talked about sex and told the young girl that she "didn't want to get a sore fanny"!!! Well, we were in hysterics.
She was such a sweet lady, so funny, better than the one on the other ward I was transferred to the next day. she was miserable, told me I should be put in a room and the door should be shut and to "shut up coughing for christ sake" Such a happy soul : )
Today I had a barium swallow and this has determined that I did have aspiration pneumonia again but I also had asthma. While waiting I read some of my notes and saw that when I was diagnosed in 2006 , I was described in a letter to another Dr who would perform my VATS op as "an unfortunate 47 year old woman". There is nothing unfortunate about me, they just didn't know it then : )
In complete contrast to that, a Dr who is known as the Brigadiere, a very much respected person in the hospital, crouched down in front of me and seemed in awe of the fact that I am still very much surviving. He said he was astounded that I had mesothelioma, a life threatening illness and if that wasn't enough, to then have the TOF, another life threatening condition was astonishing and that I had survived all the years I have, especially with the mesothelioma. It's such a good feeling when some people in the medical profession are in total respect of what has happened.
I had the barium done with one of the nurses calling me a "poor little chicken" because of the coughing and spluttering. What was wonderful was that the Frederick (TOF) was causing no problems at all and Theo (Meso) had been well behaved too.
I have got some steroids to sort out the asthma and will be back to the Dr's to get some puffers for it.
Meanwhile, I am off to Taunton on Tuesday to see Dr TOF, it was interesting in the barium unit that the Dr who was analysing the data knew Dr TOF and described him as a little eccentric, Well, I think he is a wonderful character who is very excitable.
I have to say that my hospital stay has been wonderful, the staff were fabulous on every ward. When I got to the respiratory ward I was greeted with "Are you the Debbie Brewer who we knew from last year?" Felt like I was with family. I am back home now and have created some new rules regarding the xbox and chores, 2 unhappy boys, Rich has gone to stay with his dad for a couple of days and Kieran kicked off in the only way he knows, verbal abuse. It is all quiet now and because Kieran kicked off, he has no xbox tomorrow. He will learn one day who the parent is, until then, it will be tantrums.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Feeling much better.

I was up at 5am with a coughing fit, fed the cats as they followed me down stairs. I sat for quite a while, browsing my facebook and catching up on emails before going back to bed.
Today I take the last antibiotic, I think I am going to need steroids to kick this cough and muck.
I will go to the Dr's tomorrow, give the antibiotics another day to work.
Kieran is back home today after a weekend with his dad.
He was washing cars yesterday to raise money for cancer research. He went into town and collected on Saturday and I think they did well.
Next will be Kieran's music marathon, he says he is going to listen to music for 12 hours. Kieran is loving this, hope he realises if he does his marathon music session, there will be no xbox.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

BL@%*Y XBOX!!!

I logged onto my bank this morning and find that £39.99 has been taken by Microsoft.
Kieran has been buying points for his Xbox and not realised he has been charged for them.
I have rang the bank this morning and cancelled my card.
Kieran's dad has said he will pay half of if which is very good of him.
I am having such a fun time with my teenager at the moment!!
Kieran is redeeming himself though, He went in to Plymouth city centre with his dad yesterday to collect for cancer research and today they are washing cars.
Kieran is doing the relay for life again this year with his dad.

I have been coughing again but managed to get a good night sleep, I am hoping that the chest infection is on the move now. Stork is leaving paw prints all over the house, so difficult with the injury being on his pad, it is difficult for it to heal. There will be a mammoth clean up when it has healed, we have paw prints on the furniture, beds, floors and carpets. I hope his infection clears up too, what a pair we are : )

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Still coughing for England.

Yesterday was an eventful day. My lovely GP called in the morning to see how I was feeling. I thought that was so kind. She asked me to go to the surgery to give a sample of what I am coughing up and also wanted to know if I needed a stronger pain killer.
I told her I was fine with the ones I had as the pain was a lot less now.
I missed Kieran's Easter assembly as I would have coughed all the way through it and it isn't a pleasant sound.
I saw my friend Ali in the morning, she came round for a coffee and a chat. She is looking so well and is learning to live a life with Steph who she lost to breast cancer.
Stork's paw is still bleeding so it was a trip to the vets with him. Rich and I took him, Looks like he has an infection which he got through fighting with another cat.
Can't imagine my lovely Storkie fighting, he is so gentle. He had anti biotics and an anti inflammatory which will hopefully sort things out for him.
I picked Siobhan up later in the afternoon. I have missed her a lot, the boys have been a real pain this week.
And then there is Kieran and his tantrums. He has been playing on his xbox with a lad from school. He has now been blocked from Kieran's account because of his language and abuse.
Kieran said they are friends now, I told him he isn't playing on the xbox with him again, this fueled his rage which ended with him throwing my laptop to the floor.
At midnight, after many arguments about rules of the house, he decided he was going. Siobhan and I got in the car and took him to his dad's after I told him I had had enough and didn't want him around when he was acting like he was.
At 7:35 this morning, he apologised, I hope he means it but all parents know how long an apology lasts. He now has 2 weeks off school, Should be an interesting time!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Slightly better night.

I am still coughing like an old navvy this morning. At least I managed to sleep on till 7:30 before getting Kieran up for school.
I dragged Rich up as well as I have told him so many times not to be late for bed and when I woke at 3:07am, he was still up watching TV. He didn't go to bed much before 4:00am. This has made me cross as I have told him it costs me money to feed the electric.
I thought I should be the one tucked up in bed and the boys sorting out all the pre-school morning chores.
He got up and will be tired today, told him he needs to get a job as the early bird catches the worm. Kieran nearly had the conservatory down last night after having one of his outbursts.
All because of XBOX again. A lad in school winding him up and guess who gets the lash out from it.
Rich did his own meal last night, left it in the oven for too long, too busy on the XBOX again.
Where did I go wrong? Is it because there is no father figure around?
Siobhan is back today, the house is a mess, she will pick up a vacuum and a dish cloth but why should she, will try and get as much sorted as possible before she gets back.
Why are boys like this?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Well done BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders.

I was very impressed by the BBC this evening for highlighting the dangers of fly tipping asbestos.
It was the Rogue Trader part of the program where Matt and Dan uncover traders who charge too much and also can put peoples health at risk.
The item was about a man and van who pick up house hold rubbish and charge the public for moving it. It is then tipped somewhere else and the local councils have to pick up the costs.
This idiot had asbestos roofing in his latest fly tipping spree.
The program pointed out how dangerous this is.
Well done BBC for covering this story so well and being very informative about asbestos.
Hopefully more people will see this and change their mind about fly tipping.
The guy got a 2 year prison sentence, but has he got a life long sentence of never knowing if he has exposed himself to this danger and likely to get Mesothelioma in the future...I hope he learns a very valuable lesson.

Dr's again.

I have made another appointment with the Dr at 4:10pm. I know I should have said my name but I didn't and the receptionist was very stern with me.
I was in tears after that phone call, I know they are busy but speaking to someone the way she did was not on.
I hope I can get this sorted out. I nearly aspirated this afternoon and I don't want that happening again as it is frightening, not just for me but more for the children who have no idea how to deal with it.
Will update when I know more.

A new shopping experience.

I have just returned from shopping, we only needed a few things. Well.... what impression have I given todays shoppers? I went round that store sounding like a chain smoking bag lady, cough, cough, cough... and then to finish it off nicely, I bump into someone I knew a few years ago.
I must have looked a right site, she probably thinks I am on my last legs, I sounded like it!!
She asked about the children but not about how I was, Maybe I was so shocking she felt sorry for me : )
Ah Well, life goes on. I am shattered now and am almost certain I won't be able to make tomorrows Easter service, I am so pleased I went to last weeks event for Mothers day though, that more than makes up for it.

Too early!!!

It is morning, I can hear the birds singing outside, think I might join them...oh ..hang on.. my dawn chorus is not as beautiful as theirs..... *cough* *splutter*!!!
I have decided to get up and get a drink of water and try and let this coughing and spluttering settle... I am tired and would love to snuggle up for another coupe of hours but the lungs aren't having any of it!
I missed the support meeting yesterday as I was feeling tired and low and also didn't want to pass on my exclusive germs to others who may not be as well as I am, says me feeling like a piece of pooh!

On a nicer more pleasant looking note, Kieran brought an easter egg home from school yesterday and decided he was going to save it for today as he has a mufti day in school today.
(Mufti day, for those who don't know, is a non uniform day at school and the children usually bring in a £1 to raise funds for the school or a charity). Instead of a £1, the children have been asked to donate an egg.
That blooming egg kept calling him till in the end he could take it no longer and broke into it : )
So much for will power!
Rich was out with his friends and was good enough to bring home another one for him to use today.
Tomorrow is the Easter service at school and depending on how I am feeling, I will go but if I am still coughing then it will be a big fat no. The acoustics in the church will amplify my dulcet tones so I think I may give it a miss. This will be the first one ever I have missed, ah well, its that or deafen the congregation!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dr's again.

Kieran was going to stay home today, to look after me he said. He later called his dad and I heard him say he was going to school and as there wouldn't be anyone on line to play his computer game with , he would be bored.
Fair enough, I would rather he went to school as he and Rich argue so much.
I went off to see my GP this morning, I have some stronger anti biotics which I hope will get on top of this chest infection.
I am trying to get on top of the washing, it has built up, 6 days worth!!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Lovely Sunday.

My lovely gift yesterday, I hate the Kit Kat Chunky!!

I had a lovely gift from Siobhan yesterday. She took Kieran into town on Saturday and he helped her pick out a lovely necklace. It is so pretty, butterflies on a chain.
Rich got me a Kit Kat chunky which was delicious : )
I haven't been feeling too good over the weekend. I have now developed a chest infection which has a very productive cough attached to it.
I am hoping it starts to clear up by tomorrow otherwise it will be back to the Dr's.
The washing machine will be fixed today... I hope!!! has been 6 days. I think the cold water pipe had split. We have piles of washing every where to catch up on...yuk!!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Kieran the house keeper!!

Kieran has vacuumed, made beds and helped out this morning so he could get some money for his game he wants. He managed it, Siobhan and her boyfriend, David, have took him in town to get it. He is one happy boy!!
I had a free cup of coffee this morning as he has been charging me for them!

I have also been looking on the internet and getting information about bloating, burping and general wind problems. Very anti social behaviour!!!
It could be the anti biotics can bloat but I did come across something that fits it all, Coeliacs disease, It is also an auto immune disease and as I have 2 auto immune diseases, Alopecia and under active thyroid, It could be I have developed another one.
I know that bloating can be fluid in the abdomen, this was one of my worries, but as I have had an x-ray on Thursday and a CT scan in February and nothing is showing up, I don't think it is that.
I am waiting to hear about having another CT scan on the liver/abdomen to satisfy the Dr's of this.
The ultra sounds didn't pull up anything abnormal... to be honest, its about time something else happened, it has been a while!!!

Mothers day celebration at Kieran's school.

Shame the picture is a bit fuzzy.
Making pasties.

Ready for the filling!!
Hey Presto!!!!
Kieran's Pasty
My Pasty.
Making Easter cards.
Kieran very busy making his card.
Kieran's Easter Card.

I had a lovely day yesterday. Kieran had a special day for mums, this was for the children to bring in a parent/carer to spend the morning with them.
The first thing we did was watched the assembly, I handed the head mistress a note before hand which told her about Kieran's efforts for red nose day. She called him out in front of the children and told them how he had raised £303 for comic relief. That is an amazing amount, he dyed his hair red for the day and went to school. He looked really good, it suited him.
We then went on to cookery where Kieran and I made pasties. He doesn't like them so it was decided someone else would have it. I picked up out pasties when we left and someone else had had mine as the one I had had meat in it. Yuk!!! I am a vegetarian and specifically made veggie pasties. We still have Kieran's though and I am sure it will be delicious.
We then went and had a break, I had a coffee and Kieran asked if he could go and see his class. So sweet that he asked : ), I had no problem with that.
He then returned in time for card making. We made Easter cards, Kieran did a chicken and an egg on his and I made a "cracking" tea pot with a cup.
We then went from there to have lunch. Kieran asked if he could sit with his friends and not me, no has been a wonderful morning.