Wednesday, 18 May 2011

TOF op tomorrow.

I had an email from Prof Vogl, he has said there is no problem with using Alimta with embolisation. This is great news. I am going to get the TOF and gall stones sorted out first and then get organising a trip to Frankfurt.

I am having another attempt to seal the TOF tomorrow. Dr TOF is removing the clip that is there and adding a smaller one.
He has treaded very carefully with this as he didn't want to damage my trachea by pulling it up through the oesophagus to seal it. He has seen that this won't happen and is much more confident now.
If this is successful, babies born with my type of TOF will not have to go through an operation, they will have it sealed, endoscopoly this will be a great step forward.
I am not expecting to be home tomorrow although I am a day patient. I usually am observed for 24 hours so better behave myself.
Thank you to my Children,sister, friends and fellow warriors for all their good wishes, especially Mavis who has had bad news herself but still manages to smile through the pages of facebook.
What would I do with out all these wonderful people.

On a different note, Rich made scrambled egg for tes, his first attempt, with a little instruction from me, it was lovely. : )

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