Sunday, 26 June 2011

Beautiful morning.

Ali and I trying a few hats on for size.

I went into town and met my friends for coffee yesterday, it was lovely to see them all. When I got home I was shattered, I think the chemo is having a bask at me, not as much as the normal chemo though. I have been taking my mistletoe so that may be why the symptoms are so mild.
I didn't have anything to eat last night as I was sick, I will definitley catch up today though.

I am going in town to meet my lovely friend, Ali this morning, we have a christening next weekend which we are both looking forward too. Baby Kal is the son of our friend Rachel. We all work together so it will be lovely to see them all and such an honour to be asked to go.

I have a dress in my cupboard I am going to wear. Ali has her dress so I think it will be mainly coffee and a natter : )

Information for all who have supported us so far, The money raised is for treatment only, the flights and hotel I will cover myself. It is hard enough having people donate to the treatment and I don' think everything should come out of it. I am hoping the PCT will refund it so someone else can benefit from being helped from our fund. Theo may do something good for a change!!

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