Monday, 4 July 2011

A very quiet house today.

My Fu Manchu impression...... Time to dust off those wigs!!!

I got Kieran's bag and suit case packed for his caravan trip with his school. He is looking forward to it so much. He will be back on Wednesday so it isn't too bad. I will miss him though, especially his anti hug and kiss moments as he feels he is too old with all that and I embarrass him, well at least he will remember all that!
He has all his medication for his hay fever and wrist bands for travel sickness. He was funny yesterday when he spotted the beach toys I had bought for him to take. There was a beach ball, swim ring and a float, all for £3, seemed cheap enough and it doesn't matter if it doesn't come home for that price. Kieran came home and saw the package, he said had I seen what was written on the front in his very official voice. I told him I had, it said 4+. So, why had I bought them for him, he was assuming that they were for small children. I told him that children 4 and under could not play with them, the beach toys were for older children. Ah well, that's ok then was Kieran's response, he seemed happy with that explanation : )
Siobhan has gone to stay at her boy friends house for a few days, so it is Rich and I at home.
He doesn't bother me much, he is on his computer most of the time. I have the kitties for company though.
Tomorrow I am hopefully going to see Ronny and Robert as they are holidaying in Devon and it seemed silly not to meet up with them.

My hair is coming out so it will be back to wigs and bandanna's, I think it is the Alimta that is doing it as it is more toxic than the other chemo drugs. I am not worried though as I have my wigs from my alopecia days and will have a lot of fun deciding which one to wear which day.

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