Monday, 22 August 2011

Nearly back to normal.

Rich comes home on Wednesday after a few weeks away in Ireland with his lady friend. Kieran came back home on Saturday, it was good to have him home again, I have missed him so much.
I have started to feel tired again and my back is aching, on the right side. I think I could be having my first chest infection for a few months. I am hoping it goes on it's own but it probably won't.
Kieran is travel training today, he is going to do the school route.
Tomorrow I am getting a wig altered and getting one steamed on the fringe as it is a bit awkward looking at the moment.
My hair is growing back slowly. I think it is going to take a while to get it back as it was.
I am so pleased to have a reprieve from the CT scans. 2 of my warrior friends have been having the CT blues. Mavis and Ronny are so brave, they are so very positive about things. It is a big knock back when you get a bad diagnosis or can't have treatment. They have picked themselves up and come back fighting harder, well done girls, you make me so proud x x x
I am also thinking about Rod and Julie in Australia. Julie is not well at the moment, Rod, her partner, is a rock for her. Every day is precious at the moment. Sending love and strength to both of them x x

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