Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Bean is home!!!!

I was expecting to pick Kieran up at 2pm today, 12:25 I got a call from his school asking where I was as he was asking was I picking him up. Poor Kieran, no one had rang to tell me.
It was great to see him, he had really enjoyed himself, shame it is spoiled by lack of communication. This made me so angry, about time the communication got sorted out.
He will be doing travel training on Friday with school, he is doing so well. He was supposed to go last Thursday but the trainer didn't turn up, communication again, the information was there but no one told Kieran so one very anxious boy was unsure what was happening. I hope it gets sorted out as I don't think it is good enough.

Kieran will be back at school as normal tomorrow. It's so lovely to see him so grown up and enjoying being with others. His next trip is France next week. I am so proud of him, he is my Bean x x x

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