Sunday, 3 July 2011

Kal's Christening.

Rachel, Matt and Kal, ready for his Christening.
Rachel and Matt with Kal's cake.
Ali and I.
The lovely cake.
Me with Rachel and Ali.

It's a beautiful sunny day, I am so pleased as little Kal has his Christening this afternoon. I got some washing done and hung out, went to the shop to get some last minute things for Kieran's school trip tomorrw, had lunch and then got myself ready to go out.
I went out and picked up my friend, Ali, who was going to the Christening too.
We made our way to the church and it was a good job I left home way before I needed to as..... yes ....... you guessed it, I got lost!!
I had my SAT NAV on but as the roads are gaining a new lay out, it was a nightmare getting to Plymstock. Ever the navigator, NOT, I stopped the car and ask a pedestrian for direcrtions, sorted!!
Ali and I got to the church in good time, I followed her as we made our way in. Rachel and Matt were standing very proudly with their beautiful so, Kal.
Kal was handed to the vicar and cried the whole time. Soon he was hande back to his dad and seemed a lot happier.
The service was very short, after that we made our way to another room to have something to eat. It was so good to see Ali and Rachel again, we all work together and it has been a long time since we got together.
After the Christening, I took Ali home to her house and made my way home. I have to finish packing Kieran's bag as he is on a school trip till Wednesday.
I am going to be Beanless for 2 days : (

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