Monday, 18 July 2011

Last week of school for Kieran.

Saturday I had some girly time with my friends, Chrissy and Avis. We went to Avis's house and had a Princess night were we all wore tiarar's. It was lovely, we didn't get to bed till 3am as we decided to watch a film. Sunday I was so tired. I stayed over at avis's and had breakfast, all cooked by her husband, Graham. They are great hosts. Chrissy dropped me back home where I fell asleep on the sofa for about an hour.
Kieran came home after styig with his dad for the weekend, he has his eye on yet another game for his xbox!! It isn't out until November so I have said we will see how things go.

Richard is starting his new job today, it is work experience for 4 weeks. I hope he follows it through, the problem he has is that he has met someone online and wants to meet her. I have told him his priority has to be the job. He isn't happy with that but he will have to deal with it.
Kieran has his last week at school. He will be in year 10 when he returns. He is growing up so fast.

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