Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fawlty Towers Indian style!!!

Before I tell my tale of the Indian resteraunt last night, I need to update to the current number one son situation. Rich got the bus to a bus station in Ireland to get another bus to take him to the terminal to get home, Only problem was the bus was caught in traffic so when he got to the airport, he had missed checkin. No flight home as there is only one a day so Rich decided to stay another night with his lady. He arranged with me to get the flight home the next day. A few hours later I get another phone call from him, he is coming home on 6th September as the ticket prices were cheaper. So, number one son is still in Ireland!

Tandoori night!!!

Last night was great. I was going to go to my friend Chrissy's house and have a take away. This turned into a few of us going out. We made our way to the resteraunt we had been too before, got a drink and were sat at a table. Chrissy asked for a cocktail called a baby elephant which the waiter mumbled something about not knowing how to make it. We were offered poppudums and relishs which we sat with for about 20 minutes, we asked who was going to take our order,
Not much interest in that one!!!
After another 15 mins we asked again about taking the order, the waiter went up to the bar and hung around a bit more until eventually another waiter took it. The meal came out, Chrissy and her daughter, Rachel had king prawns which they said tasted over cooked, rubbery was the word they used (when your paying £16 a serving, they should be cooked properly).
Avis, my other friend has pashwari nan which is a fruit laced bread. Plenty of nan but no pashwari so the waiter was informed of this. The duly brought out another king prawn and a pashwari nan, not after much shouting and swearing in the kitchen though, I might add!!
The waiter who was asked about a cocktail was asked again. After much huffing and puffing said, in a mumble again, something about not knowing how to make it.
We had our meal and waited again to be served. Chrissy asked again about the baby elephant cocktail and was met with "I don't have the old menu here, I don't know how to make it". So there was no cocktail. He then brought the bill over, no offer of dessert or coffee. Much banging, clattering and swearing going on again in the kitchen with another waiter coming out and saying the 'F' word. After asking to speak to the manager, we were told he wasn't in.
We got the bill, some of us had cash, some cards. Oh no!!! now the cash machine isn't working.
Well, we won't be going back there again. It was like something out of Fawlty towers. At the end of the evening, we were the only ones in the resteraunt, the music was turned off, this was about 9:30 - 10 pm. I am not sure but it could be that it was to do with Ramadam, there was something on the door about it. I don't think Ramadam should affect a business so badly.

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