Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bit of catch up going on.....

The hotel room had no air conditioning, Jeanette asked for an extra fan which completely messed up my hair!!!!
My arty farty shot of a puddle in Frankfurt : )
On the way to the University Clinic, beside the river Main.
My nervous pose, about to have the procedure. I am quacking in my polythene blue shoes!!!
Super powered shoes, for the super hero in me : ) They match my varicose veins beautifully.
Jeanette and I in our favourite place, Romer.

Our favourite indian restaurant.
Gladioli again, and Jeanette's favourites, Elephants.
Enjoying a beer to celebrate the 2-3 mm that has reduced.
A German wedding we came across while exploring Romer.

.... I am going to put some pictures up from Germany at the weekend. Sorry it has taken so long, no excuse, been sat on my butt reading facebook comments and catching up with friends and how they are. Jeanette and I enjoyed our stay in Frankfurt. When we go we like to get as much out of it as we can, treatment permitting. We cam across the bier bike again, such a wonderful creation and what struck us the most was that there is beer everywhere in Germany but no drunk people being abusive on the streets, no rubbish, everyone is respectful. Why can't the UK be like that?
I don't think the bier bike would be a good idea on the Barbican in Plymouth, those cobbles would be a real nuisance.
We saw a German wedding which was lovely. Buskers were playing outside the place were the couple were married which added to the atmosphere. Jeanette gained 4 euros for 2 glasses that we didn't pay a deposit for. The hotel we stayed in was lovely apart from there being no air conditioning. Frankfurt was very hot with a very heavy down pour of rain in the afternoon.

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