Friday, 19 August 2011

Back home.

The Old Hall Inn where I stayed a very comfortable night.
Judith, Keith and Dorothy, Mesothelioma is a rotten illness bit it does have a positive side, I am meeting the most amazing people in the world. Keith is also seeing Prof in Germany.
The view from Dorothy's front garden.

A very proud Dorothy with her snowdrops : )

Only 2 bunches left, what a coincidence.
When Dorothy and I spoke of me coming to see her, she said I should come and have a cuppa on a bench she had bought in memory of her husband, Reg. Well, here it is at last : )
Reg's bench, Dorothy bought it in memory of her husband. It is so weather damaged only after a few months outside. such a shame. Hopefully she can find one that will last.
Dorothy and I on Reg's bench.

I have had a lovely couple of days with Dorothy. I met Judith and Keith again and saw a little of the beautiful place that is Yorkshire. I spent my first night in the Old Hall Inn as Dorothy had Judith and Keith at her house. The second night I stayed at Dorothy's house.
We had a meal at the Inn, Judith and I are veggies so we ordered the veggie curry. She asked the waitress if it was mild and she said 'yes'. It wasn't, we were both smoking at the mouth after a few bites of it. We had ice cream with our desserts ...... that felt much better : )

Dorothy took Judith and Keith home the following morning and picked me up afterwards. We have a lovely day which started at the local garden centre. As we walked around we came across some snowdrop flowers in silk. There were only 2 and it was like they were meant for us.
Of course I had to buy them and gave one of them to Dorothy. That was the highlight of our day, we didn't stop talking about it.
We went back to Dorothy's and had a cuppa before going out agin later in the day for a bite to eat at the Old Hall Inn again. After a good nights sleep it was time to pack to come home. I intend to come back again, not sure when but I will be back. Dorothy is a lovely lady who still misses her husband, Reg, so very much.
Dorothy took me to Skipton station to make my way home. I was very nervous about getting the connection train from Leeds to Plymouth as on the way up I asked a member of staff at Leeds station where the platform was for the Skipton train and he sent me the wrong way. I was so out of breathe rushing to get it. Dorothy asked if I could have assisted travel and arranged for someone to meet me at Leeds station. I was met by a much better member of staff who took my case and led me to the platform for the Plymouth train. He even waited for the train to arrive!
It was one busy train, I had my suitcase sat between my legs with my bag on top and then my coat, crammed in a little space, the train was packed. I was like that all the way to Plymouth, 5 hours of children excited about their holiday club break, babies crying, people telling others they were in their seats and even one woman getting very cross and told the children to be quiet as her mother had diabetes and needed her rest. I am so glad to be home now and am looking forward to seeing Kieran tomorrow.

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