Thursday, 16 June 2011

Student venture done.

A sneaky quick shot from the room I was in at the Peninsula.

I went out this morning to see my friend, Carolyn, we haven't seen each other for a while so it was great to catch up. I then went home and got my things together for the Peninsula. Siobhan wanted to post some of her badges off, so I took her and her boyfriend to the shops. When we got back we were in time to see the taxi that was going to pick me up, leave.
It was 1:10pm and I wasn't due to be there till 2:00pm. I rang the Peninsula and was told that another taxi was on the way.
after waiting a few minutes, it arrived and off I went. I arrived to be told I was a reserve but now a patient. I was glad of that as I didn't really want to sit and wait for nothing.
There were 5 students today, all 2nd year medical and all very nervous.
There was a different GP today, well, she was a psychiatrist so a little chat meant a free psychiatry session... : )
I was questioned and examined by all the students, making sure they all hear the word "mesothelioma".
It was very interesting again, they were all very good, no one stood out today but I do hope they all pass.
When I got home I was greeted by Kieran wanting a game for his xbox. It is an over 18 and Siobhan has told him it is disturbing and graphic. He knows my feelings on the subject. I have allowed him to play a couple of shoot 'em up games but draw the line at dead bodies and examining them. He was not happy and contined to whinge and nag all evening.
I was already tired and now was stressed.....whoopee doo Kieran!! he had no xbox all evening.
I hope he behaves tonight. I have given him the child line number should he feel the need to use it.
Today I am seeing Carrie, Andy and their new baby, Addison. He is a prem baby and has just come home. Carrie is the grand daughter of Rita who came to Germany with me. Such a lovely family.
I am then off into town with Carolyn and will pick up a few bits I need for Germany. Not long now, I will be going on Sunday. I don't feel I want to go but I know I need to for my children and all those lovely people who have faith in me. Some days it would be great not to think about Theo.

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