Friday, 6 May 2011


I am so impressed. I have had a glass of orange juice drink this morning and I haven't coughed once!
I do think the TOF is partially or fully sealed, Dr TOF will be pleased.
The asthma seems under control now and I am feeling so much better, back to my normal self.
Halo, my car, has her MOT today. Hope all goes well for her as she is my life line.
Kieran did a radio broadcast last night, he is one very impressive boy. He did his own chart show, his chart that he has made up and has it all in his head. He did a top 40, nothing written down, just reeled off as he needed it. Only trouble is there is no punk or rock music in it : (
He says he won't put it in there, not even one.
He is a mean Bean sometimes.

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