Wednesday, 3 August 2011

posh muv muv ..... (very funny Kieran!)

Kieran wrote the title this morning so I thought I would keep it, cheeky monkey.

He is out travel training this morning. I am off to the Mesothelioma support group meeting at 11:30 in Derriford Hospital, Mustard tree. I was so pleased to hear that the Action Mesothelioma Day event raised £550!! Wonderful. Today we are going to discuss where the money should go.

When I get back I will be getting ready and packed for Germany. I will do the usual, Jeanette knows what I am like, I check my passport to make sure the date hasn't changed. It is due for renewal next year but I still panic about it not being in date. I did write about how OCD'd up I got about it and was told that I couldn't say that as there are people who actualy suffer with it. Well, I do get it a little, so there!!!

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