Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wembury Carnival.

My red fringed wig is the wig of the day today. This is one of my favourites.
Katherine Endicott opened the Carnival.
Katherine's medals from the commonwealth games 2010.
The children danced around the Maypole.
Local honey from the school bee hive.
The gorgeous Michelle and myself, going baldy!!
Michelle, Teresa and I, a rose between 2 baldies : ) (I was standing on tip toes hear, hard to believe I know!)
My lovely friend, Lyn and I.

I was hoping the weather would stay dry today. I am venturing out to Wembury school for their carnival. I didn't need to worry as the weather was very favourable.
I was looking forward to seeing Michelle chapman, she is a great inspiration to me. When I had alopecia a few years ago, I was devistated at losing my hair.
Michelle ran a support group for sufferers and I went along and was quickly humbled by the people there. Michelle lost her hair at the age of 5. Other people there were younger than me and had no hair, there was me bawling about having a few patches. Michelle is confident enough to walk around with no wig on, she is an amazing woman.
Seeing her today was wonderful and I wanted a picture with her and me wigless.
This would be the first time I had removed my wig in public and it was so liberating.
I also caught up with Teresa who did my eye brow tatoos, my eye brows have never grown back so I will be contacting Teresa again about getting it done.
While there I saw my friend, Lyn, who is a teacher at the school. It was so lovely to see her.
I bought some local honey, I am going to see if having 1 spoonful a day helps Kieran with his pollen allergy. It is said 1 spoonful of local honey helps as it is from the same pollen, we can but try. The honey is from the bee hive in the school, the children harvest it and sell it. Such a lovely idea.

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