Sunday, 24 July 2011

52nd Birthday.

Me with Rich and Kieran, Siobhan isn't too keen on having her picture taken.

I was woken early this morning by the cats wanting their breakfast. I went down stairs, ged them and sat and had a coffee before getting dressed and waking up the children.
We all got ready and left the house around 10 10 am to go for a birthday breakfast. Kieran hadn't been before so he was quite excited about it.
After that we got home and all went off to do our own thing. Siobhan gave me a lovey gift, an address and birthday book from past times, a shop that sells lovely gifts. It was in the art deco style, beautiful.
We are going to stay in this evening and have a curry. Kieran has gone to his dad's for a few days to do his radio show which he is getting quite good at now.

Yesterday my 2 friends came round to see me. Avis and Chrissy had bought me a lovely dragon fly brooch. My friend Tina had got me a Dragon fly wall hanging, does something tell you that I love Dragon flies : )

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