Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bean away again : (

My little Halo car, shining like a dollar : )

I went into town this morning to get a few bits. I got to the car park and decided that Halo, my little car, should have a treat too. She had a lovely car massage. She is gleaming happily now, beautiful. While in the city centre, I booked into the wig shop to have 2 wigs altered, the fringe needs cutting and one may need altering as I have a small head and most wigs are far too big for me. I have an appointment for Friday.
I got back home and readied myself to meet my lovely friend, Mandy, for lunch. It was lovely to catch up with her, she is such a brave lady, an inspiration to me. She dealt with alopecia so well and now has kidney dialysis to cope with, she always has a smile. Every time we see each other we say we won't leave it so long next time but our lives get busy and we forget. Talking of forgetting, I am sure I have chemo brain. I thought Mandy said 1:30pm and she thought I said 12:45pm. She will be the one who is right I am sure : )

I have to get Kieran's bag packed for France tomorrow, he is away from Thursday evening till Friday evening and really looking forward to it.

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