Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bon Voyage Bean.

A message for Heather?

Kieran is off to France this evening. He leaves at 11pm, quite late, the teachers are expecting the children to go to sleep by midnight and up tomorrow morning at 7 am ....... good luck!!!
I am sure they will all have a wonderful time. Kieran has 20 euros to take with him, I wonder what he will spend it on? My bet is sweets, we shall see.

I ordered myself another wig yesterday, it was only £35 in the sales so I'm not breaking the bank.
I haven't done much today, did a little bit of shopping and had quite a restful day. Spoke to some wonderful people on the phone. Pete, Margaret's husband. He was so apologetic because he nearly broke down on the phone and I told him he was entitled to tears.
I also spoke to Heather who lost Alan, we had a twilight zone moment. I told her I had a dream about Alan. He was covered in daisies and only his face was showing. He had the biggest smile I have ever seen. Heather sounded taken aback by this and told me that she went in the garden and was shown a flower patch were someone had written Granddad in daisies ......... I had tingles going down my spine. Spooky, It would be lovely to think that it was Alan saying how happy he was with the Granddad message I hope it was a happy message for Heather, she was Alan's rock, such a wonderful person. We will keep in touch for a very long time.

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