Sunday, 29 May 2011

Kieran ready for his 24 hour walk and me just before I had my fainting spell.

Lately nothing is working out the way I plan them. I intended to go to see Kieran in the relay for life and to do the survivors walk. Well.... that didn't work out, I was standing in line, ready to walk the circuit and felt like I was going to collapse. I told my friend, Gina, I didn't think i could do it and went to sit down. I felt so dizzy. Gina did the walk and then came over to where I was sitting. She said she would take me to hospital. We left the venue and went to the A&E department in Plymouth. After 3 hours and a blood test, chest x-ray, urine sample, blood pressure and everything else, I was told my blood count had dropped to 9 so I need to go on some iron tablets. The Dr felt I didn't need to be admitted which was good.
I went back to Gina's after the hospital, had something to eat and then went home.
I still have a cough which does seem to be going, albeit very slowly. I will see my GP on Tuesday and get some iron tablets. One thing that worries me is that the natropathic Dr I saw back in 2008 told me that iron encourages the growth of cancer. I know I have to take the iron so I don't really have a choice.

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