Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Call from GP.

I had a call this morning from my GP. My blood count results are back and it is down to 8.5 again. I think it could be due to the last lot of chemo. This has surprised me because apart from being slightly breathless and tired in the afternoons, I have been feeling much better.
The GP is going to contact Dr D and get another transfusion done.
I hope that after all this that Theo has moved out, big time!
I have emailed the Prof and he has said it shouldn't be a problem so I am still going to have the treatment in Germany.

Kieran and I are off out today, it was going to be a surprise but Kieran guessed right where he was going. I am taking him on the Plymouth wheel. He wants to go on the London eye, which we will do at some point. Until then it is the Plymouth wheel.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me and sending wonderful messages, Especially to Irene, who lost her wonderful husband, Kaz, to mesothelioma. She writes wonderfully colourful emails. I am in awe of her and people like her who have lost their loved one and still find the strength to commend others for what they do. Thank you so much Irene and to everyone who has sent good wishes.

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