Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Going .......
going .........
Chrissy with one of my wigs.

Kieran went back to school today, first day after his school trip.
I had a gentle morning, took out the bins, did the dishwasher and washed Kieran's clothes in his suitcase. I gave him 2 disposable cameras, no surprise that one is missing.
My friend Chrissy cam round at luch time and took off the rest of my hair as it is falling out all over the house.
She did a grand job but seemed upset on having to do it. I told her she has done me a great favour and hope she realises that I may have no hair but I am still here.
We had a bit of fun trying on my wigs, she has decided that she should stay blonde, I agree, it suits her. She suggested that I go blonde, I let her know that after trying blonde wigs, I look like Myra Hindley .... not good!!!

Kieran got home from school and then was back out again to go to his dad's, Rich came home earlier and I picked Siobhan and David, her boyfriend, up in the city centre later in the day, All my babies are home : )
Kieran has informed this evening he has tummy ache and been to the bathroom so no school for him tomorrow.

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