Sunday, 14 August 2011

Searching for the ugly dress!

Avis in her ugly dress looking like Shania Twayne....don't think that impresses Chrissy much : )

Chrissy and I in our ugly dresses, I can see why Chrissy was given mine free of chrage at the shop, it is pretty bad!!
Chrissy in her not-so-ugly dress, she is going to get another one as she looks far too gorgeous in this one, mind you, she would look great in a bin bag!!!
Chrissy and Avis's ugly dresses, or are they???

Saturday was fun. I met up with Avis and Chrissy at Chrissy's place where I found them dressed up in some really bad dresses. I wasn't sure if they were for real and was very diplomatic about it. When they started laughing, I realised they had ugly dresses on. Phew!! what a relief, I thought their dress sense had left the building. We decided that we are going to have an ugly dress evening. We went to some charity shops to look for some dresses. We had a real giggle and did find some monstrous ones!! I found and ugly one as the one chrissy got me didn't fit me. She saw it in a shop and it was so bad that the shop assistant wouldn't sell it to her. I can see why!!!

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