Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lovely day in Axminster.

Ronny and Robert's cottage they are staying in.
Ronny in the cottage grounds.
Ronny and I in River Cottage.
Ronny and Robert waiting for lunch.

Ronny and Robert outside the cottage.
Me waiting for the train home.

Ronny and her husband Robert have been wonderful today. I got up early to get the 8:53 train to Exeter and them a train from Exeter to Axminster. I arrived around 11am and met Ronny and Robert at the station.
It was so good to see them both. We went back to their country cottage they were staying for the week, had a little natter and then headed out to Axminster as we were going to have lunch at Hugh Fernley- Whittingstall's River Cottage, It is situated in the town centre.
We queued up for 30-45 minutes before getting a table. The set up is very rustic, farm house type decor, very basic and what I would expect from Hugh.
We ordered some drinks and our food, kept talking and catching up on what is going on with us both. We then had a coffee and made our way back to the cottage for about 3 ish.

At around 5:30, after much chatting, mostly from me : ), Ronny and Robert took me to the station.
I was so pleased I decided to go and see them, it has been a joy today. Mind you, one the way home if anything happened, my DNA is everywhere....lol. It's at the stations. on the trains, in the cottage, in the town centre, in the River cottage.... damn hair.
I know I am going to get tired of my hair falling out, it will be whipped off with the clippers, will it last the week!!! ........Who knows???

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