Sunday, 7 August 2011

Back home .....

From the left : Ronny, Alison Richard, Moi and Robert, Ronny's husband.

It was so good to see my pillow at 3:30am this morning. Jeanette, Mark and I were shattered and I am sure they felt the same when they got back to their home. We left Birmingham airport around 11pm and Mark drove back home. I am so lucky having such very special friends.

Well, back to why they drove me home at that hour, I had my 9th treatment in Frankfurt. I was disappointed to find out that the Prof isn't using Alimta after all but good to hear that what he did use has reduced Thoe a little and, in the Prof's words, "Is drying out".
Sounds like Theo has gone to a clinic to give up the drink!
I was happy with my nes but this was saddened by the news that my gorgeous friend, Ronny, has bad news. She is such a wonderful person and is still going to fight. Ronny has been told by the Prof that he will give her the embolising agnet to stop the tumour spreading and her oncologist may let her have another chemo. She already has kidney failure so this is why it has been difficult to have the chemo. What ever Ronny decides, she has a massive band of people behind her because we love her, the same goes for Mavis who is another wonderful spirit who has had bad news. We are all going to fight this together.
It was lovely to meet Alison and Richard in Germany. Richard has had his 3rd treatment and was looking very well.
I will add some more pictures tomorrow of mine and Jeanette's adventures. Today is for Ronny x x x

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