Friday, 22 July 2011

Busy couple of days.

Wednesday I went to the cinema with my friend Chrissy, we went to see Brides maids. I started to sound like a real old miser when we got to the cinema. We had an Orange Wednesday ticket, no I don't get them free, and had to pay £8.55 for one ticket!! I was so shocked, I even nagged at the poor lad at the till about it. By the time we would have had pop corn and drinks it would have been around £20 I am sure, good job we snuck in our own sweets and drinks : )
The film was brilliant, a little rude in parts, lots of swearing but excellent. We laughed all the way through it.

Yesterday evening I went out with my friend Tina for an un-birthday meal. She bought me a beautiful dragon fly wall ornament and some flowers as she will be away at the weekend. We spent an hour and a half finding a place as every where was busy. Eventually we found somewhere, the Chaddlewood, and had some catch up time as we haven't seen each other for a while. We then went into the local shop where Tina bought a birthday cake for her boyfriend, Lee, whos birthday is today.

Today was a very special day, my little Bean's last day as a year 9. He is so excited about going into year 10 and being a year away from college. He makes me so proud, he wants to do the Duke of Edinburgh award which I am so pleased to hear.
I put in an official complaint about Kieran's treatment yesterday and will be having a meeting in September. I hope it will be taken seriously as that poor boy went through so much in his first years of senior school.
I am going to take pictures of all my wigs as I want to keep track of them all. I have 3 polystyrene heads to put them on, ooohhh.... so exciting!!!

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