Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Imaging report.

I have slight progression, Theo is on the move again. Dr D advised I speak to Prof Vogl about changing the medication used as I haven't responded at all this time.
I will write him an email and send him the report below.

Derriford CT dated 5/5/11 reviewed and compared to the most recent CT performed at the nuffield hospital dated 16/02/11 at the request of Dr D.

The small volume left supraclavicular lymph andenopathy is stable. The left superior paramediastinal tumour mass has increased in size, measuring 48 x 37 mm on series 3, image 13 of CT dated 05/05/11 compared to 44 x 27 mm on series 40i, image 14 of previous CT 16/02/11.
The left internal mammary lymphadenopathy has marginally increased in size, as have the left prevascular and left paracardiac lymphadenopathy. The left hilar adenopathy is stable. The pleural disease in the left base is stable. The small right pleural effusion is new. The parenchymal appearances are unchanged and likely consequent upon aspiration due to the tracheo-oesophageal fistula which remains patent.
The abdomen remains normal.
Comment: overall slow progression of the intrathoracic disease.

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