Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Meeting friends.

I am off into town to meet a friend of mine today. I haven't seen Maryann for a few months now and am looking forward to catching up with her and chatting about whats new. Mary is wonderful, such a great spirit who has had a lot to deal with in her life. Foremost, spinabifida which disables her, it never disables her smile though. She is alway happy to see me and never complains about aches and pains and I know she has many.
Tomorrow I am going to see my little nephew who has just turned 1. I am the only one in the family now who doesn't have grand children. I would like them but know I would want my children settled and happy before they have children. It is such a lot to think about for them as the mortgage deposit for a house would £20-£30,000 before they even think about looking for somewhere. They are happy, that is the most important thing. My time will come when I have the joy of a little one around again : )

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