Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Todays lazy day.

I ambled around today, the cats woke me up at 7 am this morning for their breakfast, thanks kitties!!!
I got myself dressed quite late in the morning and made my way to Derriford hospital to speak to Kate, our specialist nurse about how Germany went. We also had a chat about the support group and how it could help carers as well as patients. Carers get easily lost in all the information for patients. They are the most important person who is the support for the patient. It would be great to have something in place for them too.

Tomorrow I have an article in the "Full house" magazine. It is a small article under the heading "silver lining". I am looking forward to seeing it.
I am going to lunch with Ann and Pam tomorrow and then home to meet Kieran's friend who is sleeping over for the night. I am taking them to the cinema to see Horrid Henry. Kieran is so excited, he doesn't often have a sleep over but as he is growing up now he needs to be with children his own age.

I felt sorry for poor Kieran, he was so worried about going into town because of all the riots going on in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other places. I have assured him that the people here seem to be sensible as there was a fool trying to get a riot going who was shouted down by many. Surely there is more to life than stealing?

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