Saturday, 18 June 2011

Busy day.

This morning I waited for the Virgin Media man to sort out our broad band, it has been terrible for weeks now. We have had a new modem, tried direct from the modem, no router, reset everything.... nothing works. Today Mr VM guy went to the junction bow in the street and found that the connections were lose. I am hoping that this will solve the problem. We have been getting less than 1 meg some days and 14 meg another time. It has been fluctuating so much. We are supposed to be getting 20 meg. Fingers crossed its done.

I had a phone call from a warrior who was in high spirits even though he is so poorly, while talking to him I got a text through from my friend, Chrissy. I mis-read it and thought she said she was going for a coffee with the girls and I headed off to town only to find out that it was at 2pm and it was only 12:30pm ...... DOH!!!
I decided to go and see Kieran and give him his fathers day card and is hayfever medicine. I then went home, had lunch, went back into town, met Chrissy, Jane, Avis and Vicky for coffee. This coffee lasted till 6:10pm : ), a little longer than expected.
I made my way home after saying good bye and have now sorted out my suit case for tomorrow.

I am going to Birmingham tomorrow morning with my friend, Jeanette. Monday is the procedure and a meeting with Cher, a warrior from Australia and Neil her husband. It will be lovely to see her again. Tuesday Jeanette and I will be coming home.

Next week I am going to try and rest.

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