Sunday, 12 June 2011

Night out.

I went out with my friend Chrissy last night. I can't remember the last time I went out. We went to the Barbican and met Jane and Vicky. We had something to eat and then went onto to another bar for a drink. At around 11:00pm it was just Chrissy and I who were left.
We decided that we would go home as it was getting rowdy, we passed a young girl who was throwing up in the street and in one of the pubs was subjected to an old man having a good old delve up his nose..... wow...... Devon nightlife, don't you just love it!!!

Today has been very quiet, Kieran arrived home at 3:00pm, I have ironed Richard's smart clothes for his interview on Tuesday.... yes.. I know.... an interview!
It is only for work experience but at least he will be doing something. He will be interviewed by Primarnie.... I mean, Primark.. : ) I hope he gets it and if he works hard they may take him on.

Kieran has his annual review for his statement tomorrow. He has been doing well at school, I think the rages are getting less at home now, well, I hope so.

Theo's holiday fund is going very well, so many very kind people around. Siobhan had around 100 emails one morning asking to buy her stickers and the badges. She has worked so hard this week getting all the parcels packed and sent off. The total is now up to just over £3,400 which is fantastic.
As I have said before, if love and support was a cure, I would be cured a 1,000 times over.
Thank you so much to everyone who has helped ........ your amazing x x x

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