Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sad news yesterday.

A friend who helped me so much through a dark time passed away. His lovely wife contacted me to let me know.
In 2008 My disease had progressed to a really bad state. It was around my heart, my oncologist was very dire with his tone and told me to come and see him in 6 months. I was so upset, I remembered the October before, a lovely couple I had met at my very first Mesothelioma UK conference had invited me to their home to stay for a few days. Heather and Alan are such a wonderful couple, him very driven, courageous, dignified and her, quiet support who cares and loves him very much.
I took them up on their offer and in 2008 I travelled to their beautiful home and stayed for a few days.
Alan gave me back my fight, being with him made me realise that I shouldn't give up, I am with this wonderful person who is so positive and was drowned in his strength and forward thinking.
It was a wonderful time, a time I will never forget.
Thank you so much Alan for keeping me strong and being the inspiration I needed.
Wrap your angel arms around your lovely lady, she needs you more now than she ever did.

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