Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Wheel of Plymouth with Kieran.

On our way up to the Hoe.

Kieran by the wheel.
My gorgeous 14 year old with his ticket for the wheel of Plymouth.
Drakes Island, Smeaton's tower, the war memorial and Good old Sir Francis looking out to sea.
The view from the pod.

Sir Francis Drake and Smeaton's tower.
Kieran holding Smeaton's tower in his hand.
Having lunch.
The Norrington Fountain.

I had a lovely morning with Kieran and have realised, at last probably according to Kieran, that my baby boy is 14 and may feel to old to go places with his mum. Saying that, he enjoyed the wheel. I was a little panicky at first but managed to not squeal like a big girly : )
Kieran was afraid I would embarrass him if I screamed but I held it together while gripping onto the seat in the pod.
The view was lovely, it was a perfect day, the sun was shining and we could see for miles.

After we got off the wheel we went for lunch at the cafe on Plymouth hoe. We had cheese sandwiches and a drink with Kieran having a donut afterwards. We saw the Norrington fountain which was a drinking fountain presented to the city of Plymouth by Mayor Norrington in 1881 in memory of his wife. What a wonderful gesture.

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