Friday, 20 May 2011

Back from Taunton.

All went well with the TOF op, Dr TOF told me that when he went in to look for the clip, he couldn't find it. He found out what had happened, it had become a part of me. The oesopheal tissue had grown around it so it wasn't visible, this had also closed part of the TOF. Dr TOF put another clip on and we are both hoping the same thing happens again and this will definitely close the TOF. So it was good news all round.
I got the 10:18am train home, the train ticket prices are shocking. I was quoted one price of £42.50, that is for a single journet from Taunton to Plymouth and with a disabled rail card.
I was then quoted the cross country price, with the rail card, it was £14.50. Unbelievable and I don't know how it can be justified. The ticket operator wasn't happy, he kept telling me the £14:50 ticket was very under priced...I don't care, I'll take it : )
My throat is sore from having the endoscopy and airway tubes in. I will be talking with a whisper for a couple of days so I hope Kieran behaves as I cannot shout at him.

My friend, Ali, has started a fund raiser to get the funds for the German treatment. I am having such a problem with accepting this but know I must for the children especially, Siobhan is making her little pin badges and selling them for the fund. I am not used to accepting things like this, I find it very hard but I know how mch it means to Siobhan for me to accept this. Ali is a wonderful friend and fought long and hard for Steph who died after a long battle with breast cancer.

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