Monday, 27 June 2011

busy day.

Kieran had sore eyes and was sneezing so much this morning. He gets hayfever like his sister, Siobhan. I made an appointment at the Dr's for him, and tried to fit in everything I needed to do. After the Dr's we went to Ivybridge in Devon to pick up some my little ponies for Siobhan. Someone on facebook was selling a job lot for a very good price, Siobhan said she would have liked them but didn't know how much they were. Actually they were reasonably priced, as Siobhan has been working so hard for me I thought she deserved to have them, It would make her happy.
The weather changed, Kieran and I heard thunder. No matter what we headed out to get the ponies, the lady was lovely and I explained that Siobhan was an avid collector and would she mind if she put the houses up for sale towards the Germany fund, she was more than happy with that and was so pleased that the ponies would be going to a good home.

Then it was off back home to get Kieran's bits, he was too late for school due to his appointment being 11:30 so asked if he could see his dad again. He picked up what he needed and I dropped him there. I got home in time to meet Diana, a reporter with the local paper who is doing an article to promote Action Mesothelioma Day on Friday. After Diana had gone, it was a quick change and photo time to run alongside the story. There are some great shots, All taken outside, between the showers!
Few...... I feel asleep on the sofa for about 30 minutes to then be woken up by a phone call from Full house magazine who are doing an update on my story. It will be published in August, the 11th to be exact.

Siobhan came in from town with her boy friend, David and was so pleased to see the ponies. Nother more rewarding than seeing your children happy....well worth the rush this morning. : )

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