Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Here again.

The CT blues have started, they started last night. I was thinking to myself and asking myself if I really want to put myself through all this misery every 3 months or if I should just live in ignorance. I don't want to go to see my oncologist but know I will have too. I want a good result and want to go into Dr D's office and hold my head high, my fear is that I will go in all confident and be told that Theo is on the move again.
I am hoping what the Prof did in January has worked, if it has then it will be a big fight to get funding.
Seems that the NHS does not value my life or anyone who needs treatment elsewhere. Rather than fight aginst what the Prof is doing, why don't they see that he is trying his best, on his own, to get a cure for this awful disease.
Well, back to today and the nightmare it will be till I see Dr D.
I will update later.

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