Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Breakfast with friends.

Amber moved into my seat......
...... and Stork into my suitcase : )

Kieran has gone to Dunstable with his dad today. I will miss him so much. He had a choice to come to Yorkshire with me or go with his dad. He chose to go with his dad as he will see some friends there. I hope he has a wonderful time.

I am getting ready to go to Yorkshire tomorrow, I am looking forward to seeing Dorothy, Judith and Keith. They are wonderful meso warriors. Dorothy lost her husband, Reg, to the disease and Keith is fighting it. He has been seeing Prof Vogl for a while and seems to be doing well. Judith, his wife is a great support to him.

I packed my bag today and turned around to sit in my seat, Amber was in it!! turned back to the case and Stork is in it!! They are so cute but very cheeky. I haven't got the heart to move them.

I saw 2 of my best friends today, Tina and Carolyn. We had a catch up as we have all been so busy we haven't seen each other.

I won't be on the bloge till Friday as I am not taking my laptop so will catch up then with some pictures : )

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