Friday, 16 September 2011

Another busy day.

Kieran's dad and I went to school to speak to the school Dr for his medical. He is staying off school till Monday. All went well with his medical and he is feeling much better and seems to be back to his normal self. As he was sick on Tuesday, the school rule is 48 hours without being sick before he can go back. That would leave Friday, I gave him the extra day to make sure he was better so all good to go on Monday.
In the afternoon we went to the dentists. (The consultant's secretary called yesterday to say that the appointment for 29th September was now cancelled as the consultant had looked at Kieran's x-rays and decided that the dentist could deal with taking Kieran's tooth out. I explained that Kieran wouldn't let them take it out and we would need to discuss what was best for him. While talking to the secretary the letter giving Kieran his appointment for the dentists the next day arrived through the door.)
We get to the dentist to, what I thought, discuss what happens next and...... the dentist is ready to take out Kieran's tooth. I said I certain the appointment was to discuss what to do next. The dentist said no, they were taking it out today. I told her he wouldn't let her and having a bad experience myself as a child with dentists, I would not put him through it. Kieran was so frightened, he went pale. I told him that his dad and I wouldn't put him through it.
I took Kieran's dad home and then went to pick up Richard. He is staying at his dads while he is on holiday, We took Kieran home and then off to the Dr's to see the nurse for Rich to have his MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella).
I then took him home and went back to my house. Kieran is staying with his dad tomorrow till Sunday. He will be doing his radio show on the internet. He enjoys it so much and would lie to have it as a career. Hopefully I will have a quiet weekend : )

I have had some news about my wig. Browns are going to cover the cost I had paid for it. I will never go to them again. I will just enjoy the 14 wigs I have : )

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