Tuesday, 26 July 2011

In, out, in ,out and shake it all about!!

Kieran and I watching the trains go by in Plymouth station.

I have been in and out of the house today so many times I think I have lost count!

I went out this morning to post a parcel and collect Richard's hand cream from the chemist.
I then came home and had lunch, after that Kieran and I went to the rail way station so he could look at the trains. He has decided that being a train dispatcher is his dream job and that is what he wants to do when he leaves school. We came home for a bit, then I was out again to sort out Siobahn's prescription. I went in to see my friend, Tina, for a cuppa and to give Lee, her boy friend, his birthday card. Then it was back home. I am shattered today. Tomorrow I have a phone consultation with my GP as I will need another sick note for work as I am off to Germany next week, All being well with the bloods, for another treatment of Alimta.
Thursday I am seeing Tina again and Friday I will see my GP about the bloods, I hope the results are good. I have had a test for the kidneys and for the thyroid as I have been falling asleep in the afternoons for weeks now. My shoulder (the right one) has been playing up too. Theo resides in the left lung so I know it isn't him. The pain in my shoulder comes and goes and I think that once again it is deferred pain.

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