Tuesday, 19 July 2011

So upset

I had a phone call yesterday afternoon that broke my heart. My little boy had been bullied by a teacher and I didn't know. His dad and I are so upset. The teacher has been suspended, the case is now closed, I was told about what happened yesterday. One thing this teacher did was lie to Kieran. When he went away on a trip the children had sausages to eat. Kieran told his teacher that he only eats veggie sausages. The teacher told him it was, Kieran ate it. When he had finished the teacher told Kieran he had lied and it was a real sausage. I was upset by this and did tackle the teacher about it at the time who did apologise.
I spoke to Kieran yesterday, he told me of an incident that happened in the class when he was writing. The teacher told him to hold his pencil properly, according to Kieran, he asked for help, the teacher got cross and told him to stand outside the class room as a punishment. I asked Kieran why he didn't tell me. He said he was afraid to as he thought the treatment would be worse. This all happened in 2009. April 2009 was his school trip.
I feel so guilty for not knowing and so angry that I sent my little boy to school and he was being bullied and lied to by his teacher. I am going to look into it further, this has upset me so much : (

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