Monday, 11 July 2011

Hospital all day today.

Todays wig : )

Kieran went off to school, he has been trying to stay home but mum's and dad's know when children are pulling a fast one. He has been having problems with another child in school and that may be the issue.

Hospital wasn't for me today, it was for my lovely friend, Carolyn. She hasn't been feeling well and I offered to take her to A&E to get checked out. We got there about 12:30pm and left at 3:00pm, at least she got her blood results that showed that all her vitals were fine. That was a worry off her mind, she will go to her Dr and speak to him when the results arrive at her Dr's surgery. It is so awful feeling so poorly. I hope that the hospital has put her mind at rest.

I had a different wig today, it was one I found in a box and I am sure it is one of the last ones I bought in 2008 as it looks so new. I am gradually getting through them all and taking pictures as my facebook friends and people who read the blog seem to love the variety and fun I get from it. I hope it helps others in my position see that hair isn't that important. It shouldn't rule what you do. I know when I lost mine first time I was so upset but being around Michelle Chapman and people like her makes you realise that you can have a life with out hair.

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