Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Blood cross match.

The support meeting in Plymouth was wonderful. We had a great chat about nutrition and met some new patients who hadn't been before.
I left there after arranging to meet Pam, Ann and Bill for lunch next week.
When I got home from Derriford, I had a message to go back as my lovely oncologist, Dr D, had arranged for me to have a cross match blood test done as the transfusion will be done on Monday.

I am nearly ready for Germany, still panicking about forgetting things and checking that date!
I am in good hands though and so lucky to have a great friend in Jeanette. She really looks after me and sticks with me all the time, even in the theatre. I hope this time the canular is done first time as it can take 5 attempts and that really drags me down. I will be meeting Alison, Richard, Veronica and Robert in Germany. Such a shame we have to meet in these circumstances.

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